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We provide high quality, drought tolerant xeriscape landscaping services using Texas Native Plants . Our primary goal is to promote more xeriscape landscaping in Austin and Central Texas and to build upon current Xeriscape landscaper design knowledge and practices. Our specialty is designing and installing xeriscape landscapes using exclusively Austin, Tx and Central Texas native and adapted plants. We strive to be the best xeriscape designer and landscaper in Austin and introduce more folks to the beauty of Texas Native Plants.

Hardy and drought tolerant, native Texas plants thrive in our climate with minimum water, fertilizer and maintenance input. Confederate Jasmine is a low hassle, disease and pest free, drought tolerant vigorous vine. Texas native plants, which are watershed friendly, also contribute to local ecology by providing habitat for native wildlife like birds and butterflies.
A well established Confederate Jasmine is a sure sight to see; Hundreds of fragrant white blooms literally covering the plant.

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