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A blog on Selenium tutorial, Selenium webdriver tutorial, Selenium IDE tutorial, Appium Tutorial, Selenium Grid Tutorial, Jmeter Tutorial. Selenium IDE : Here i am going to describe how to download and install selenium IDE open source testing tool step by step process.
Selenium IDE commands with examples There are many commands available in selenium IDE software testing tool.
Now a days, Many companies are using selenium webdriver to automate web application testing process.
Which  selenium interview questions and answers  you need to prepare before interview?
One of the most underrated locators in Selenium WebDriver or any other Web Automation Framework is the XPath locator.
In the test below, we want to find the name of the man with a salary which is equal to 5000. Anton Angelov is a Quality Assurance Architect at Telerik a Progress Company, a leading vendor of products that make the life of programmers easier.
Writing and testing XPath and XQuery statements is often a game of trial and error, constantly tweaking each expression until it selects or returns the data exactly as you intended.
This new window lets you analyze the results of your XPath or XQuery step-by-step as you run it against an XML document, with all the features developers expect from a full-featured code debugger, including step into, step over, and step out functionality, as well as Result, Variables, and Call Stack tabs. The debugger makes it easy to test and perfect your XQuery and XPath in the same window where you’re editing it, saving developers time and frustration. When we added the graphical JSON Schema editor to XMLSpy earlier this year, we knew users would love it. This new functionality completes comprehensive JSON support in XMLSpy, which now includes intelligent instance editing and validation, as well as JSON Schema editing, generation, conversion, and documentation – all in the same environment where you’re working with XML and related technologies. Adding to the long list of data formats available for any-to-any data mapping  and integration in MapForce is new support for REST Web services. MapForce accepts XML or JSON as the Web service response, and allows definition of parameters and supports custom HTTP headers, when required. This new, often-requested support for REST Web services as data functions within a mapping allows users to more easily integrate information available from a wide range of sources over the Internet.

StyleVision makes it easy to build elegant reports and forms for publishing XML, XBRL, and database data in web and print formats. Once the Word file is loaded, you can optionally add additional XML, database, or XBRL data sources to produce dynamic, multichannel output. The potential applications for this synergy are limitless: developers can now integrate RaptorXML functionality into any application for the Microsoft platform.
You can upgrade or get more information on these new features – and the numerous others introduced in v2016r2 – on the Altova What’s New page. XPath in Selenium Web Driver will describe the importance of the XPath in Selenium automation.It is very common that when you want to automate any application the most important thing is to identify the element to interact with it. This may broke once an extra element is added in between or an element is removed in between. We can observe a ‘*’ after the double forward slash, that indicates it might be any element in the XML. Here, in this example we can replace the ‘*’ with “form” tag as the XPath is starting from the “form” tag.
Selects all nodes that appear before the current node in the document, except ancestors, attribute nodes and namespace nodes. Here the conclusion is, need to identify the element uniquely on the web page to interact with exactly. Here, I will show you how you can use the full power of the XPath Locators to find the hardest to locate elements. He is passionate about automation testing and designing test harness and tools, having the best industry development practices in mind. The ability to test as you’re working, with interactive entry helpers and instant results helps speed the process greatly.
It’s easy to set break points and trace points to halt the debugger so you can examine the results at a particular point. We also knew they’d expect the very same functionality available for working with XSD applied to JSON Schema development – and we’ve rounded out that support in this release. Users can either define the Web service interface manually or by importing settings from a WADL file or a URL.

Now, it’s even easier to get started on a new design by basing your report or form on an existing Word document. It’s a great way to add value to existing forms or simply get a jumpstart creating a sophisticated StyleVision design. Particularly when you using Selenium as your automation tool, explicitly you have to identify the element on web page.
The XPath language is based on a tree representation of the XML document, and provides the ability to navigate around the tree, selecting nodes by a variety of criteria. It indicates that if a parent node have the multiple same child nodes, then this number indicates the child number.
Then we can make use of multiple attributes to identify the element uniquely on the web page.
Now let me give you few examples of how to write syntax to locate it in webdriver software testing tool using xPath in 2 different ways.
Earlier, generating XPath used to be a tedious task but now with the help of Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug and other tools, it became hell easy. When you hit CTRL + F, the search form, marked with yellow on the image above will be displayed. Then we use complex XPath Axes Expression in order to find the desired element and lastly assert the inner text of the searched td element.
To fasten the search of the element we can use the specific element tag instead of this ‘*’. However you can use other ways too to locate element from page of software web application. He strives to make the site one of the leading authorities in Automation Testing by presenting compelling articles, inspiring ardent discussions amongst the community.
He is also one of the most-rated-answer authors of questions about Test Automation Frameworks (WebDriver) on Stack Overflow.

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