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Korryn Gaines, the Baltimore woman who was killed following an hours-long standoff with police, was involved in another altercation with cops in March.
Gaines, 23, was killed on Monday after she pointed a loaded shotgun at police and threatened to kill them.
Gaines was pulled over on March 10 after a police officer noticed she was driving a Toyota Camry with a piece of cardboard in place of a tag. Both officers advised Gaines that she could be arrested if she didn’t provide proper identification.
The officer reported that when he handed Gaines a citation she threw it out the car window.
Gaines was told the car was being impounded and she needed to exit the vehicle with her 2 children. On Monday afternoon, police arrived at Gaines’s apartment in the Carriage Hill apartment complex. They were there to serve a warrant on Gaines’ live-in boyfriend, Kareem Courtney, for a previous domestic assault on Gaines. The police retreated, and Gaines barricaded herself inside the apartment with her 5-year-old son. At some point during the standoff, Courtney fled the apartment with the couple’s young daughter. When she fired several rounds at the police, the cops returned fire and she was shot and killed.
In the aftermath of Gaines’ death, wild rumors and rampant speculation ruled the day on social media, where misguided Black Lives Matter activists called for protests. Baltimore County police Chief Jim Johnson held a press conference on Tuesday to clear the air and dispute some of the rumors.
He said police reached out to Facebook officials and asked them to disable Gaines’ accounts.
But in a deposition given for one of the lawsuits, her mother said Gaines was simply hardheaded and refused to listen to authority.
Agree; however I still need the baby daddy or some other witness besidss law enforcement to confirm she had a shotgun AND fired at police. In the previous post, her son seemed extremely uncomfortable…like he was tryna answer the questions like SHE wanted him to answer.

I know that things may have been edited or changed but her behavior does not make any sense at all to me. I said all this below and Bren TRIED to clap with fat hands…she probably saud she had assult rifles. White cops are acting like bounty hunters and violating all of our constitutional rights…. That sovereign movement from what I read is mainly white, I didn’t know black people bought into it. This is a case of how the internet and knowledge and stories found on the internet are not beneficial to everyone. You had a point until you actually thought any of those things you mentioned prevents other good black boys or men or women from being stopped by police. After running the car’s VIN number through the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration, they learned Gaines was the owner of the vehicle.
One officer held her arms back so a female officer could safely take her infant away from her. We did reach out to social media authorities to deactivate her account,” Johnson said. Facebook maintains a law enforcement portal,” through which requests to deactivate were made, Johnson said.
This video is disturbing and unfortunately makes what happened here with her death less surprising. BTW Cops Usually Tell Facebook To Deactivate Accounts During Hostage Situations, Because Their Followers Sometimes Egg Them On & It Makes It Difficult For The Negotiators. I have donated close to 15k to the movement, marched here in Atlanta and provided food and water to other protesters. She was actually talking to her mom on FB at the time and her mom her the boyfriend asking her to stop.
Clive Bundy and a band of armed white men took over a federal building for months and no one was killed. I think what you’re looking for is proof that fits your narrative that she was unjustly executed by the police. We have video footage of cops murderinh civilians but we shouldn’t believe the video footage but they want is to take their word ???

That’s just plain ol stupid generalizations that fit a pro blue narrative but not reality.
When the 1st officer told Gaines she couldn’t operate a motor vehicle without a license or registration, she repeatedly told him he was breaking the law. Surely there is a cell phone recording or witnesses who heard gunshots coming FROM inside the house. I compared this case to the Sandra Bland case because both women had emotional (not mental) issues that caused them to defy authority.
Clearly she did nothing to help herself in this situation but I’m a stickler for facts from all sides of the situation. This one while I’m side eyeing it, seeing her own video of how she behaved previously has me concerned. She also kept saying theyes were going to have to kill her in front of her children when they were trying to impound the car.
I read on some other sites about she had lead poisoning that could explain why she was like she was. The police are being far more patient with her than I have witnessed in the past, even given her one last option to walk home; she decided that her SM fame was more important. Yeah, cops are using black people for shooting practice, but if this is common knowledge, why test your limits? Continue to be well behaved and hope that by ultimate assimilation you can achieve acceptance by this devilish system based and built on genocide. Meanwhile, when she said that she does not have to abide by the laws of the land and that the police had no authority over her, one must ask, who she called to press charges against the man who beat her? We keep mentioning all the blacks getting killed by cops, but what about all the cops that were just killed? This young lady chose the ultimate sacrifice, to be a martyr, but I guess you have to be white, in order to be celebrated for choosing death before dishonor.
They are going to have to update the DSM and include something about how the internet makes people believe……what is it called when people get tough after drinking too much?

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