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You can call some salvage or wrecking yards in your area and ask what they are willing to pay you for the totaled car. At the outset of WWII, the US had yet to commit troops to the Allied effort but the American War Machine was already picking up steam.
Unfortunately, over the five years it took to develop the Mars bomber, the US Navy’s defensive requirements evolved away from necessitating coastal patrol bombers, rendering the Mars prototype obsolete before it ever got off the ground.
Testing was concluded in November 1942, but by that time the war situation in the Atlantic and the Pacific had changed considerably. Still called the Mars, the newly minted cargo plane carried a crew of four (with enough room to accommodate a secondary relief crew for long-haul flights) as well as up to 133 troops, seven jeeps, or 84 litter patients and 25 medical personnel — 14,500kg of stuff altogether. Around this point in the mid-1950s, Western Canada was being decimated by raging wildfires. Unfortunately, McIvor was too late to get them direct from the Navy, Hugo Forrester of the Mars Metals Company has already snatched them up for a tidy total sum of $US24,000. The Hawaii Mars and Philippine Mars in fact is still in service in Western Canada, working for FIFT’s successor, Coulson. Release ownership by signing on line 3 on the back of the title in the assignment of title section.
Duplicate Title: The registered owner of the vehicle can apply for a duplicate title if the original has been lost, stolen, destroyed or has become illegible. If you want to donate your car and you don't want to go through the process of obtaining a duplicate title we can take care of it for you.
In the case of no probate proceedings: the ownership of the vehicle transfers to the surviving spouse or next of kin. While most outdated systems are simply scrapped, a lucky few find new purpose after their time in service — like the Martin JRM Mars, a coastal patrol bomber that now demolishes wildfires instead of invading armies. Nearly identical to the PBM Mariner in shape and construction, the Mars Prototype measured 36m long with a 60m wingspan and stood nearly 12m tall (that’s a two storey tall plane). But rather than scrap the project entirely, the US Navy instead opted to convert the coastal bomber into a gigantic long-range transport aircraft. The US Navy initially ordered 20 of the humungous planes in 1943, but as the war progressed and the Allies goose-stepped Hitler’s forces right the fuck back to Berlin, need for these huge aircraft fell drastically.

In 1949, the Caroline Mars set a world record by toting 269 people from San Diego to Alameda, CA. These fires proved incredibly difficult to fight given the region’s remoteness and challenging terrain. Forrester, however, was willing to sell them to FIFT for $US25,000 a pop, which McIvor was able to swing with his superiors. They have, of course been continually upgraded since the middle of last century in order to keep up with evolving aviation safety standards. They will need to complete an Application for a Certificate Copy of Title VTR-34 and send it by mail or submit it in person to the local TxDOT. You will need a completed Application for Certified Copy of Title (VTR-34), a copy of the your driver license, a POA from each owner listed on the title, and a lien release, if applicable.
We require a copy of the death certificate, a notarized Affidavit of Heirship (VTR-262), properly signed by the spouse or next of kin, and a properly signed title by the spouse or next of kin.
Martin Company to develop an oversized version of their existing PBM Mariner patrol bomber for use defending America’s lengthy coastlines. Navy decided to have the Mars prototype converted from a patrol bomber to a transport aircraft. As such, the Navy reduced its order to just five units, essentially the aircraft already under construction.
In response, a conglomeration of Canadian lumber companies including MacMillan Bloedel Ltd, TimberWest Forest Corp. And while he couldn’t get the planes themselves for cheap, McIvor did have the foresight to collect every single spare part he could get his hands on which is a big part of why the Big Four were able to operate well into the modern era. The modern Hawaii Mars boasts an all-glass cockpit, digital avionics and environmental monitoring, and GPS positioning. If there is a lien on the title, the VTR-34 must be signed by the lien holder and include a copy of the signing agent’s drivers license and a business card or letter of authorization from the lien holder for the signing agent. Keep in mind that a vehicle totaled due to front end damage will have a lower salvage value than the same vehicle totaled due to a rear impact.
This meant the removal of its gun turrets, fuselage and wing bomb bays, armoured plating and other offensive provisions.

The Madcap Brothers tried to answer that question by pitting a lightsabre-wielding amateur Jedi against a fireworks-blasting pretend wizard.
When you have filled out the forms just hang onto them until the towing agent comes by to pick up the vehicle. Instead, the aircraft received additional cargo hatches and cargo loading equipment, existing hatches were enlarged and the decking was reinforced.
It was actually Dan McIvor, one of MacMillan’s most senior pilots, to strike upon the idea of converting these enormous transport craft into flying water bombers. Salvage yards attempt to salvage usable parts that can be resold as is to body shops, mechanics and individuals and then the remainder is crushed and sold to be melted down.
A scrap yard will generally only offer you based on the weight of the metal because they are just going to crush it all down to be sold as raw metal for recycle. For instance, I know of a few companies in Illinois that will formulate a value at time of loss based on the following factors: car's condition before the accident, current blue book value, current dealer re-sale prices, current salvage values, and current newspaper listing prices. Taking all these sources of info into consideration, it is difficult to say the least to compose a salvage value, until the actual time of loss, and after an adjuster examines the damaged vehicle. For instance, I know that The Hartford asks you what the condition of your car was prior to the accident, the adjuster who goes out to look at the vehicle looks at any prior damage on the vehicle and any mechanical malfunctions. They then go on the market (Auto Trader is used commonly) and search for vehicles in the same category condition and base your vehicles value on that value. I know however that if you choose to keep your salvage title, they take the market value of the car and subtract with the salvage value and that's the money you get along with keeping your car. The main point of giving you market value is so that you can go out and buy the same exact car in the same condition as your vehicle was prior to the loss. It's the consumers sometimes that keep trying to take more because they see a no fault auto accident as a way to make money.

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