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Buying a used car in Dubai can be problematic if you are new to the car selling and buying and are not aware of the whole process.
The exterior of the car reveals many things about the condition and overall health of a car. The performance of car highly depends upon effectiveness of engine and other mechanical parts.  You are required to check engine and other parts while buying a used car in Dubai. Finally, a test drive gives you an overall experience about the drive and performance of the car.
If you are planning to get a new car in near future then do not forget to sell your old car. Once you decide your budget, car model, year and size etc then, you need to become familiar with few significant aspects of buying a used car in Dubai.
The vehicle history provides you all information about performance, repair, accidents and other problems.
You may not be aware of some important things which are necessary to consider when buying a used car in Dubai.

Look for rust under front and rear bumper, sides and bottom of doors and other places where you think metal can get corroded.
You can open oil lid and check that oil shouldn’t be of dark color and if you find it dark and crude, get it changed.
You also need to start ignition and observe if the smoke comes out of the oil chamber or not. You may not easily recognize such signs on a repaired car in the first sight so observe everything with a critical eye. Because unsafe vehicles that fail annual road worthiness test are not allowed to run on Dubai roads.
When you buy used cars in Dubai, you must also check the Tyres and get them replaced with the new ones if needed.

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