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SunworldPLUS is an innovative online travel insurance facility designed by a well-established Insurance Underwriting Agency. Since its launch online over 5 years ago, SunworldPLUS has used the feedback gained from brokers to design a product that caters for the majority of your clients needs.
Our Website provides a fast and efficient policy issue process where the schedule, key facts and policy documents are all printed online using PDF software for a professional looking document. We also provide a printed rating guide that acts as a quick referral for providing quotations.
SunworldPLUS is constantly reviewing its product and finding new ways to stay ahead of the competition. Annual Multi-Trip policies up to 69 years of age, Single Trip up to 79 years of age and Long Stay up to 65 years of age. Annual Multi-Trip polices up to 92 days, Single Trip up to 154 days and Long Stay up to 12 months trip duration.
Freephone helpline for all queries and medical referrals, giving excellent service to you or your client.
24 hour 365-day Emergency assistance line with trained linguistics and medical professionals available. NEW FOR 2008 Online Branding - Send us your logo and we will make sure it not only appears on your webpage, but also on the client's documentation. An SMS text message facility that send your client their policy number and emergency assistance number. SunworldPLUS is a brand name of David Oliver Associates which is Authorised & Regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Special Travel Personal Accident Insurance Plan From Premium RM 18.00 and Based on Listing Rate and Add on RM 10 Stamp Duty.
ACPG AIG Travel Insurance Package Single Trip Coverage From RM30 Buy Online & Save Today!
Now, in partnership with AIG Malaysia, ACPG Travel Insurance Division makes comprehensive travel insurance easily available to you with online quotation and activation as you make your Silk Air flight booking!
Please refer to our FAQs Page to learn more about Travel Insurance by ACPG AIG Travel Insurance Package. If your sister-in-law becomes seriously ill and you must cancel your trip, what happens to your non-refundable deposits or pre-payments? Three weeks before your scheduled arrival, a terrorist incident occurs in a city you are planning to visit. You are at a beach resort, and you are forced to evacuate due to an approaching hurricane. In the event of loss, written notice of claim should be given to us within 30 days from the date of the incident, by completing and submitting the ACPG AIG Travel Claims Notification Form, together with all the required supporting documents.
Annual plan – 24 hours from the purchase of the policy or after travel is booked whichever occurs later, unless due to an accident in which cover commences from the travel booking date.
Cancellation of a scheduled trip due to death, permanent total disablement or hospitalization must occur within 60 days prior to your original scheduled departure and for other covered events, it must occur within 14 days prior to your original scheduled time of departure. Who do I contact for an emergency assistance or if I need to be admitted to a hospital while overseas? Will I be covered for an illness that I am already suffering from or have suffered in the past?
If I fall down overseas but do not seek treatment overseas, can I claim for medical expenses if I seek treatment after returning to Malaysia? Can I file a claim if my baggage is stolen where it is left outside on a bench while I am checking in?
Can I claim for travel cancellation if I cancel my trip because of political unrest at my planned destination? If I transit in the Middle East (region 3) during my trip to Europe (region 2) but I am not stopping over in the Middle East, what region should I buy? Personal Liability Note :Any lawsuit, demand, claim or proceeding of any types relating to the incident of which the claimant becomes aware of, and received from the third party claimant, should be immediately forwarded to AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad. Information Planet Travel offers a range of policies for travel within Australia or internationally with 25% discount on your premium.
Access QBE Travel Insurance with a 25% discount - underwritten by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited with emergency assistance provided by QBE Assist. Adventures is available to people aged up to 69 years who are registered with a medical practitioner and permanently resident in the United Kingdom including Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
Experienced multi-lingual co-ordinators and medical specialists are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A top-up facility (up to a maximum of ?10,000 per person – including a single items, pair or set limit of up to ?1,500) is available for Single Trip cover on payment of an additional premium.
You can increase your cover (including the limit for pre-paid activity course fees) up to an overall maximum of ?10,000 per person for an additional premium. For travellers with an existing medical condition, a medical screening service is available to confirm acceptability of cover – see the Insurance Policy for further details.
Cover is available for individual trips of up to 6 months continuous cover (3 months if you are aged 65 – 69). For those taking two or more trips during the year, purchasing an annual policy allows you to travel as many times as you wish throughout a 12 month period.
White Horse Insurance Ireland Limited except for End Supplier Failure cover which is provided by International Passenger Protection Limited and is underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.
The list of activities and premiums which include Insurance Premium Tax, are shown in the Underwriting Guide.

With over 20 years experience in travel insurance, we have created specific products to cater for specific needs. We have a range of facilities to cover companies; ranging from Group Personal Accident and Travel to Liability cover for Tour Operators. P J Hayman & Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Baby boomers and older travellers will get a better deal on travel insurance from today with the launch of Australia’s first dedicated online travel insurer for over-50s.
Boomers Travel Insurance has been developed in response to the frustration suffered by many baby boomers and retirees who have difficulty getting insurance simply because of their age.
Underwritten by the world’s largest travel insurer, Allianz, Boomers has no upper age limit for for general policies and provides a simple online service with automatic cover for more than 30 of the most common types of pre-existing medical condition.
It bypasses the difficult and protracted approval procedures imposed by many other insurers, offering an easy online process that in almost all cases won’t require a doctor’s visit. Boomers Travel Insurance Managing Director Ian Jackson said the boomer market was treated with contempt by many insurers, despite their swelling ranks. With the support of Allianz Global Assist, Boomers gives policy holders access to the world’s largest travel insurance assistance network, with a full-service help centre in Australia, major assistance hubs in 28 countries and a wider network of medical support that spans the world. Its domestic and comprehensive policies are open to travellers of all ages, offering a high level of cover at prices similar to or cheaper than other insurers. Mr Jackson said a key feature of Boomers Travel Insurance was its simpler online process for evaluating pre-existing medical conditions.
Other features of Boomers Travel Insurance include lifestyle packs providing specialist insurance for cruises, golf holidays, skiing and adventure activities.
Book any Tahiti Travel Connection packages for your clients and you could win a trip to Tahiti staying at two of InterContinental’s most stunning resorts and spas. Check out these great family friendly properties that can accommodate 2 Adults & up to 3 Children in the one room. My first boss with his concept “staff come first” If staff are happy, they will keep up good work and ensure the customer is happy.
I joined the industry in 1970 and spent 29 Years with Diethelm and was the first Thai national to obtain Executive Management status within the company. Described as Thailand’s ‘Rose of the North’, Chiang Mai is one of the few places in Thailand where you can experience traditional and modern Thai culture seamlessly co-existing.
The 30-suite 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai feels like a private sanctuary and is the perfect blend of traditional and modern architecture and style. About UsETB Travel News is a global travel and tourism news provider offering dedicated editions across the globe, it is free to subscribe. Our editorial and sales team are readily available to assist you with your next story or advertising campaign. To be a part of ETB News, send us your news or for a tailored advertising package, we’d love to hear from you. Whether ita€™s talking in the traveling anywhere around the world or white sand beaches of Caribbean, travelling for business or leisure or just venturing out on a short excursion . Silver Deluxe All Inclusive PackageOur premier package for travelers who want our most comprehensive coverage and services when they travel.
Silver Emergency Medical PlanOur medical plan provides coverage for expenses incurred as a result of a medical emergency that occurs after you leave your Canadian province or territory of residence and is available to Canadian residents of all ages.
Silver Deluxe Trip Cancellation & Interruption PackageThis non-medical package is ideal for travelers under the age of 85 that are looking for coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, lost, damaged, stolen or delayed baggage as well as many valuable 24-hour travel assistance services.
Silver Medical Annual PlanThis package is designed for frequent travellers who are looking for emergency accident and sickness coverage, and features coverage for an unlimited number of trips during a 12-month period. Silver Deluxe All Inclusive Annual PackageOur premier annual package is available for 9, 16, or 30 day trip lengths. Silver Visitors to Canada PlanThis plan provides coverage for visitors to Canada for emergency medical expenses incurred in Canada or during a side trip outside of Canada, provided the side trip begins and ends in Canada.
Gold Deluxe All Inclusive PackageOur premier package for travellers under the age of 75 who want our most comprehensive coverage and services when they travel. Gold Emergency Medical PlanEmergency accident and sickness insurance for those aged 59 and younger.
Gold Emergency Medical Plan Medically QualifiedEmergency accident and sickness insurance for those aged 60 and older available with completing a medical questionnaire. Gold Canada All Inclusive PackageComplete package coverage for Canadian residents aged 84 and younger travelling within Canada. Gold Emergency Medical Plan Medically Qualified - Annual OptionEmergency accident & sickness insurance for frequent travellers aged 60 and older who complete a medical questionnaire. Platinum All Inclusive PackageOur Platinum package for travellers under the age of 75 who want our most comprehensive coverage and services when they travel.
Motor Vehicle, Home Building and Contents and Landlord insurance is issued by and underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) ABN 15 000 122 850 AFSL 234708. Parents along with relatives living overseas often Visit its children, grandchildren, and other friends or even family with the U.S. Purchasing the short-term international variant pertaining to protecting your own financial well-being.
Eligibility: Must become no less than 14 days old to help purchase ones Atlas Travel Plan coverage.
Plan Administrator – HCC Medical Insurance services LLC (HCCMIS), headquartered near you with Indianapolis, Indiana, is often a full-service business offering international medical insurance AND short-term medical insurance solutions built to meet Specifications connected with buyers worldwide.
SunworldPLUS was one of the first online travel providers, dedicated to insurance brokers and agents in the UK.

Our facilities include Single trip policies up to 154 days, Annual Multi-Trip policies up to 92 days any one trip and Long Stay policies up to 12 months trip duration. Our website includes an automatic health acceptance criteria and a Freephone helpline for all general and medical referrals. The launch of our 2008 product highlights our commitment to being a market leader in providing the right cover at the right price and with a system that enables our agents to maximise on their commission.
You will automatically have access to all these rates so that you can issue at any commission rate at any time! 24-hour 365 day claims administration line, claims settled by Bank Transfer direct to your clients bank account. Our partnership with Lonpac Insurance Bhd has made this coverage up to RM 500,000 Medical Expenses Coverage. Whether you are on a week-long business trip or a long-weekend holiday, all it takes is one second for an unexpected event to ruin your trip. NO LIABILITY should be admitted and no settlement or promise of payment should be reached or made to the third party without prior written consent by AIG Malaysia Insurance Berhad.
This includes up to ?1,500 per person for unforeseen additional losses such as unused hotel costs.
They will guarantee medical costs where required, liaise with the treating doctor and arrange repatriation if medically necessary.
Whether you require cover for a medical condition, hazardous activities, round the world trip, Gap year, etc., we have a policy for you.
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Medical coverage is a necessity because government health insurance plans only partially cover emergency accident and sickness costs when you travel. Also included in this package is access to our optional coverages like Golf or Ski Protector and Expanded Benefits Upgrade.
This comprehensive annual program offers up to $1,500 of trip cancellation per trip for frequent travellers. This package offers coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency evacuation, and 24-Hour Emergency Assistance. 245631 ABN 52 097 227 177 trading as Allianz Global Assistance ABN 52 097 227 177 AFS 245631 to manage this travel insurance. However, there is always a risk associated with hospitalization pertaining to injuries or sicknesses like an all of us the visitor.
An accident, injury, or even illness could possibly help occur on Whenever and also any place.
Age 70 — 79 age group, your own coverage maximum per certificate is usually $50,000 or $100,000. Should of your life-threatening emergency, the Least difficult amount for you to call is actually 911. The website also has an Annual Multi-Trip renewal function and monthly accounts can be printed online. This package also offers our optional coverages like Golf or Ski Protector and Expanded Benefits Upgrade.
Included in the Medical Plan-Annual Option is coverage for emergency medical expenses, emergency evacuation and repatriation, emergency dental, 24-hour emergency medical assistance and more. It also includes coverage for emergency accident & sickness, accidental death and dismemberment, lost, stolen, or delayed luggage and much more. HSBC Bank Australia Limited (HSBC) ABN 48 006 43 162, AFS Licence No.232595 acts under a referral basis as an agent for Allianz, not as your agent.
Calling the actual quantity will Link you for you to police, fire departments AND ALSO medical services.
In addition, this annual package provides access to our optional coverages like Cruise and Tour Protector, and Golf or Ski Protector. HSBC receive commission on these insurance products as a percentage of the premium paid for each policy ranging from 10% to 20%. You may reprint another identity  at the purchaser Zone from logging within With your policy number date regarding birth. You will find plenty of methods for you to contact HCCMIS in a case of the medical emergency. Any advice here does not take into consideration your objectives, financial situation or needs, which you should consider before acting on the recommendations above. There are a few domestic plans The item do produce coverage As soon as a member can be abroad, but This can be often with a good limited amount. You should read and consider the PDS before deciding whether to acquire any product mentioned. It’s important to find medical coverage including local ambulance, hospitalization, diagnostic testing, along with the like.
HSBC does not guarantee the performance of, or in any way stand behind, the provider of this product.

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