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When I decided to go to China I had to airlines in my mind: KLM and Qatar Airlines and I followed their current offers and sales.
What I did not like about the transfer from the airport to the terminal was the fact that is was very long. What I liked about the transfer was the boarding pass colors; blue is you is your final destination is Doha, yellow for an onward connecting flight and burgundy boarding card for the business class person. From Bucharest to Doha I flew with an Airbus A320-100 not than brand new and with normal services not 5* ones. If you have 5 star service and your main slogan is this one, why make it only for one class?
Qatar Airways is proud to be the global launch customer of the next-generation aircraft – the A350 XWB.
Offering a superior travel experience with designer features across all cabins, the Airbus 380 creates a new level of luxury.
Combining breakthrough technology with a human approach to design, the Dreamliner connects you to the world’s leading cities. As I explained at the time, I’m enroute to the Middle East in order to catch Qatar Airways’ inaugural A350 flight from Doha to Frankfurt on January 15. As I was trying to find award space from London to the Middle East, I noticed a mysterious flight in the schedule between London and Doha, QR3352. As it turns out, Qatar Airways is flying the A350 to London in order to do some noise testing at Heathrow Airport. Except while they zeroed out all revenue inventory, they didn’t zero out business class award inventory, as four seats were showing at the time. I tried to book using American AAdvantage miles, and while the agents saw the space, they couldn’t get it to confirm.
Maybe there are a few other executives that were at Heathrow that are also hitching a ride on the flight, and they’ll be caught off guard by the fact that there are two passengers. Maybe the intent was that the flight would just be a total ferry flight so that there are just two pilots and no crew. Maybe they try to kick us off since this perhaps wasn’t intended to be a passenger flight. Or maybe you will fly with His Excellency and will be able to chat with him about the super business class Qatar will have or how great Etihad first class is on the A380. My guess is there will be no physical gate for this flight so no boarding announced, no staff at boarding gate and therefore no way to board. I almost did the same… when I read your previous post and thought how fun would it be? That way you could have reviewed economy class as well, if they didnt upgrade you once boarded anyway. If they do honor your tickets I don’t know how will ever top it with any future trips. Must be a glitch in the system, wouldn’t be surprised if QR rebooks you on QR 4 which is departing 15mins after yours. Some of Ben’s posts as of late have better cliffhangers then anything Bravo has to offer.
The A350 XWB is a faster, more efficient aircraft as a result of its tapered wing, marking an evolution in aerodynamic design. To help minimise jetlag and aid relaxation, there is dynamic LED mood lighting that cycles tones and colours to suit the time of day and destination. A model of efficiency by design, the A350 XWB is one of the lightest aircraft of its type, made from advanced composite materials and powered by two new-generation Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines. With only 40 lie-flat Business Class seats, superbly stylish cabin design, world-class cuisine, award-winning service and access to exclusive lounges, flying Business One is like travelling on your own private jet. Business One gives you a truly premium environment with unique levels of comfort and privacy.
Treat yourself to sumptuous cuisine with a wide choice of dishes, which include signature creations from internationally renowned chefs.

At all times, our award-winning crew is available to ensure your journey is effortless and pleasurable. Al Mourjan Business Lounge at Hamad International Airport is an oasis of calm where you can relax and prepare for your travels ahead. In addition to all the privileges you would expect of an exclusive lounge, Al Mourjan offers the elite traveller a precious retreat to relax and rejuvenate, with open spaces, world-class service, fine dining experience and our world-renowned hospitality. The lounge includes a delicatessen, brasserie, fully equipped business centre and superior facilities at every turn. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and be among the first to know about our special fares and latest news. Las empresas de turismo que desean estar bien informadas del acontecer diario en la industria del turismo se suscriben gratuitamente en Giganet.
And the winner was QATAR with 480 Euro, round trip flight from Bucharest to Beijing with a 2 hour stop over. Usually I search on the website and then I talk to my travel agent to book for me; and there are 2 reasons. I would probably separate the booking tab and put in a big larger on the right side of the page.
Luckily for them and for the travelers this is a new brand airport will serve for the airlines. It takes around 10 minutes by bus and for a 5 star airline I expected to have that special tube.
The seat was not very comfortable, did not have special design space for the head (like the flight from Doha to Beijing). For the first flight, the staff was normal with a decent enthusiasm; to be honest I was expecting more.
Had a Chinese flight attendant, with an enthusiastic attitude, very pleasant and extremely friendly!
I actually already flew the Qatar Airways A350 for a media flight in Toulouse a couple of weeks back, so the inaugural flight won’t even be my first.
It was an odd flight number, and after some further digging I realized that it’s actually operated by an A350. Tomorrow morning they have a media flight around Heathrow, and then tomorrow afternoon they’re flying the plane back to Doha. They zeroed out all the inventory, and there wasn’t a single seat occupied on the seatmap. Presumably Qatar Airways flew out a full cabin crew for this trip, since they need them present on the quick media flight around Heathrow.
He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to fund his first class experiences. I think they will be dumb founded when you arrive that day at LHR to check in with the flight number and a confirmation. I will be working tomorrow but the flight leaves at 2pm London time, which is 9am EST so do let u know what happens! Featuring state-of-the-art technology and an extra-wide body, our A350 was developed to take your travel experience to the next level by delivering maximum comfort and efficiency. Ergonomically designed for maximum space and comfort, the A350 XWB also has an extra-wide cabin, high ceilings and panoramic windows with electromechanical shades that go from transparent to opaque in Business Class. And thanks to a state-of-the-art, high precision air management system, you will breathe pure air that is filtered every few minutes.
This also makes it kinder to the earth, with 25% lower carbon dioxide emissions than with current generation aircraft in its category. Inspired by luxury automotive seating design, each of our 40 Business Class seats is tailored in sumptuous black leather with white stitching and offers wide body comfort with 180-degree, lie-flat bed capability. At Hamad International Airport, our bell host will greet you at the drop-off point and take your luggage. Envía diariamente a sus suscriptores, via email folletos digitales conteniendo cada una de las ofertas que se generan en el mercado de los viajes.

Todos los precios declarados en este sitio son exclusivamente para Agentes de Viajes, cualquier consulta que desee efectuar sobre el precio final de los mismos deberá dirigirse a su agente de viajes, o bien enviarnos la consulta y nosotros se la reenviaremos al agente de viajes indicado. Had flown before with many airlines like Air France, Tarom, Ethiopian Airlines and low cost one’s like Ryanair, Wizz Air, Easy Jet, Mango Air or Blue Air. When I arrived at the Bucharest Airport and returning at the Beijing Airport there were 3 lines. The airport is small, crowded with a not such a big duty free area (perfumes, some clothes and souvenirs) and not so clean toilets. I liked it had brand new movies ( watched Frozen and 12 years of Slavery), good music like the National and I was surprised to hear the voice of Blanche from the Online Radio which was more like the Absolute Radio, my favorite radio station!
For the second flight, for the drink I went for a glass of white wine; better than expected! But if I have to choose within 2 airlines with the same price, I would probably not chose them. In which case it wouldn’t surprise me if they were all expecting just to fly back on that plane as well. Can’t wait to see how it turns out, hoping you both get a private flight on the A350 though. There is a risk if biz is sold out you will either have to skip the inaugural or fly coach.
If anything I think the A380 is scheduled to depart a few minutes after the A350 so they may put you two in that one? I don’t know if you realize that you are sometimes inspiring in your work, butthatbisnhe truth.
All this is combined with lower cabin pressure and optimal humidity, so you arrive refreshed to your destination. Die Flotte der Golf-Airline umfasst derzeit 132 Flugzeuge, wobei erwA¤hnenswert ist, dass bereits 200 weitere Maschinen bestellt wurde. Desde hace 21 años crea y brinda en forma ininterrumpida servicios para Agentes de Viajes y otros Profesionales del Turismo.
One of the business class, one for the one who did the online check in and third the one who didn’t.
For the returning flight check in I decided to use the Qatar Airways  App because internet in China was a bit poor and I thought I would work better with the app. The stuff on the ground is very helpful and they show you straight away after the custom check your gate and assist you with any other information.
While not cheap at 40,000 Avios plus $412 in taxes and fuel surcharges (over half of which is the pesky UK APD), it’s not a price I mind paying for the shot at a more-or-less private A350 flight. Das ist ein deutliches Zeichen dafA?r, dass die Fluggesellschaft zu den am schnellsten wachsenden weltweit gehA¶rt.
Not sure if it was due to the app or due to the bad internet connection, but I did not manage  The mobile application was launched only last year so there is space for improvement. My brother, when he made for me the return flight online check in, choose a special meal as well. As you can see in the above image the big line is for the one who did not use the only check in. I do recommend to go for the special meal; normal its made only for a few people and it should be better than the normal.
So sparen Sie Zeit am Flughafen, kA¶nnen Ihren Sitzplatz auswA¤hlen und ihre Boardkarte ausdrucken.
Dann senden Sie sich Ihre Boardkarte per Email zu, die Sie dann einfach ausdrucken oder aber senden diese auf Ihr Mobiltelefon.

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