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This is a convenient service that you will automatically be checked in 24 hours prior to ANA operated flight departure and the check-in process at the airport is no longer necessary. When connecting from a Japan domestic flight, a check-in notification email will be sent to you in 24 hours before the departure time of said domestic flight. For passengers with e-tickets issued ※Passengers requiring assistance during boarding, such as wheelchair users, can also use the online check-in procedures. Seats may become available on the day of departure; please confirm with staff members at the airport counter. Upgrades are possible when the conditions for upgrades (seats in a higher class, meals, etc.) are met. After Online Check-in, please obtain your boarding pass through either one of the options below:The type of boarding passes which can be used to board is different for each departure airport. We will send the mobile boarding pass to your smartphone or mobile address.Please use the mobile boarding pass image (or download the image from the URL) found within the e-mail.
It may be difficult to read your boarding pass if the backlight is turned off or if a protection film is affixed to your mobile device. Please show your mobile boarding pass displaying 2D bar code and information relevant to your flightotherwise, you may not be able to proceed through security. Even if Online Check-in has already been completed in advance, you may still need to check-in either at the Baggage Drop-off counter or through the International Self-Service Check-in machine. Please check-in your baggage at the Baggage Drop-off counterwith your printed boarding pass. Please proceed directly to the security checkpoint with receive the boarding pass at the Baggage Drop-off counter.
Notification e-mails can keep you updated from the time of booking, departure, and arrival. To get the latest news about Kulula Airlines and offers delivered to your email address, subscribe to our flight news list (other travel news also included, not just restricted to Kulula Airlines).
2016-02-17: Kulula has partnered with the global rewards programme Avios, which will see every Kulula passenger signed up to Avios earning 3 points for every R10 spent on Kulula.
2015-08-28: Kulula has signed an interline agreement with German Hahn Air allowing agents from around the world to book Kulula domestic flights.
Emergency Exit Seats Pre-bookable at Extra Cost 2015-06-01: Kulula passengers now have the option of pre-booking emergency exit row seats at a small extra cost. 2015-04-20: Kulula has announced that they will no longer allow pets to be checked in at their check in counters from the 4th of May 2015.
2015-02-17: Comair's latest financial report shows that revenue has grown by 5% thanks to a 3% increase in average yield and a 2% increase in passengers over the last six months ending the 31st of December 2015.
2014-09-11 Erik Venter, CEO of Comair, said that Kulula airlines won't be able to compete with new low-cost airlines entering the market as they already operate on a very small profit margin of about R51 per flight. 2014-08-01 We can't believe that Kulula is celebrating 13 years in the airline industry this month! 2013-12-11 Message on Kulula's website to Madiba "Your compassion and forgiveness will be remembered forever.
2013-06-19 Kulula tops SAcsi Index : Kulula came top of the South African customer satisfaction index for commercial airlines, as measured in the first quarter of 2013. Heidi Brauer: I get to work with amazing people all day, who challenge the way we do things and who are incredibly creative and love to do things green.
I: So again, just a recon, anyone with the same name as the president of Fifa would have flown free, is that right? HB: so, in fact, that was probably the third or fourth little bit in this campaign that wasn't a campaign.
HB: Ah no, it's definitely a practice and they are encouraged and taught and mentored how to do it, and you know, we have an incredible culture in this country of laughing at ourselves and with ourselves, and we've got eleven official languages, and we really are the rainbow nation, so that's great material to work with.
I: Right, now, you're big on Facebook and Twitter as well, more than 20 000 fans on Facebook I think it was, over 10 000 followers on Twitter. HB: Um, yes, because you know what happened, when we started, it was a marketing kind of function and you know what happens it becomes a channel for customers, a service channel for customers, so it divided and it does live in between marketing and customer experience now.
I: Well, there's always this talk, especially at conferences about ROI and return on investment for quirky marketing especially.
HB: Well, you know, it's always tough, I think the tendency with social media and social media marketing or new marketing, is that it's demonstrable in terms of hits and links and so on, easy to measure ROI. Cheapest daily prices for Kulula Airline in November 2010, R299 for Cape Town to Port Elizabeth or Durban to Port Elizabeth flights.
Sepp, a Boston Terrier, receives free flights around South Africa on Kulula planes, following an offer to fly the Fifa President (the dog's owners said the offer didn't specify which Sepp the ad referred to, so they changed their dog's name to Sepp). Satish Makan has his complaint upheld by the ASA Directorate, that Kulula's adverts do not state that the prices are for 1-way trips. Kulula get into the spirit of the Confederations Cup football, by painting the nose-cones of their planes to resemble footballs. Flight Centre outlets stop selling Kulula flights, after they could not agree a suitable remuneration model with Kulula.
Kulula introduces a fee of R50 per trip for infants and allows 1 free checked bag weighing up to 10kg plus a collapsible pushchair and a child car seat, tickets purchased for infants prior to 08 April 2009 were not subject to this fee and also not entitled to 10kg free baggage allowance. At the Feather Awards, Kulula is voted best low cost carrier at the Port Elizabeth and George airports. Kulula increase the frequency of their Johannesburg Lanseria - Cape Town (from 1 to 5 on Sundays, from 3 to 6 on weekdays) and Johannesburg Lanseria - Durban (to 2 daily, except Saturdays) flights.
Kulula Connect launches an online shop (powered by Altech Autopage Cellular) where you can browse, build and buy a cellphone package with any of Cell C, Vodacom or MTN. Kulula redesigns its website, seperating it into Kulula Air, Kulula Travel, Kulula Connect & Kulula Card. Kulula launches 3 sub brands - Kulula Air (flight, car, hotel and taxi bookings), Kulula Travel (online travel site for booking package holidays) & Kulula Connect (cellular and data packages). A Kulula Boeing 737-400 on route from George to Johannesburg runs into pressurisation problems when hitting cruising altitude. Kulula celebrates its 7th birthday by offering R147 in Kulula moolah to its credit car holders.
Kulula teams up with Netflorist to provide an email reminder service for anniversaries and birthdays (and to flog Netflorist flower arrangements).
Kulula establishes its Jetsetters club, a loyalty club whereby you can earn Kulula moolah for booking flights.
A Kulula flight MN755 from Cape Town International Airport (on its way to Port Elizabeth) scrapes its tail on taking off and lands again at the airport (nobody hurt). With the planting of a tree at Monde Primary School in Katlehong, Project Green is launched.
Minister of Tourism, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, announces a joint venture between Kulula and SA Tourism to put together low cost holidays in South Africa (focussing on Cape Town, Durban, George, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth). picks up that Kulula have started including airport taxes in their flight prices again.
Kulula announces its intention to launch Kulula Wealth, a joint venture with Liberty Life. Some 15 minutes after taking off, a bird flies into one of the engines of Kulula flight MN702 from Durban to Cape Town, forcing the pilot to shut down the engine and return to Durban Airport. In Skytrax's 2007 survey, Kulula airlines was voted the best low cost carrier in South Africa (and indeed, in Africa). Kulula starts excluding airport taxes from their advertised flight prices (they indicate what the airport taxes will be at the bottom of the page).

Members of the SAPS (SA Police Service) & their immediate family are offered 1-way flights at fares lower than R300. Computicket becomes the first non-travel agent to sell flights, when they start selling Kulula products (including car hire with Imperial & accommodation with Protea Hotels). Kulula hasn't been afraid of experimenting with new routes, shutting down the ones which haven't worked and keeping the ones which do (or transferring them to BA Comair in one case). However, seat changes, etc., will only become available 24 hours before the departure time of the international flight.
A check-in notification email (with boarding pass) will be sent 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. If it is between 24 hours and 75 minutes prior to international flight departure, you can access ANA Website and register the required information to complete the check-in process ! If your itinerary has been decided, please make your request in advance as you normally would. Passengers connecting to a non-ANA Group flight who have completed through check-in for an ANA Group operated international flight cannot obtain boarding passes at the connecting airport(s). If the 2D bar code cannot be recognized, airport staff may ask you to change the size of the display. Passengers need to create a kulula ID and insert their Avios membership number in order to earn Avios points. Already ordered in 2009, Kulula will take delivery of six next generation Boeing 737-800’s, from the 10th of August 2015 until October 2015. Passengers who pre-book these seats will have to check in at the airport, online check in is not available for these seats. With ACSA cracking down on hand-luggage, making sure you stay under 7 kg has never been more important. Comair is in the process of upgrading their fleet of Boeing 737-300 aircraft to the more efficient 737-800 and 737-400, which they believe will help curb the effect of increasing fuel prices which they anticipate later this week. Kulula has said that they will not be following Mango by installing in-flight Wi-Fi on their planes.
Kulula are currently running a campaign through which they are encouraging clients to check-in online during this holiday season.
Kulula transported an old Boeing 737-300 to their operations building which will be used in training their cabin crew.
Khuluma's June guest-editor, comediene Mojak Lehoko, delivers a powerful message to all South Africans during Youth month.
Comair CEO Erik Venter clearly is not in favour of the ever popular selfie, pointing out the obvious dangers involved: "Tourists have also fallen off monuments when backing up to take the perfect selfie." I wonder if he feels differently about kulula plane selfies? Comedian Jason Goliath appears on the latest cover of the latest Khuluma, which also happens to released on the 1st of April. Comedian Yaaseen Cred's appears on the latest cover of Khuluma, which also happens to be the Easter month. Guest editor and jack-of-all-trades Glen Biderman-Pam expresses his hope to entertain you whilst you're off for a bonus holiday or returning to reality in the latest Khuluma mag. Guest editor Nataniel offers some tips not only on how to survive this holiday season, but how to truly experience it. He might have added that is what makes flying the perfect mode of travel - you can play games on your phone and take a gazillion selfies without ever receiving a pesky work email or call from your mom!
Kulula's inflight magazine, Khuluma, will from now on be published by Picasso Headline (part of the Avusa Media Group).
Erik also stated that they will only be able to offer competitive airfares for a week or two around FlySafair's launch date, 16 October 2014. You can now secure your seat before your flight at a cost of R35, by taking advantage of Kulula's pre-paid seats (sadly, this does not include the emergency exit seats - for safety reasons these must be allocated at check-in). In a cheeky advert in the Sunday Newspapers, Kulula claim to be the "Most South African Airways" - let's see what South African Airways have to say about this!
Kulula offers travel insurance covering personal accidents, flight delays, baggage loss and flight cancellation. Identifying the 100 most uniquely South African people, to pack together on a Kulula Most South African flight. Kulula has teamed up again with the Smile Foundation to sponsor 4 children to receive facial animation surgery to enable them to smile again (1 in every million suffer from facial paralysis). Kulula was the only South African airline competing at the international SimpliFlying Awards, and won 2nd place for Excellence in Social Media, behind American Airlines.
Here's a video of Kulula's newest plane being put together, several days work compressed into 2 minutes, from the parts being delivered by train to the aircraft pushing out of the hanger. Well, right now we have got this plane in front of us, which is a phenomenon around the world, it's the flying 101 plane of Kulula.
So, each of our aircraft is decorated individually and our team, we've got our own team of people who design the aircraft exteriors, it's quite a talent cause you have to know where you can paint and where you can't and where you get wear and tear and so on.
But it was acknowledging our charismatic president, who was married for the fourth time, actually for the sixth time. And then there were also a number of quirky campaigns, especially during the World Cup, you had this Fifa campaign running with the president's name on it, the Fifa president.
That email, I get it too, every couple of months, and people say: incredible viral marketing, but I think that one was a real virus cause it started out all by itself, and I think some people add to it, cause some of them really are our own onboard announcements and some I think are additions and amendments that have made their way around the world. Look, when Kulula began, it really was the whole initiation of low fares actually and we had to break through the clutter of the old fashioned of when you fly you need gloves and a hat and that it's a whole, sort of, classy not-for-everybody kind of thing. At South West, flight attendants are regularly encouraged to add some personal touches and humour to it.
And sometimes we tiptoe on cultural sensitivities a little bit and we have to pull back and every now and then we annoy somebody, but it's always in good spirit and good humour, and it's just the Kulula way.
So, we don't have some social media person sitting in a little room, somewhere sitting by herself, or himself.
But the truth is, ring fencing where the source of your information came from when you made a booking or ring fencing brand building initiatives and seeing what the ROI or the return on marketing investment is, is really tough, because brand building happens over time and over years, and people develop an affinity which will put you in the competitive set when they come to make a choice, will make them more or less sensitive to pricing when they are making a choice, will make them tolerate or not tolerate poor experience or a service disruption or whatever it might be. The first ever flash mob on a Kulula flight, as dances promoting 8ta (a Telkom cellphone subsidiary) get out of their seats and dance in the aisles. Kulula changes its baggage allowance policy to a piece system, where only 1 piece of luggage weighing up to 20kg is allowed to be checked in, for one person. Kulula pilot, Captain Margaret Viljoen, was temporarily blinded by a laser pointed from the ground, whilst landing flight MN455 from Cape Town at Lanseria Airport, and had to look away from the ground and rely on instruments to land the aircraft.
Passengers are delayed for 12 hours in Cape Town whilst parts are flown down from Johannesburg. Project Green is a partnership with Food and Trees for Africa aiming to plant grass and trees in developing areas which have deteriorated. Kulula will put together affordable packages with small tour operators and Bed & Breakfasts. Comair changes from using Kulula branded aircraft to British Airways branded aircraft on the Durban - Port Elizabeth - Cape Town flight route. Kulula begins operating flights between Lanseria (Johannesburg) Airport and Cape Town International Airport. Please print out your boarding pass in advance or obtain it at the departure airport for your ANA Group-operated flight on the day of departure.
This means that international travellers can now arrange their internal flights to George, Lanseria, Durban, East London and Cape Town through their local travel agents.
The new planes are among the most efficient airplanes available and will save the airline an average of 18% usage per seat.

Customers can book these seats online, via the call centre or at Kulula's sales desk at the airport. So stand a chance to win one of five luggage scales by simply entering on their Facebook page.
Kulula describes itself as a no-frills low cost carrier which is why they aren't planning to install the technology.
No need to edit your packing list for your next trip as Kulula are offering you an extra checked bag of 20 kg for free. They took the top spot at the international awards due to their unique combination of airline safety, technology and good sense of humour. Checking in online will considerably reduce your travel time as you can skip the long queue. The agreement will see Air France adding its code to Kulula’s domestic routes, this will allow customers to connect to and from Durban, Cape Town, East London and George by booking a single Air France ticket. Kulula will start flying children who are in critical need of medical attention to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s from all corners of South Africa. The airline was allowed to close down the R21 in Johannesburg for 4 hours to move the aircraft to the new location. This makes winter the perfect time of the year to explore our own country, as the summer crowds haven't emerged yet and travel costs are generally cheaper.
There is no need to pay attention to the road, or the airways in this matter, and there is no internet access. The FOMO (fear of missing out-for those who still don't know, sigh) factor is off the scales for your friends when you get to fly to a new destination. The weather was cold but I was offered great tea and I quickly warmed up as I slipped into my lounge-singer character. Unfortunately the revolution in airfares we were expecting looks like it might be short-lived. On the 13th of August 2014 in honour of their birthday they are offering you 13% off all flights with travel dates until next year on the 7th of July. Amadeus is an important distribution channel for us, enabling true global coverage and reach.
And it's quite a challenge cause our customers love to say: Oh I flew on flying 101, or I flew in camo plane or I flew in cow plane. So, this was one of our team members', one of our young designers, I mean it was just an incredible idea that we just knew everybody would love. And that ad was once in the Sunday papers and wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, a dog contacted us, well actually his master did, and said well my dog's called Sepp Blatter, so will you fly him for free?
There's an email that I keep receiving, once every couple of months, which has a list of inflight announcements by Kulula: Oh Sorry for the delay, you have now landed in Zimbabwe, or something like that. And humour was used to do that, so the humour has been part of Kulula's DNA from the very beginning.
And what's interesting is how we've had to up our level of sophistication with our humour, cause when we began we really were cheap and cheerful and more comic kind of humour, but more than half our customers now are business people, and they're flying frequently. So, we really believe in integrated communications and we just live and breathe that and I think that's, if you're honest and if you're genuine, if you talk media you do it in a thoroughly integrated way, and your agency can do that, then you've got the best chance of success. So being able to say, people booked with me because they saw my billboard is not a really mature….
Comair Limited's Executive Manager for Group Marketing, said Heidi Brauer, said: “We are experiencing demand for premium travel options to coastal destinations, mostly from the increased number of business travellers on these routes. The airline starts operating flights from Johannesburg's Lanseria airport to Port Elizabeth and Durban (as well as increasing the frequency of its flights from Lanseria to Cape Town to 3 per day). ERik Venter said, "Our decision to purchase these highly fuel efficient aircraft is a significant component in managing our exposure to the volatile fuel price." The new planes will also be fitted with the latest technology to reduce a further 1,2% fuel consumption and improve passenger comfort. All you have to do is navigate to the competitions page and indicate which of the options are acceptable as hand-luggage (super easy). Premium Air France clients will be able to get access to Slow lounges at domestic terminals in OR Tambo, Cape Town International and King Shaka International in the near future. Eve Liebetrau from Kulula said that they will be flying children as well as their parents who cannot afford the flights to the Cape Town hospital for medical treatment free of charge. Safe travels!" said Liezel van der Westhuizen, all-around bad ass (with a long list of creds) and guest editor of Khuluma's Rocktober issue. Just be a good person, and you can bypass all the racism, genderism, social faux pas and so forth, by just not being a knob," said Nina Hastie. If you want to read more about what Joe and Erik have to say make sure you get your hands on the June 2015 issue. You can read more about Ndumiso's experience as a Kulula editor in the March issue of Khuluma.
Remember to look out for the Italian Lifestyle logo which you'll find hidden in a Khuluma story. Although you can't hear it through the cover, that's me singing kulula a very happy 13th birthday!" Celeste Ntuli, the Queen of Zulu Comedy, the Airwaves and Speed as the editor of Khuluma's August Issue. And this one we've really, honestly, we've got a file like this of, we don't have enough aeroplanes for the amount of designs we have. The airline has however said that they will consider installing Wi-Fi on their fleet if the price of the technology comes down. They will also fly specialist doctors across South Africa to locations where they are desperately needed. The puzzle between your ears needs to become complete again, this can only happen with complete silence.
Nina is a successful South African comedian who has performed at several well-known comedy festivals like the Nando's Comedy Festival and the Soweto Comedy Festival. You can find Robben waxing about how much he likes Valentine's Day in the February issue of Khuluma. Also keep an eye out for the MyGarage logo hidden somewhere in the magazine and enter the competition for the chance to win a garage makeover. Kulula has pledged R1 million to the Children’s trust through the value of air tickets and a money donation that will be used to pay for the accommodation of parents who will be travelling with their children. We did push the boundaries a little bit, and no sooner had the campaign aired, well in fact, it was one ad, that we heard very quickly from Fifa's lawyers, who said: You will not.
Well, we don't, we hire them as safety officers first and foremost, but it does help if they have a personality and a sense of humour. Louise Driver from the Children’s Trust has thanked Kulula for their contribution which will go a long way in making the lives of sick children and their parents easier. And we don't legislate what they have to say, safety announcements first, with a Kulula twist.
Your body needs to go into a healing mode in order to be healthy." He adds that distancing yourself from your communication devices can also help you to rest and relax. Because South Africans at the time were just up to here with being told what to do by Fifa.

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