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So there is no double under the hood (like they usually do on the firewall on european cars) for VIN? UNLESS, and I have no 1st hand confirmation of this, but the info did come from an R107 guru who owns nearly 10 of these cars, there is a VIN stamp buried way up inside under the dashboard. But is says that the vin should be 17digits and if so it does not match the number i find on my car. The thing I am curious about is really what it means that the car says lA¶ver Benz, is it not an original MB?

A plate Seach gives me this information: And the chassienr listed under is the only number i can find in the engineroom. Hmm ok, when I get to the car I wil look for the VIN but no I did not find anything the first time i looked. The VIN or Chassis Number should be stamped onto a plate just above the radiator as you open the bonnet. Here in Pennsylvania a car that has had the title surrendered to the state and deemed a salvage unit has a dead VIN.

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