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This has been ongoing for about 40 000 miles, when I first start out in the morning, there is a surge under low power. May not be reproduced in whole or in part in any format, without express written permission from the author to do so. The gearbox man has done over 100 of these boxes, and says he has had problems with 5 of them all relating to the E320, 2004 - 2005 models, the smaller ones E220 are fine, he never have problems with the E220 after a gearbox rebuild, only the 320's.

The wires coming out of the sockets of the turn signals below the headlights are the same on both sides. I took it to the Merc dealer who said it needed a new gearbox and torque convertor - cost ?3800-00. Can any one give me some advise, damned if I want to spend ?3800-00 on a new gearbox if its only something minor that needs doing. Had a quote from an independent to overhaul the gearbox with a years warrantee for ?1500-00. I have had the car since 104000 miles and have not had any transmission problems other than this fault.

Apparently only Merc dealers can replace the transmission control module, as it has to be reset with a star machine after replacement.

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