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In an ongoing effort to better provide consumers with specific vehicle safety information, NHTSA today issued a final rule that will require all major automakers and motorcycle manufacturers to provide consumers with online access to recall information on vehicles searchable by VIN. Consumers will be able to instantly determine whether action is required to address an uncompleted safety recall that affects their personal vehicle, as identified by their unique VIN.
Today's announcement builds on NHTSA's current efforts to provide consumers with information to help them make informed decisions, including the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) 5-Star Ratings System, and the new SaferCar mobile app, which provides on-the-spot information on crash protection features, advanced safety features, and recalls on new vehicles and many older models. This final rule requires large volume car, light truck and motorcycle manufacturers to provide search capability for uncompleted safety recalls on their websites. The Final Rule to Amend 49 CFR Parts 573, 577, and 579, Early Warning, Foreign Defect Report Regulations, and Safety Recall Regulations will be posted on the Federal Register accessible here. Laws and Legislation for Motorized Bicycles Share you knowledge of the laws in your state in this forum.
I know it is illegal to sell them and import them to California, but is it illegal to ride them?
I wouldn't go down to the local DMV - they probably won't even know what to do with your MB. Not that it's a bad question, just that there aren't any simple answers, and not just for CA. And it never expires, so you don't have to renew it every year - or ever again for that matter.
I went down to the San Diego DMV (University Heights) and had no issues at all I was inspected and plated in about an hour. We sell Subaru touch up paint pens, Subaru spray paint and other Subaru touch up paint products.

Find Your Subaru Color and Subaru Paint Code Subaru did not make it easy to find the color code. By following these Subaru paint repair directions, you can make your Subaru paint shine again!
Make sure the temperature is over 50 degrees F, then wash the damaged paint on your Subaru with soap and water.
If you have an unpainted surface on your Subaru, like bare metal or plastic, apply primer before Subaru touch up paint! Rubbing compound will help your Subaru touch up paint repair become smooth and shiny like the original paint. Once you are ready to repair your Subaru with touch up paint, you need to decide which Subaru paint repair products to order. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) today announced its plans to require automakers and motorcycle manufacturers to provide consumers with a free online tool that will enable them to search recall information by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) starting next year. Currently, consumers are limited to general searches by vehicle make and model year on the NHTSA website. In addition, the rule will require manufacturers to inform NHTSA about exactly what type of propulsion system and crash avoidance technologies vehicles have. For more detailed instructions, including how to use Subaru spray paint, see our Directions for How To Apply Touch Up Paint.
Apply several thin coats of Subaru touch up paint to build up the damaged paint area to the same depth as the surrounding surface. Apply several thin coats of clearcoat over the touched up Subaru paint, drying for ten to twenty minutes between each coat.

Subaru touch up paint pens are great for small and quick Subaru paint jobs, while Subaru spray paint is better for repairing larger areas. With the new VIN search feature, consumers will be able to tell whether a specific vehicle is subject to a recall and whether the vehicle has received the remedy. This new information will assist NHTSA's efforts to spot defect trends related to those systems and technologies.
Placing masking tape around your scratched Subaru paint will help protect the surrounding auto paint. Apply rubbing compound to your Subaru paint with a clean, soft cloth like an old tee shirt, but not wood products like paper towels.
Manufacturers also will be required to provide vehicle owners with direct notice of recalls within 60 days of notifying NHTSA that a recall is occurring. Place a small quantity of rubbing compound on the area where you applied Subaru touch up paint. Once dry, lightly sand the primed Subaru paint area with #220 grit sandpaper followed by #600 wet and dry sandpaper. If temperatures are below 70 degrees F, allow additional time for the Subaru touch up paint to dry. For best Subaru touch up paint results, let your Subaru's finish dry for thirty days and then apply a good quality automotive wax.

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