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KQ announced its intention to sell four Boeing planes in November 2014 seeking to rationalize its fleet as part of its turnaround strategy. The Turbofan-powered Wide-body Commercial Passenger Plane has the most most fly Range of 7,725 nautical miles! Kenya Airways will now be the first airline in Africa to deliver a service called KQ Mobile.
The service will be accessed while roaming across the 56 Kenya Airways destinations and its short code is *737#. Paul Ndichu Chief Business Officer at Cellulant commented that the partnership sought to ensure convenient delivery of information to KQ customers, staff and stakeholders.
NewsletterWould you like to receive the latest African technology news and analysis delivered to your e-mail inbox every morning? The aircraft was filmed at the KPAE Paine Field in Everett Washington State by OwnsGermany, a channel which puts together videos of brand new Boeing jets. Yesterday, national carrier Kenya Airways released this statement on the measures it is taking, considering it has scheduled flights right into the heart of this deadly virus.
We have taken proactive measures to educate all Kenya Airways’ staff, and especially those on the ground in Sierra Leone, on Ebola, how it is transmitted and how to keep safe.
Our crew members have also been supplied and trained on the use of Universal Precaution Kits (UPKs) to ensure that they do not come into contact with body fluids while carrying out their duties. Kenya Airways is represented in the National Aviation Pandemic Preparedness Committee(through steering committee of CAPSCA that is chaired by the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority).
We continuously monitor updates from World Health Organisation and the International Air Transport Association on the disease, its spread and for guidelines on recommended actions. Additionally,surveillance is carried out at JKIA for all flights from West Africa by Port Health Unit that has this mandate. It is also important to note that Ebola is transmitted by contact with body fluids of an ailing patient.

Kenya has been named as a high risk ebola transmission country by the World Health Organization. In the midst of a looming global ebola pandemic, people are still finding time to crack jokes. Kenya’s latest low cost carrier this evening unveiled the livery for its aircraft and cabin crew uniforms.
Its worth noting that the colour pink was a main feature of Kenya Airways’ first low cost subsidiary, Flamingo, which operated for a few years in the early 2000s. Another consumer trend working in favour of Jambojet is the greater penetration of online payment platforms through mobile phones, credit cards and debit cards. MasterCard subsidiary, Access Prepaid Worldwide announces a new partnership with British Airways to launch a new Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport™.
The partnership will allow British Airways Executive Club members to earn more Avios points, receiving one Avios point for every ?1 loaded (or reloaded) onto the card.
The Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport™ card works with the option to load up to seven currencies while locking in the exchange rate at a point in time.
Steve Grigg, President at Access Prepaid Worldwide, stated: “Building on our partnership with Avios, we are delighted to offer BA Executive Club customers our Multi-currency Cash Passport™.
Although we announced our intention to rationalise our fleet in line with our current position more than a year ago, it has taken a while to find a good home for our B777-200. The planes has been replaced on long haul routes by the newer and more fuel-efficient Boeing B787 Dreamliner and the larger B777-300ER. Hundreds of people have died in West Africa, and Kenya is particularly in a risky position because of all the flights originating from affected countries. This enables us access information real time on the country position during such situations.
However,during the incubation period (1 — 21 days), the infected person is well enough to travel and cannot transmit infection.

Jambojet, a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, launched its livery just five days before its first flight. This time, Jambojet’s prospects are much better than those of Flamingo due to improved internet penetration in Kenya that enables more people to book flights online. The travel card, which is available now, offers a more convenient way to make payments for Executive Club members who travel to different countries as only one card is needed for payment across certain continents and currencies. When used in market, the card intelligently selects the local currency to ensure the best rate. Not only does it provide a safe and secure way to carry your currency overseas, but will also allow members to collect more Avios.
The MasterCard, Access and British Airways collaboration through the Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport™ product demonstrates our commitment to progress within the airline arena. We are now satisfied with this sale and will make other important announcements on fleet rationalisation soon­­,” said Kenya Airways Group Managing Director and CEO Mbuvi Ngunze.
The Boeing 777-200 ER a Turbofan Powered, Wide-body Commercial Passenger Plane costs anything from $277 million dollars. Kenya Airways presently has seven Dreamliners in service with two more due for delivery and three of the larger Boeing B777-300ER, that have a greater passenger and cargo capacity compared to the 777-200s and also a longer range. When the symptoms set in, after this period, the person is too sick to travel and soon becomes bedridden.
If the local currency is not on the card, funds are used from other currencies loaded to ensure the transaction is approved.
The chip and PIN enabled BA Executive Club Multi-currency Cash Passport™ will hold seven currencies; EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, and ZAR.

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