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HiCan anyone decipher the information from the vin plate of my campervan please - I looked up the vin number online and it told me it was 1987 but it is P reg first registered in 1997 - confusing?
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I believe this should be a pretty straight forward swap because this engine was available in the car in 2007. In any case I'll probably just pay the dealership or an engine shop to do the job for me since I have no experience with this sort of thing. 40 hours labor costs, plus or minus, I was told regarding a straightforward engine swap of 3.8s. Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. We changing the rack and pinion on my 98 Dodge Dakota and we can not get the steering shaft to slide up in order to reconect it what should I do?? Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions.
Just a quick line to tell you how pleased I am to have my brakes working properly after all this time. I recently asked a question about my 2005 dodge ram, and I just wanted to let my Expert know that he hit the nail squarely on the head with his answer.
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Parched, Madly, Badlapur - 5 times when Radhika Apte's sensuous avatar left everybody breathless! 1994-1996 Corvettes with the later designated OBDII (On-board Diagnostics) connector use battery voltage for scanner power, so it also has the potential for possible circuit damage.
B: the starter enable relay output will be cycled only when the proper Pass-key is in the ignition, or if Pass-key is not programmed. The DIC ambient light sensor is to the left of the trip monitor above the fuel info button. In late January a Corvette dealer replaced the horns and relay(s) associated to correct a recurring blown fuse situation.
My 93 convertible runs fine cold, when it warms up and driving in city traffic, will die while driving.
The problem on my vet is once she runs for around 30-45 minutes, starts to runs rough and eventually chokes on me to the point where I have to pull over.
C72, H16, H23, H26, H44, H64, H72, H74, Where can I get a list of those codes and attempt to pin point the issues out ??
The SBC unit is fused not though the normal fuse boxes but the prefuse box located under the carpet on the passenger side footwell area.
Also Let me add that when we changed the ESP module, the lights went off but the car refused to shift out of park.
Please advice on how to check the coding of the part. Also how do I know the exact part that is for this Mercedes?

Hi, I wanted to know if you have been able to help get where I can purchase the ESP for my mercedes either new or used. I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. 15 years master certified 100% fix rate and have access to factory radio codes, wiring, and instructions.
Now the Toyotas have earned their seemingly infinite low-stress retirement, but the question is: what if I can’t find a suitably-old Hi-Lux?
Its common knowledge that Ford Couriers were built by Mazda, essentially the B-Series with a Ford F100 mini-me grille, and a few other changes. Under the hood of these old Couriers beat an engine that I have a bit of experience with, and lots of respect for. Well, it’s hardly a mega-cab, but every inch counts in these old-school Japanese trucks. As nice of shape as all old Couriers here inevitably are, the roof of this shell is showing the effects of thirty-five years of Oregon rainy winters.
The way to tell the vintage of these old Couriers, other than the ’76 cab stretch, is to check out their tailgate lettering. The first time encountered one was as a plastic model kit (a former hobby) in the early 1990s.
As an aside, there is a Chevy LUV for sale on Kijiji that says it’s the only one in Atlantic Canada. When I discovered these I really wanted one, as I was stuck with my 1976 ? ton Chevy pickup and its 13.5 mpg drain on my wallet. All in all, I kept my truck as I had higher aspirations on my mind, like engagement and ealry preparations for eventual marriage in 1977. Still, all these years later, I still have a fondness for the Ford Courier, even if they all dissolved over the years. The real beauty, for my money, was the Luce R130 coupe, also styled by Bertone, with a pronounced resemblance to the second-generation Corvair. I once read that the Luce was originally intended by Bertone to be a proposal for the Alfa-Romeo 1750 sedan, but Alfa ended up passing it over for a homegrown-styled version and Mazda scooped the design.
I thought that was all fake, till I looked into the ones mounted on my 83 Corolla… You actually see a lot further rearward with them.
I like that the tire tracks on the truck’s graphics in the last picture follows the silhouette of the Courier.
The grille of the Luce R130 Rotary Coupe, also by Bertone, did use a very similar treatment.
A friend in Hobart Tas had several of these he was doing up nice looking cars and well made. I remember when these started to show up, and recall the magazines testing these and the LUVs.
We have as a nation reached a point of unparalleled wealth when our citizenry will pay room and board to care for old chickens instead of eating them. A recent study here shows that back yard chicken coops last an average of five months until their latte-sipping owners find a new fad to tie them down.
Friends of ours have a different method of disposal for old hens, put them outside the coop and let the raccoon and coyotes take care of it. All the couriers must have gone to Oregon, as the only one that I can remember seeing in the Seattle area has been in a junk yard. It was sold to me as a turbo diesel and seems a bit sluggish and slow to build speed - having said that on a recent holiday to Scotland we were content to cruise around 55-60 mph and averaged 30mpg - how does that compare to a turbo diesel? By joining our community, at no cost, you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. Radhika Apte’s nude scene from Parched is going viralPooja Hegde just confessed she has a CRUSH on Hrithik Roshan - watch video!Varun Dhawan goes shirtless on his Dream Team Tour and you just cannot take your eyes off him! The actor, who is shooting in Gujarat for his forthcoming film Raees by Rahul Dholakia, simply LOVES his son so much so that he has started sported a similar hairstyle and why wouldn’t he?
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Shine the flashlight on the sensor the counts should drop to 0.  We have never seen one of the ambient light sensors fail, but as time goes by, they will. Some batteries like Optima once completely dead can be very difficult to bring back to life. FOUND ONE WEBSITE STATING TO TAKE A WIRE AND JUMP CONNECTORS (A) and (B) IN THE ALDL A BEING GROUND AND B BEING ECM DIAGNOSTIC FIRST TIME I’VE SEEN THIS. I’ve seen this all over the internet and mine does it also, just randomly quit like it is running out of gas. Direct ignition system (DIS), fault line circuit or Distributor ignition system (low resolution pulse) or Missing 2x reference circuit or OPTI-Spark ignition timing system (low resolution pulse) or System voltage out of range. I just put a new battery in it and now that I drive it occasionally it does like a hick up and wants to stall and the sys and security light start flashing and the speedometer stops working. The ECM is looking for a code from the key within a couple of seconds after starting, and if it doesn’t find it, it shuts off the fuel injectors. These engines were designed first to be used in cars and light trucks; some were modified for forklift use later.
Once they got to the 70s and 80s and the gadget fascination of a more affluent population, quite possibly. Love the styling of just about every Japanese ride from the ’70s, but I doubt my legs and back would let me sit in one for long. I hear dogs are delicious, and have been tempted to turn a few noisy ones into a meal…. The engine is the same as the one in my old 808 Coupe although the 74 and 75s would have the 1.8L version. What I would recommend is removing the shaft completely so that you can work with it on a bench. The service engine light comes on, then goes off, and the green light above the climate off switch starts blinking.
The TPS voltage is most likely the next thing to check since you have already done the fuel pump, etc. I had real doubts about this website but your promptness of response, quick followup and to the point answer with picture was incredible.
But just to establish the pedigree, here’s proof that Mazda had some experience building pickups before they got the Ford job. The 1800 cc engine is what this generation B1800s and the Courier had, and a tough and torquey little mill it was. 72 (net) hp was its rating, less than the 74 hp the 1800 garnered, but but it felt like more, down low. The biggest being a couple of inches of precious length added to the cab, behind the rear window.
That happened in 1976, in anticipation of the slightly more revised gen2, which got a new front end to go with the longer cab.
The problem was , had no power and no fuel economy.It went back to the dealer several times,but I was lucky to get 15 mpg! My 1.6L revved not too bad but seems every one I saw was a bit smokey and could do with some new valve stem seals. If you hear the valve inside opening and closing, this means that it’s still working and you can probably get away with a cleaning to get things back in order.
Given how many there are still around, and the rude health they seem to enjoy, the question is only: were the Mazda-built Couriers any less durable than the Toyotas? NO LUNGING FORWARD, THE TURBO REACTS THE SECOND I STOMP ON THE GAS, AND IT HAS A LOT MORE POWER AND EVEN SOUNDS BETTER TO ME. I hope SRK is listening and we hear an announcement soon enough, till then keep on dreaming peeps! After charging the battery for about 90 minutes, I tried to start it but it would not crank.

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