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After last week's piece on Knight Rider, I thought I'd celebrate Mother's Day by looking back at another show about a talking car -- one with a premise so perplexing and nonsensical that you start wondering what strain of what controlled substance was being partaken of when it was conceived (and where you might find some). The show has rightly been lambasted in years since as one of the worst series of all time (TV Guide put it second only to Jerry Springer in their '02 listing of the cream of the crap), but bear in mind that the creatives still squeezed 30 episodes out of the premise before NBC sent Mother to the scrap yard.
Suicide Squad is the fifth superhero spectacle to hit theaters this year, and the second set within Warners' DC Comics universe.

While it isn't available on DVD (and, really, we should be extremely grateful for that), the folks at MGM, who hold the rights to the show, have made it available for viewing via Hulu. Someone dreamed up the idea, typed up a proposal, pitched it to a network, got it approved, hired a crew, and worked diligently to get My Mother the Car to air. Jerry Van Dyke, starring as put-upon son Dave Crabtree, went around the country promoting his leading role in My Mother the Car.

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