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Diesel Particulate Filter Service (DPF Filter) Blocked DPF Filter ! Warning light on? Since England’s been experiencing a heatwave of late, I decided to take a little road trip to Bournemouth with my flatmates. My little Ford KA has been on the road since 2001 and I’ve had it since I was in university. I then spent the day running around London getting quotes to fix the problems – ?300 seemed to be about the consensus. I then started looking at the option of buying a different car online, but with so many websites and cars available, it’s overwhelming to know where to start.
Coincidentally at around the same time, I was approached by Carspring, so I decided to check out their website.
Sign up for my monthly newsletter and get FREE travel tips, giveaways & money saving deals to your inbox. Prolonged under or over-inflation and harsh road conditions can cause damage that will compromise the reliability of your tyres. Tyre wear differs depending on whether the vehicle is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Your car owner's manual should tell you the proper rotation pattern and how often it needs to be done. Please bear in mind that certain high performance tyres are position-specific and should not be rotated. The inspection can take a couple of hours because there are many things the engineer must check by law, although we can work whilst your chefs are doing prep work (but not whilst they’re cooking). Non-urgent call outs are typically ?60-?80 (this means waiting until one of our roving engineers is passing near you).
Most plumbers don’t have the commercial catering certificate required to test everything in your kitchen, because it’s expensive. CP42 and CCINP: Gas Safety Inspection Certificate for Commercial Catering and Commercial Kitchens including Take Away, Restaurant, Pub, Cafe, Hotel, School , Nursing Home and Community Centres.
We get many urgent requests for Gas Checks because councils are clamping down, especially on Chinese kitchens, and in these cases we have to charge urgent callout fees. Also, your insurer can refuse to pay out a claim if you can’t provide your Gas Check certificate when asked, so you can think of the Gas Check as part of your annual insurance.
Once our gas engineer has done the inspection, they’ll give you a report with recommendations and you can decide if you want to do any of the work.
If you already know some improvements are required, let us know before we visit and we can provide a quote. Our Gas Safe engineers are catering equipment specialists, so they can only visually check boilers.
The law, your local authority and your insurers require a yearly Gas Safety certificate for your kitchen.

NewsletterDiscounts, special offers and new product information, sent directly to your inbox. All content Copyright © 2016 Far East Kitchen Solutions™ is a trading name of Far East Europe Ltd and Far East Industries Ltd. Check That Your BMW or Mini is Handling at its Best by Booking a 4 Wheel Alignment Check With STR! When a timing chain snaps, the inlet and exhaust valves hit the pistons; bending the valves and damaging the cylinder head. Heavy steering in cars without PAS, getting a bit faddish, so many cars have been modified - check they've been done properly. Volkswagen's update of the Giugiaro-penned original was an improvement over the 1974 original in every way, except perhaps in terms of styling. The 1983 GTI 1.8 used carry-over engine, but lacked a little fizz of the original because of the additional weight of the body. The classiest and most complete hot hatch of its era, and that's reflected by its huge popularity today.
Even though I live in central London, I have an old Ford KA that I use to zip around the city or take day trips across the country.
It does the job, it fits into tiny spaces and it’s nice and reliable when I decide to head out on weekends away with my friends. Across the country there are council centres where they MOT council vehicles but the law says they must be open to the public.
The great thing about Carspring is it enables you to buy a used car online and have it delivered straight to your door. After graduating from university I decided there was more to life than the hours between 9 and 5, so I packed my journalism degree into my suitcase to travel the world and find a way to make money at the same time.
Check regularly for uneven wear (on both sides of the tyre), tears, cracks or bulges on the sidewall and damage to the wheel rims. Front-drive cars bear more weight on the front axle and also have the differential in the front which adds to the weight. While you may be able to rotate the tyres yourself, it's advisable to let a professional do it for you.
If you can’t produce a Gas Safe certificate when requested by the council’s health and safety or environmental health officer, they can shut you down immediately! Every year a qualified engineer must safety inspect all your gas kitchen equipment and canopy extract system, then write the report certificate.
If you need us to attend more urgently, callout will vary depending how far away our nearest engineer is.
Ordinary gas catering engineers are often unfamiliar with the specialist equipment used for Asian cooking so can’t advise you properly. If we can do the work immediately, we’ll update your gas safe certificate to say what improvements have been made.

They are needed in new installations, and our engineer can advise if your kitchen needs one during the Gas Safe check.
CE equipment must prevent unburnt gas escaping; so if the flames go out then the gas is cut off (this is known as a Flame Safety Device (FSD) or thermocouple). This inspection is just like a car MOT, all safety critical items are checked and you are advised of any defects.Our experienced engineers will complete a Gas Safe Inspection Certificate for Commercial Catering (CP42 or CCINP) from just ?90! It also shatters the rocker arms, snaps and distorts both the camshaft and camshaft housing, leaving the ending result in severe engine damage and at this ponit you will need either an engine rebuild or replacement.
That was restored by the arrival of the 16V in 1986, which pushed power to 136bhp and dropped the 0-60mph time to under 8 seconds.
I make it through the year with no problems at all and sometimes completely forget when it’s actually due.
The good thing is they’re not affiliated with any garage, so they have no reason to try to get extra money out of you. That means no driving half way across the country to go and inspect the car you’re interested in, and a lot less hassle. All you have to do is tell them your credit history, budget and length of agreement, then they work closely with their carefully selected finance partners to find a tailored finance package that suits your specific circumstances. We can also quote for required repairs at very competitive prices.The certificate will cover all Commercial Kitchens including Take Aways, Restaurants, Pubs, Cafe, Hotels, Schools, Nursing Care Homes and Community Centres. It might not have been the fastestm or even had the sharpest handling, but in the UK especially, it was the favourite hot hatch - for those who could afford it.
When you enter DP Motors you are welcomed by a professional reception and car MOT viewing bay. I love driving and since I get 90% off the congestion charge for living in Zone 1, along with a parking permit that costs just a hundred pounds a year, it makes perfect sense. But then Mum calls me up with a nice little reminder to go and get the MOT and I’m filled with a sense of dread. Appliances tested include COMCAT1 (Cookers, ranges and ovens, bain marie, hot cupboard, stoves, hot plates, boiling burners), COMCAT2 (Steamers and water boilers), COMCAT3 (deep fat fryers, griddles and grills) and COMCAT5 (forced draught turbo burners).Please note we only work in commercial kitchens, we cannot work in domestic premises, on heating systems or in mobile catering trailers. Our computer systems may be monitored and communications carried on them recorded, to secure the effective operation of the system and for other lawful purposes. However, the annoying part is if it fails, you then have to find a garage to do the repair work. No-one likes to be told that actually they’re going to have to spend hundreds on something that from the outside, appears to be working quite fine.

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