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Battle rope exercises require the whole body but really focus the core, back, shoulders and arms . Battling rope exercises are all endurance exercises, so they are a fantastic way to challenge your body cardiovascularly with out any impact to the joints.
Battling ropes are also perfect for fighters as they really focus on shoulder strength and specifically improve your explosive endurance. Holding the rope in both hands or, if you are going straight from the battling ropes alternative wave hold both ends. Next, you slam the rope to your left using all your body weight, then slam the rope to the other side.

Creating a wave down the battling rope, but angling the wave at 45 degrees across the body, starting at your left shoulder and finishing just outside your right foot. This battling rope exercise really works your obliques and shoulders in a chopping motion similar to the wood chop. Holding one end of the battling rope in each hand rotate both ends of the rope down and out then up and over. This battling rope exercise really works the deltoids and rotator cuff hard, so it is great for shoulder strength and stability. Adding movement to the exercise will really increase the amount of energy you require to perform these exercises.

The same as the alternating whips above, alternate a whip down each end of the battling rope whilst walking 2m – 5m forwards then walking backwards and repeating this movement whilst maintaining good shape on the battling rope whips. In this exercise, keep the alternating whips constant, squat and stand whilst keeping the battling rope moving.

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