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Class act: June Shannon, Honey Boo Boo's mother, was arrested in 2008 for theft and contempt of court.
The coupon queen, as she is commonly referred to, was arrested in a location that is more than halfway to Atlanta when measured from her current home, suggesting that she may have been trying to escape police. A source told the magazine that authorities who made the visit 'found reason to bring the case to court' but a 'court-appointed attorney' for June convinced the judge to 'throw it [the case] out'.The source said investigators were called to the home as a result of June and Mr Thompson's unorthodox, and highly-publicised, parenting methods which include feeding Alana caffeinated drinks as well as roadkill for dinner. Loud and proud: The pageant queen showed off her flabby belly on a previous episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Stealing the limelight: June (left) has arguably become more of a focus in the reality show than her beauty pageant star daughter (right). Wallops Island Airport weather report provides observations from the weather station, updated hourly.
Outdoor Activities near Wallops Island AirportIf you are in Wallops Island Airport and would like to go mountain climbing, hiking, skiing or surfing, click below for detailed forecasts. Those who are thinking that Punk would return very soon, should know that his WWE contract expires in July, and last week in an interview he said that he is unsure about signing a new contract. Punk was also scheduled to face Triple H at WrestleMania XXX, but it seems like he has been replaced by Daniel Bryan now, who was involved in a segment with The Game on Raw.

Losing a top guy like CM Punk and that too while on the road to WrestleMania sends out wrong messages to the fans, and after the pay-per-view in April, guys like Batista, Brock Lesnar, New Age Outlaws and The Undertaker would no longer be a part of the roster and then WWE will have to work with those exact guys whom they are ignoring for the pay-per-view. If WWE is aware about the backlash that they are about to receive from their fans then they shouldn’t let their top guy leave the company just months before WrestleMania, what’s wrong in fulfilling his wishes? The Olympic Gold Medalist answers the questions in an interactive Q and A organized on Facebook.
The Divas revolution reached its pinnacle when Sasha Banks beat Charlotte to lift the Women's Championship.
The Wimbledon Championships is the oldest tennis tournament in the world, and widely considered the most prestigious.
Please warn us if you consider Wimbledon logo to be incorrect, obsolete or having wrong description.
All logos available here are the property of their owners and presented under the fair use policy. The family were visited by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services in March, according to The National Enquirer. The table features wind speed, dewpoint, visibility and atmospheric pressure measurements as well as a detailed temperature graph.

This news came out after Punk didn’t appear on Raw two nights ago and was also absent from the Tuesday taping of SmackDown.
This reason is totally valid, because WWE isn’t showing confidence in its current roster, who the fans love more than guys like Batista, Punk has simply acted on behalf of the entire upset WWE locker room. All these things are strongly suggesting that Punk has indeed left the WWE, and if it’s true then WWE are about to lose a lot of fans. So, for what WWE thinks would be a great WrestleMania, they have already lost one of their top superstars. In fact what Punk has been demanding would only lead the company towards the right direction.
A log of weather variations over the past 18 days is also shown covering separate daytime and nighttime observations. This outburst by Punk should give a reality check to the WWE because fans don’t want to see a part-timer like Batista and a boring guy like Orton to headline WrestleMania, they want to see guys like Punk and Daniel Bryan to hold the Unified Championship.

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