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This Metallic Gold 1963 EH Holden Special sedan limited to 500 Pieces as displayed by its serialized chassis. Produced by Classic Carlectables as a special edition for The Diecast Magazine, this EH Holden Special sedan has all of the quality and detail of a Classic Carlectables diecast model car.
This model featuring an opening bonnet, doors and boot with high quality detailing in the interior and exterior. This stunning Mediterranean blue is only one of the great things about this limited edition model. If you're into classic Americana, then this 1934 Packard convertible is the perfect addition to your collection. The Twelve was Packard’s flagship—the car positioned to take on the best from Cadillac and Lincoln throughout the depths of the Great Depression. Automodello honors Dietrich’s masterpiece with this exacting 1:43 replica of his exquisite take on the Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria. This stylish American Classic is highly collectible with only 150 pieces available worldwide!

Thousands of Australians have asked Are You Selling to 'sell my car', and been happy with the results! Shelby campaigned it in SCCA Class B in 1964, and for 1965 factory support was thrown behind the Hollywood Sportscar team with driver Jim Adams. He’s the creative mind behind iconic designs spanning genres and generations, and is responsible for establishing the design language that defined entire brands. It is offered in three versions, each with a removable top and tonneau cover for top-up or top-down display. After co-founding LeBaron and doing design work for Lincoln, Studebaker, Franklin, Erskine, and Checker Cab, he became the first head of design at Chrysler. It was initially called the Twin Six in honor of the flagship Packard from a decade earlier, but was rebadged the Twelve to confer the image of power and prestige. The standard edition comes in red with a tan top and interior and will be limited to 299 pieces.
Had it not been wrecked out of the season-ending race in Daytona, the Tiger likely would have won the Class B championship in 1965.

Decades after his retirement from the auto business, he was hired by Gibson Guitars in the 1960s to design what would become one of the most iconic and recognizable instruments of all time—the Gibson Firebird.
Dietrich’s design elements take that to the next level—particularly the 1934 model, whose V-shaped grille and long cowl that flows all the way back to the windscreen offer unsurpassed elegance for four very lucky passengers.
The Tribute Edition is triple blue, released to celebrate the Packard Automobile Classics 50th Annual Meet, and limited to 150 hand-numbered examples. Fans of the TV spy-comedy series “Get Smart” will fondly recognize a red Tiger as Maxwell Smart’s ride of choice in the opening credits. But for many, his custom Packards will remain his signature works, and the 1934 Convertible Twelve Victoria is perhaps the most coveted and respected. The super-rare Homage Edition is black with a black top and tan interior, and limited to just 24 hand-numbered pieces.

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