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Volkswagen (VW) and Audi vehicles are a part of a larger collection of vehicle manufacturers called the Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG).
If you own a newer VW or Audi and have looked for someone to make your spare key you will likely have a hard time doing so as hardware stores and even a vast majority of locksmiths avoid them like the plague because they are ‘SCARY’! The Volkswagen Routan is only in the oddball list due to it being a re-badged MOPAR (Chrysler Group LLC) vehicle. As a driver and owner of Kenworths as old as 1973, and as new as 2007, I am a fan of the quality and simplicity of the 900A. Cascadia EvolutionHello Web Admin, I noticed that your On-Page SEO is is missing a few factors, for one you do not use all three H tags in your post, also I notice that you are not using bold or italics properly in your SEO optimization. VW Beetle, Dasher, Fastback, Karmann Ghia, Rabbit, Scirocco, Squareback, Super Beetle, VW Thing, VW Van.
These systems have a transponder chip inside the key and requires a 4 digit PIN number to gain access to key learning procedures.

These systems added more coding to distinguish a VW chip from an Audi, SEAT or Skoda chip etc.
You would think that these systems would be much harder to get a key programmed for but in this instance you’d be wrong.
We program keys into these all the time, think of the Routan as a Chrysler Town & Country or a Dodge Grand Caravan as they are basically the same thing with different badges. Starting in 2000 VW started using transponder security devices in their keys as an added security measure. The major problem with this generation of VW and Audi is the fact that a factory ordered key is needed OR a laborious procedure must be done to properly code the chip inside the key so that it will be accepted by the car. Gen 4 systems are WAY easier to make a duplicate key for than Gen 3A systems (the troublemaker generation). We can do this by pulling the immobilizer out of the car and hooking up a specialty tool to read the PIN directly out of the computer.

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