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This entry was posted in Logos and tagged discovery history d, discovery history d brand, discovery history d logo, discovery history d logos, discovery history d sign, discovery history d symbol, discovery history d trademark by admin. Recientemente se ha estrenado en Reino Unido el nuevo canal de historia, Discovery History, perteneciente al grupo Discovery Networks UK. El diseno de esta identidad ha sido realizado por el estudio britanico Pete and Tom cuya web podeis ver aqui. Simon Downing, vicepresidente, director de marketing y comunicacion de Discovery Networks UK dijo: "el lanzamiento de Discovery History da a los amantes de esta disciplina un canal (el unico en UK) donde pueden encontrar contenido historico las 24 horas del dia". La identidad grafica nos presenta una gran D que gracias a un efecto de pliego de papel nos evoca una cierta sensacion de estar indagando entre paginas de historia por descubrir. Brandemia se financia unicamente con las donaciones de los lectores, por lo que te pedimos que nos ayudes con alguna aportacion. Discovery Channel (formerly The Discovery Channel) is an American satellite and cable TV channel that provides documentary programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, and history.

Being used as a secondary logo as of 2013, the new 2013 logo is increasingly replacing this logo. In mid-2013, Discovery began de-emphasizing the 2009 logo in favor of using the D and globe symbol by itself on-air, with "Discovery" written underneath in print and social media. As part of a graphical refresh in July 2016, the D symbol and "Discovery" text is now encased inside a circle.
The below image is of the Discovery History logo D showing the sign by itself or the logo including the brand name of the relevant company. Este estreno viene acompanado de una atractiva e interesante identidad corporativa, simple y directa. Una imagen muy sugerente y cuyas aplicaciones audiovisuales estan muy bien resueltas, reflejando todo este universo de paginas de historia que vamos desvelando. The globe icon was also changed, so that it focused on the Pacific Ocean instead of any continents (the Americas can be seen on its right and Australia on its left).

It was designed by Viewpoint Creative, who were also behing the new graphics for the channel. They also altered the logo slightly by modifying the globe again, making the word "CHANNEL" bigger, and completely detaching the globe from the D. The channel also got a new tagline, "The World is Just Awesome", with a marketing campaign by 72nd and Sunny. The globe shrunk and it was modified, the font face was changed, and the underline was removed.

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