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Volvo is one of the most respectable car manufacturers in the world, best known for frenetic drive for safety.
It all started in 1927 when Gothenburg-based bearing manufacturer SKF launched its own car division, naming it Volvo.
The European car manufacturer has always highlighted its commitment to safety and introduced countless innovations in the field. Today Volvo Cars produces premium-class cars featuring crisp Scandinavian design and near-perfect safety record.
Back in 1927, when the Swedish bearing manufacturer SKF decided to establish its own car production, the owners picked a strong and recognizable logo to represent the new division. These two meanings have a strong connection between them as most weapons used by male warriors throughout the history were made of iron.
As time went by it became obsolete, but later returned as a memorable design element and a heritage feature.
The next update saw the company’s logo acquire blue color that became the brand’s trademark.
Volvo’s emblem is difficult to confuse with any other logo thanks to its famous masculine arrow coming out of the circle at the upper right side. For most of the company’s history the emblem featured blue and white colors and they’ve become Volvo’s trademark choices.
On the one hand this badge is related to one of the most sophisticated images that we can meet on bodies of different cars.
Despite the fact there is nothing special about the color of the logo, silver metallic tone makes it look very stylish and modern at the same time.
The main benefit of Honda autos was the fact that they were rather cheap and indispensable.
It was a smart piece of naming as the word meant ‘I roll’ in Latin and symbolized the company’s bearing roots as well as movement in general.
From the very beginning the company’s executives Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson were eyeing building safe, secure and durable cars to fit rough Swedish climate and road conditions. Naturally, the company had to build practical vehicles for the Northern climate and Volvo went on with hardtop models.

Apart from the ‘Iron’ emblem on the grill, Volvo’s first vehicles featured a blue oval with the ‘Volvo Gothenburg Sweden’ inscription.
The latest one features a historic chemical sign of Iron, or may as well symbolize Mars, the god of war. The circle itself has an even 3D shape, while the horizontal blue band bearing the company’s name is elegantly fitted inside. Such combination of low price and versatility made it possible for the company to expand and increase the level of sales at short notice. New idea together with modern technologies and high quality engineering helped to take leading positions.
Underhanded tactics from the Big Three coupled with a highly questionable investigation by the FEC left Tucker bankrupt and almost in prison. These guidelines have always been Volvo’s beacons in car manufacturing business and earned it a solid reputation. The company made it a standard equipment for all vehicles and even waived the patent so as all manufacturers could use the innovation. Short time later the two emblems merged as the company name, spelled in red letters, was placed on the right side of the ‘Iron’ sign, creating an image that laid the foundations of a modern Volvo logo. The 2005 variant of the emblem introduced 3D shape, silver circle and white Volvo inscription on blue background. The arrow, completing the circle, is directed towards the right upper side, and creates a powerful and masculine image. The ‘Volvo’ inscription is designed in white color and is placed on blue background, while the famous circle with an arrow features gradient shades of silver. At the same time we should consider that this company deals with manufacturing not only regular autos, but also motorcycles and sports cars. Those small vehicles just did not have any chance against large and powerful American “monsters”.
At the same time engineers are mainly focused on such features as safety and fuel economy which is rather important for modern consumers. Later on Volvo patented the rearward-facing safety seat for children, side airbags as well as inflatable curtains.

Besides, this sign also stood for Mars in the Roman Empire, symbolizing the god of warfare as well as male gender. Ironically, Volvo’s famous diagonal stripe that crosses the radiator, passing through the emblem initially had a function of supporting the logo. The latest update saw the blue band with the company name become smaller and move inside the circle. The emblem is completed with the Volvo inscription, placed on blue background and embedded into the silver circle.
Here you will have a chance to find about more about the logo of this popular Japanese car producer and reveal some of its secrets. This was the period when engineers decided to change their strategy and introduced first Civic model. Moreover FCX Clarity has been recently introduced as an alternative to traditional cars with fuel and diesel engines. Volvo’s latest cars feature innovative electronic safety systems, such as roll-over protection system for SUVs, city safety systems, blind spot information system and more.
However Honda managed to take leading positions from the very beginning of its development turning into 5th largest automaker in Japan. Special racing brand was created for sports cars which take part in different racing competitions. In addition energy crisis opened new horizons for the company which was also specialized in producing economic cars. However the main badge consists of letter H which stands for the name of popular Japanese automaker.
Although it’s now a multi-billion dollar global industry with sponsors like Red Bull and Monster Energy pouring impossible amounts of money into its coffers, it used to be a far more modest affair.

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