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Simon Fewkes from the new Bristol Airport Spotting website recently got in touch to see if I could let people know about his webiste. Bristol airport has a few spotting locations to spot and photograph both landing and departing aircraft, some of these spots are official and non-official. This is possibly the best location to spot aircraft, it can provide great views of aircraft on the apron, taxiing and taking off, unfortunately its not great for photography as the fence can get in the way but a set of step ladders can solve this issue, if you get closer to the end of runway 9 the fence is much lower, during the summer it can become busy here and ice cream vans are available to serve the spotters. This spot is good for watching aircraft as they land on runway 27 and taxi back to the terminal as they will pass right in front of you, also departing aircraft on runway 9 will taxi past you to take off, this spot isn’t good for photography as the fence will get in the way and is too high for step ladders.

Continue up that lane, past the golf course on your right, down another little hill and back up the other side. This location is great when runway 27 is being used for landings, arriving aircraft are very low above you and can provide great photos and video opportunities, and this location is to the east of the A38 and can be accessed through the village of Felton which is just past the airport heading towards Bristol on the right. In return, he’s agreed to give us an overview of where to spot aircraft at Bristol Airport.
Aircraft that can be seen here include easyJet A319s and A320s, Ryanair 737-800s, Thomas Cook A320s, Thomson 757 and 737s, Air France ATR42, KLM Fokker 100 and Fokker 70, Aer Lingus ATR72, Helvetic Fokker 100 plus other visitors at various times of the year.

Both spot 1 and 2 can be accessed by turning into Downside Road, go along this road until you see a red phone box and a sign saying “Tall Pines Golf Club and Lodges”. You will then come to a bend where you will find the airport perimeter fence, and the main taxiway.

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