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All Avengers had the tilt front and rear; the T-tops are previous owner modified - 99% of manufactured kits did not have T-tops as an optional feature. One other interesting thing is that I don't see any reinforcement in the body for doors or otherwise. Not all Fiberfab avengers had the tilt front and rear I have had 2 avengers and had one Valkyrie in my time and all but one had the one piece body. Vin Diesel, who has been with the franchise as an actor from the beginning and as a producer since 2008, announced on Facebook that he wants to finish off the Fast & Furious saga with not one, not two but three more movies.
While Furious 8 has been pencilled in for April 14, 2017, there is no director in place or finished script. Universal, who backs the franchise, are having a historic year at the box office, so we trust that they've got the vision to keep the franchise fresh and finish it off with a bang.

Ask The Big Question: If Vin Diesel leaves the franchise after No.10, will Universal reboot it without him? I'm getting some repro Vin plates made to sell to the Datsun restoring folks, I will be getting a few other small ones done at the same time like some general ones, as to be honest, the ones i've seen for sale are pretty poor quality. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! The Bonito and the Hahn are the closest so far, but I'm unaware of any sales of those in the US. All but one VW based kit car (not dune buggy) haven't been made for years, and with yours being an odd-ball kit that so far we can't readily identify, unfortunately you're pretty much SOL with finding parts. A trilogy seems ambitious, especially when you're talking about plots based on cars, cars racing, cars jumping over other cars, skydiving cars and, of course, exploding cars but $4 billion is an insane amount of money so they must be doing something right.

I took off most of clear coat was going to paint it black but found a DeLorean, which I bought. It's not uncommon to have panels that are meant to open simply screwed to the adjecent panel. I'm also getting some foil engine bay stickers repro'd, such as Datsun antifreeze info ones, colour code stickers, that sort of thing, any requests? It's time for someone else to enjoy!!!!!Please people I don't trade and am in NO hurry to sell.

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