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Converting one of these into a motorhome is about the only practical thing that can be done with them, and this is a fine example.
The Flxible we had at Goodyear Airship Operations, was built in 1968 to 1949 Flxible STARLINER specs. Personally I’m not into taking a full-sized bus on vacation but there are lots of people out there who would.
As far as powertrain is concerned, the owner made a fairly good choice; the ISC Cummins is well proven, although there were some growing pains (mostly in the fuel system) with the first ones.

Starliners are some of the most scarce and sought aft of all Flxibles, even more unusual is to find one with the factory raised roof and eyebrow windows.
A diesel generator, ice cold (hidden) AC, complete galley, private bathroom, and twin beds, make going to events or just camping a joy.
This suspension provides an exceptionally smooth ride and spirited cornering, that does not produce sway or lean. A modern Cummins ISC turbo diesel and automatic Allison 6 speed, double overdrive transmission provide a top speed well of over 80 mph.

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