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To minimize to the barest minimum and possibly eliminate the ability to sell (re-sell) stolen vehicles here in Nigeria. To help members of public who wish to purchase cars here in Nigeria carry out a proper search on the status of the vehicle online before paying. 7 or 8 years ago, it doesna€™t matter just report its free and just incase the current owner wishes to re-sell to another person it will turn up as stolen. Tanx Hi nonoski Thank you for stopping by.Right now we are still in the process of populating our database with records of stolen vehicles across the country.

Is it compulsory that I upload a 'scanned police report' coz that is what the error keeps saying? Is it compulsory that I upload a 'scanned police report' coz that is what the error keeps saying?Sorry for not replying immediately I was given a 48hrs ban by Nairaland mods. Yes you a scanned certified true copy of police report from the Nigerian Police, the reason is 1. Most importantly we don't want people to report other people's car stolen just to spite them.

Which means any stolen vehicle could easily be registered in those states for several years before finally re-registering it on autoregA®. Op, we have filled the form on your website but for some reason, it has refused to be uploaded.

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