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Windows Password RecoveryEasily reset your locked Windows admin and other users' passwords. Download SmartKey forgot my windows 7 password reset program and install it in any other available computer. Here you will see the interface of Windows Password Recovery and all operating system listed there.
When the password got successfully reset, restart your computer and log on Windows 7 with the new password. If you are using Windows XP, you may know a good way to get back the forgotten XP password is to unhide the Windows built-in administrator account. Step1: Log on with other accessible user account which is not with administrative privileges. Step5: Log off your computer and you will see the built-in Administrator logon icon enabled from the log on screen. Many people would fail to get their Windows 7 password back by enabling the built-in administrator account due to having no other access to their PC.

In general, if you have a password reset disc, you can use that disc to help you reset the password. SmartKey Windows Password Recovery allows you to create an all-new password restore disc to find Windows 7 password.
Highlight the operating system you would like to reset password for and click "Next" button to continue.
You can change Windows 7 password, remove forgotten password for Windows 7 or create a new admin account to log into system.
Then can we still use the same way to retrieve a forgotten Windows 7 password as you may wonder?
Then just click on it without entering any password to log on to built-in admin and next reset your forgotten Windows 7 password from Control Panel there. Therefore, some well-known software providers seize this marketing opportunity and produce some very efficient applications to recover Windows 7 password. The most famous one is a€?Windows Password Reseta€? of course which is specially designed for recovering lost & forgotten Windows 7 password with advanced techniques.

So, I decide to write this article to share some basic knowledge of ways to find forgotten or lost Windows 7 password. This is because the account (built-in administrator) in Windows 7 or Vista, is disabled by default, so that we cannot use it until we enable it. To use this app to find Windows 7 login password is quite easy too, almost several clicks of buttons are needed. If you have your Windows 7 administrator account which was the account you used day to day locked out, but you have other standard user account or guest user account, you then can enable this Windows 7 built-in Admin to reset your forgotten admin password.

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