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Yet unless we are aware of the authority He gave to all believers, Satan will do his best to reek havoc in our lives. Take hold of this truth, and run with it.“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power (ability) of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Remember Jesus will not interfere in your life if you are trying to solve your problems on your own. He will back off (free will) and let you handle it on your own.“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you”. The video portrays God’s love for us and will lift your spirits-Enjoy and experience the love of God. He healed terminally ill people, He even raised the dead on several occasions, yet they still refused to believe Him. Posted on September 25, 2013 by Right Believing Reply Why Does God Allow Suffering When we look around at the world we are living in, taking in the horrors that are occurring around the world on a daily basis, the most prevalent question on many people’s minds is,”Why does God allow (let) these things to happen!”Historically, turning to the clergy for the answer to this question of why does God allow anything evil or bad to happen is a lesson in futility, as the answers we are asked to accept raise even more questions.Answers like, “God works in mysterious ways. Think for a moment about how such statements impact a child, sitting in the front pew of a church funeral, having lost a mother or father in a tragic accident. Statements like, “The Lord took um home!” is what they are asked to believe, in the absence of a more concrete explanation of why a loving God allowed this to happen to mommy or daddy. And because God is “all powerful”, the death of their loved one is consciously or unconsciously placed squarely on God as the one who could have prevented it, but didn’t.

So then does God allow bad things to happen? Why Does God Allow Suffering and Bad Things To Happen If He is “All Mighty?”While it is true that God is “ALL MIGHTY” and “ALL POWERFUL”, it is not true that because of these attributes, He is free to do whatever He wants.
By giving the human race “ruling authority and control” over the planet, God made it clear that He would honor what ever decisions the human race made concerning the planet. When Adam and Eve rejected the Lordship of God over them in the Garden of Eden, God had no choice but to honor his word, and let Adam and Eve and their descendants rule the world in any way that they saw fit. They chose Satan’s system of government which is a system based on every one being their own gods, that is, a government based on ‘SELFISHNESS’,  where everyone does what they please according to their own wills, rather than God’s government, which is based on recognizing God as their Lord, and complying with His will. From that moment on, God could not legally interfere in the affairs of men without breaking His Word and taking back the authority He had given them over the Earth.
Since it is impossible for God to break His word, the human race has been in charge of planet earth for the last six thousand years, living out Satan’s system of government.
He delights in our demise, and than does everything in his power to get us to believe that it’s all God’s fault.This is why God sent His Son Jesus to the earth. By becoming a human being, living a sinless life in obedience to God, and facing the death penalty that went along with men choosing to be their own gods, Jesus, by his blood, won the right to claim the Earth back to God forever.Soon the reign of evil men will be over. All who align themselves with God and believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord who saved them, will live forever in a world as God intended it to be. A world free from death, sorrow and pain, a world where all are of one accord, a world free from selfishness and sin, and a world where we will be reunited forever with the loved ones who were lost to us.

My friend, it is only when you are at peace and total rest knowing that Jesus goes before you and makes your crooked places straight, you activate your faith and good things begin to happen to you. Remember no matter how bad things are, the risen Jesus (the Holy Spirit) is in the midst of your problems. Just invite Him into your life and see how quickly things change for you.How To Find Inner Peace – God Is Waiting For YouRemember God is waiting for YOU to make Him part of your life, not the other way How to find inner peace with godaround.
Then the disciples were glad when they saw the Lord.How To Find Inner Peace – Trusting and Resting In Jesus How To Find Inner Peace WithinThe Disciples went from utter fear to joy in an instant when they saw Jesus. The same can happen to you when you change your focus on whatever troubles you and turn toward Him.
Reject negative thoughts and meditate and dwell on God’s love for you.Cast all your fears, worries, anxieties and all that may trouble you on Him.
Find your inner peace and rest knowing there is nothing too big for God…nothing!Consider this your first step in the journey of know Jesus.

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