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If you haven't already read the evo Car of the Year magazine issue, in association with Michelin, you won't know how much of a cracker eCoty 2014 was. Every single member of the judging panel agreed that several cars failed to live up to their expectations, whilst others far surpassed them. With thousands of high performance miles, several international race wins and a hairdryer between them, the all-star team whittled down the 10 contenders to choose an eventual winner. The standard 458 isn't exactly lacking, but the Speciale still brought the game forward by a whole chunk. The Vanquish brings with it the most cylinders - 12 in total - and one of the prettiest exteriors. Experience the thrill of driving every month with evo magazine, devoted exclusively to the greatest performance cars in the world. Unfortunately our recent return trips have been hampered by Swedish weather, so it won't be online until early 2015. Appreciate your concerns RnD, but eCoty isn't based on out and out pace, but rather driving fun.
It is an awesome and sensational video, sure it is coming from EVO, and i have to admit i've been waiting for this since the last ECOTY, but i can't help to feel a bit disappointed.. I own a heavily modified EVOX MR SST which has been used in national level competition.I can unequivocally inform you the new STI in stock for stock form is 1 second in 60 seconds quicker than the EVO X. 3 May 2016 BMW M2 review ­- full road and track test, but is the newest M car worthy of the badge?
Ten of the best cars we’ve driven in 2014 gather on some of the best roads the border counties have to offer.
The Ferrari named after the company’s founder goes up against the Ferrari named after the company itself. He’s been behind much of Ferrari’s success over the past few decades, and now he’s gone: Luca di Montezemolo’s final press conference for Ferrari reveals all. Henry Catchpole sits down with Britain’s current WRC hope ahead of Wales Rally GB to see what makes him tick. All the details on the next Civic Type R and Audi RS3, lightweight eco cars go under the spotlight, Bulgaria’s first supercar debuts and we examine JLR’s new tech. Meaden muses the pros and overwhelming cons of magazine project cars, Porter falls for an awful American SUV’s V8 and Dario talks racing in the rain. Dean Smith says hello to his new Skoda Octavia vRS long-termer, but asks where the rest of it is. We show you how to buy the thundering Lexus IS F, watch the prices of Alfa 4Cs rise, tempt you with the latest gifts and try out some hot products. EVO Magazine rounded up some very impressive, and decidedly British, sports and trackday cars for their 2013 Track Car Of The Year competition. EVO has come out with another gotta-watch-it video, throwing its 2012 Car of the Year contestants around the UK's 1.5-mile Blyton Park track. Tiff Needell and sports car racer Richard Meaden handle the wheel duties, the two driving five pairs of sports cars: Lotus Exige S vs. You'll find the verdicts, lots of tire smoke, and lines like "Anything you can do sideways I can do sideways" in the video below. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline. It’s the year’s biggest group test… 2013’s greatest performance cars go to war in attempt to claim evo Australia’s coveted Car of the Year crown.
An elimination round in the UK has picked the four best from the Jaguar F-type V8S, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Ford Fiesta ST Mountune, Mini JCW GP, Aston Martin V12 Vantage S, Lotus Exige S Roadster and Porsche Cayman S. And that’s the easy part done, the victorious quartet then driving 800 miles to the South of France to meet the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Porsche 911 GT3, Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series and Alfa Romeo 4C, each being driven from their hometown to meet our road test team as the driving, squabbling and eventual judging begins.
Henry Catchpole takes us through the eight cars in with a shot at the evo Car of the Year 2013 title.
There has to be a last place, and in this toughest of years the 4C sadly stakes a very strong claim to it. There’s probably a smaller gap between seventh and first than there is between seventh and eighth.

Vivian was also enamoured and placed the R8 second: ‘‘For me, the Audi continues to astound as a supercar that’s as easy to live with as it is rewarding to drive in anger.
If there were a category for ‘steering of the year’ then the Aston Martin would undoubtedly walk off with the three-spoke trophy. Richard Meaden loved it so much that he decided to select it as his winner: ‘‘Despite appearances, it’s a nuanced machine. I was one of those that loved the SLS, but I’ll leave the final words on the Black to Nick Trott, who, like Dickie, had it top of his score sheet: ‘‘I never thought I’d vote a Mercedes top in performance car terms, and I never thought I’d put it ahead of the GT3, but I found it more thrilling more of the time. The only divisive factor was the incredibly quick steering rack, which proved an acquired taste. I was the other person to have the F12 as their winner, and the memory of being in control of something so fast, powerful and exploitable has me grinning from ear to ear. From ?30,000, 80bhp Morgan 3 Wheeler to ?820,000, 720bhp Pagani Huayra, the ten best performance cars of the last 12 months come together for one big test.
As it's name suggests, evo Car of the Year is the highlight of our calendar, and has been since the magazine was founded. 2012 has been a great year for performance cars, and that's reflected in the breadth of talents of out 10 challengers. Despite the spectacular action from the track at Blyton, the majority of eCoty scoring has always been about how a car handles on road. And, as always, the entire evo team has assembled to subject our challengers to about the toughest scrutiny they’ll ever experience – with this year’s highlight being twin-car Track Battles at Blyton with Tiff Needell and Richard Meaden doing the honours. To read the full story, discover who was crowned the winner - and to get our exclusive film from the event on DVD – make sure you buy issue 177 of evo, on sale on the 7th November! Rather than being another predictable 'oh look a 911's won' test, eCoty 2014 - which didn't even feature a 911 - proved that on the same day, in the same place, cars that once looked like champions can feel remarkably average, and of course, vice versa. Don't worry, we won't be giving the results away here, you'll have to read the magazine for that. The Golf range-topper has already toppled the once four-wheel drive king - Subaru's Impreza - can it take on the rest? Rapid, pointy, and yet still very approachable, can you ever really discount the Prancing Horse these days? It's all new, and as a result has massive potential to significantly build on its predecessor's success. Stripped out, raw, loud and well, it has bucket seats and no radio, it's a serious contender despite being front-driven. A boosted engine and quattro all-wheel drive make for surprisingly brisk acceleration no matter the surface, and with such a short wheel base it's surely amongst the most chuck-able here?
It's not on par with the high standard of Evo's recent videos, which are some of the best in the business. I know, as I also own a "daily driver MY15 STI", which also gets tracked for fun.In stock form, the MY15 STI outhandles the X and has better turn in by a fair margin.
Dan Prosser takes the Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake, Audi RS6 Avant and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG S Estate to Wales. The Secret Supercar Owner buys another McLaren, and Nick Trott gets his 911 back – but might have to remortgage. Jethro Bovingdon does a stellar job of putting them through their paces and showing us just how much fun each of them are to drive. It's actually a 15-minute teaser for the full-length DVD detailing the magazine's Car of the Year selection, but the tease is worth every penny free second. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination.
But it’s quite incredible how relatively subtle improvements manage to keep it right at the top of the performance car tree. Trott was fulsome in his praise: ‘‘Total linearity and fabulous feedback – lovely tingles reach your palms directly from the road surface’’. There have been some great Black Series cars in the past, but there have also been some stinkers, so there was some trepidation as to which camp the SLS would pitch its tent in. It’s vast and looks totally unwieldy, but with time you discover it’s exceptionally precise, with the lightweight feel of something like a 911 RS.

Nick was unconvinced, as was Jethro, who also expressed worries that he’d ‘‘go through a set of tyres every 1500km’’. Add in the feral yelps from a couple of downshifts and the endorphins are almost overwhelming.
Simply being invited to take part is an honour, but being declared winner is the greatest prize that we can bestow - and one of the gongs that everybody in the performance car world wants to win.
And we've certainly got variety aplenty, from the wonderfully idiosyncratic Morgan 3 Wheeler through to the almighty Pagani Huayra - a car that costs more than the rest of our pack put together. Basing this year’s test in the UK means we’ve been able to assess the pack on everything from Lincolnshire backroads to the fast, flowing A-roads of the Scottish borders.
And since eCoty is based on driving thrills, Porsche surely stands one of the best chances?
BMW has demonstrated that is has no intention to follow the crowd with its i8, and the entire motoring world has been astounded at how the i8 hits the ground running both as a technological marvel, and truly impressive sports car. It's perfect for fast paced long-distance cruising and not afraid to attack an apex or two. Having the guys stand around talking about the cars they have just driven does not convey the emotion and excitement of actually being behind the wheel! I spent a whole weekend driving an EVO X (manual 5 speed), STi, Golf R manual & DSG back to back at various dealerships in Sutherland.
Something of a joker in the pack is the very serious McLaren 12C GT Can-Am, and it’s quite special to witness such a rare car being driven aggressively on track. It was only pushed down by a relative lack of excitement compared to everything else here.’’ You’ll note the word ‘relative’ in that last sentence being redefined in a way more shocking than anything said by Einstein. Honestly all respects to the guys doing the ECOTY this year, i guess saying that i'd wish to be one day a tenth of as experienced as they are on cars says it all.. Taut, controlled damping and powerful brakes suggest expertise and skill exists within the development team, but the flatulent, laggy, lethargic engine is horrid and the handling too inert to hold your attention.
Viv, however, warmed to the rack: ‘‘You gradually realise the steering is part of a mechanism that endows the F12 with amazing agility’’.
Such great videos whatever year it was, thank you so much for doing this specials!Also, is this year going to be a 'Track Car of the Year' too?Cheers from Spain and Merry Christmas to everyone! Jethro said that its poise and creaminess reminded him of the R8, before adding almost reluctantly: ‘‘It just lacked firepower and a bit of edge to emerge from the shadow of the big boys’’.
The V12 is amazing: the fact it produces so much power through nothing more than revs and direct injection feels close to miraculous.
It revs and revs and revs and feels like it's making a lot more power than it's paper spec of 217Kw would suggest.
Vivian summed it up thus: ‘‘The 4C is the future and the Aston, Ferrari and Merc, magnificent dinosaurs that they are, are the past. Firepower or not, Vivian was bewitched: ‘‘You get in, adjust the seat and steering, and drive fast, immediately feeling in sync with the controls and the road. I don’t think the novelty of running it out to 8500rpm and feeling the brutal gearbox bang in the next ratio would ever wear off either.
But it's tiny fuel tank, fidgety ride and cheapish interiro makes it horrible to live with on a daily basis. After a head-to-head lap with commentary during drifts, Meaden takes each car out to set a representative lap time.
The Golf R in DSG version was my second favorite in terms of dynamics, but number favourite in terms of daily usability. I would take it over the STi each and every time and I've been racing production cars and doing tarmac events for the last 15 years solid.I don't care what magazines say or times they record. Nothing Subaru have sold outside of Japan since that STi has even come close to the feeling you got from driving it.
If only they continued to sell their JDM 2.0L spec STi's outside of Japan then we would have been talking a different story.

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