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HPI the UK's primary independent provider of vehicle information for the UK motor industry and motoring consumer with over 65 years industry experience. Checks stolen, insurance write off, outstanding finance, valuation and mileage where possible plus all the usual DVLA checks.
Any one who thinks that they are getting a bargain should ask questions about the car's authenticity. A few years ago car background checks were originally only available to the trade but in recent years they have been made available to the public, with most people now having access to the internet the consumer has a choice of vehicle history check services so there's no excuse.
With well over 1 million UK buyers a year now pre-checking cars before buying make sure you don't get caught out or stuck with someone else's problem, 1 in 3 have some form of hidden history so for the sake of a few pounds don't run the risk of losing your money, your sleep or even your life if you buy a deathtrap. BBC Consumer affairs reporter offers advice on buying a used car and gives us a nice mention! Check Your Driver, a sister company to Check Your Staff, is a market leading driver checking and risk assessment business led by a management team of ex UK credit reference agency professionals.Check Your Driver enables any business to ensure that all its drivers are entitled to drive company vehicles and that they do not contravene the businesses company car insurance policy.
We can also go further than most other driver checking companies by offering full risk assessment and driver training packages through our strategic partnership with Tait Walker.
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Everything you need to design and build a secure online shop but without needing to know HTML or programming. Take control of your Virtual Private Server with the latest and best control panel technology. Our Dedicated Servers are available with your choice of Windows or Linux OS running on brand new Dell hardware. Please note that if you do not renew your domain as a matter of urgency, your domain will enter a redemption period and there will be an administrative charge for its retrieval. Free Download Windows Loader, Activators, Product Keys, Serial Keys, Cracks, KMS Pico, Remove WAT, DAZ, Hazar, and more for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. VMware WorkStation 12 Pro is the fastest and most trustworthy way to assess new operating systems. Many motorists have taken to Twitter to complain that the website is not loading, or has crashed midway through the process leaving them unable to get their codeIt appears the site was so overwhelmed that it crashed when people attempted to access the correct page.The DVLA claims it is a€?easya€™ for Britons to access the DVLA website even if they are overseas.
Family holiday plans are under threat after a new DVLA web service needed to hire a car was hit by chaos (file picture)On the surface, scrapping the paper counterpart makes sense. Drivers reacted with fury after the DVLA yesterday scrapped the paper driving licence in favour of an online systemSo far, so good, but the devils are in the details of the real world, and not in the imaginary and perfect world dreamed up by the wonks at the DVLA.The first problem is that the code is only valid for 72 hours. The DVLA claims it is a€?easya€™ for Britons to access the DVLA website even if they are overseas (picture posed by models)How they can carry out this additional check without a unique code is not clear.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Photographic templates to help you submit a photograph of the correct size required by DVLA. Common breakdown reasons and MOT failures by make & model, running costs, reviews and much more! They were the first to introduce this invaluable service and over many years in the industry have made getting a 'HPI Check' a commonly used phrase.
The status check will show you details about the vehicle at the time of the test, the time and place the test was conducted and if the vehicle passed, the date of expiry.

However, the code can only be retrieved by a driver who has both their driving licence details and their National Insurance number, which very few people will remember. This means that if youa€™re not intending to hire a car within three days of the start of a foreign trip, you will need to access the internet when abroad.In more obscure locations, this can be difficult even for the most technologically savvy holiday-makers. In 1999 HPI Check launched an online vehicle data check service making it easier for the consumer to check a vehicles provenance directly. You can check the information against the certificate to confirm the authenticity of the certificate. To do this, they need you to give them a unique code a€“ a code generated when you enter your driving licence number, National Insurance number and postcode, onto the DVLAa€™s website.Once you have this unique code a€“ which is valid for 72 hours a€“ you give it to whoever demands it when you are hiring a car or applying for a job that requires a driving licence, and they can then check your record. Often there is no wi-fi or internet available, so the only option is to phone the DVLA from abroad, which is not only expensive but a€“ as with all government agencies a€“ can be a very time-consuming process.A Even in the UK, if you are one of the estimated 10million people who do not use the internet a€“ a disproportionate number of whom are inevitably elderly a€“ then the phone is your only option to get hold of a unique code. The industry is reporting a dramatic increase in the number of people selling their cars without repaying the loans on them. One driver, Alastair Nealon, wrote: a€?Love how this is spun as a€?saving taxpayer millionsa€? when thousands of people will be caught out hiring cars on holiday etc.
Appreciating that the change is happening at a difficult time, the firm does not require drivers to provide a unique code, either in the UK or elsewhere.However, the firma€™s website does state that a€?we will require customers to consent to their licence records being accessed for an additional checka€™. Or worse still, could it be a car that is actually a write-off and deemed unroadworthy by insurers but sold on fraudulently to you? Many firms a€“ those operating company cars, for example a€“ hold details of their employeesa€™ addresses, driving licence numbers and National Insurance numbers.
Save money by all means but get it right before you start.a€™People also took to Twitter to complain. Had I, like so many other motorists, been trying to hire a car, then I would have been marooned.So what exactly is the new system, and why has it been introduced?

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