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The Vehicle Identification Number tool did go live a few days ago, but shortly after went down again. We say ongoing because this issue has now been going on for the past 18 months, although this seems an overly bad one, especial when there are now around 15 car brands affected.
You will notice that Audi does not appear on that list, this is because Takata do not supply their Airags and is a completely separate recall, as well as the fact it is a software glitch and nothing to do with a faulty inflator. Have you been able to use the NHTSA VIN check search tool yet to see if your model needs to be repaired?

2009 International 4400 Crew Cab Custom Truck 41,000 Miles 340 horsepower, Allison 6 speed Auto, Exhaust Brake, Air Ride, Aluminum Rims, Dual Tanks.
This was because they decided to launch an Airbag VIN lookup tool in order for you to see if your vehicle needs to be repaired, which we know Honda has the greatest number of vehicles affected but the Airbag inflator problem. However, we can happily say the tool is finally live and working, although it still is not stable, as we have been running a few tests of our own and on several occasions the site went back down again.
Conversion includes, All Power Features, Black Leather, Power Fold Rear Seat lays flat into bed, Stereo with GPS, 10 disc CD changer, 12 inch subwoofer, high power amp,Over Head DVD With Headphones, Heated Seats.

This is surely to be expected, especially when you consider the number of vehicles affected by this new round of recalls to do with the ongoing Airbag saga.

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