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Drivers required to have a commercial drivers license (CDL) are subject to the controlled substance and alcohol testing rules.
All drivers of commercial vehicles must maintain either a log book or time card in interstate commerce and intrastate for CDL drivers. Every truck registered or based in Washington that is equipped with a cube-style walk-in cargo box, up to eighteen feet long, used in the commercial delivery of goods and services must be equipped with a rear crossview mirror or backup device to alert the driver that a person or object is behind the truck. This does not include recreational vehicles or rental vans used to transport personal property. Please note that some of the documents provided on this page are available in AdobeA® PDF format only and will require the AdobeA® Reader in order to view or print them from your Web browser.

Bidding has ended on this 2000 Honda Odyssey We have 355 more similar vehicles available for you. Note To Viewer: If phone does not work or vehicle is not available for inspection, or you think it is a scam, please Flag It for removal. Vehicle Bill of Sale (Form TC-843) – Included Odometer Disclosure Statement (Form TC-891) To only be used if the automobile is below 10 years of age and below 16,000 pounds (lb.).
Inspection – Vehicles over ten (10) years of age must pass a safety inspection in order to be on the road. The parties should agree to transfer possession of the item(s) and monetary funds on the same day of signing the bill of sale.

Sale of a Vehicle or Vessel by a Person Not Regularly Engaged in Business Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. All other logos, brands and designated trademarks are the property of their respective holders. The use of this website requires acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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