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Firstly, the regulations for exporting cars to Kenya still apply hence they still have to meet the age limit set by the government; they would still need their vehicles inspected by JEVIC and the vehicle should not be LHD. A lot of Kenyans in the Diaspora are moving back to Kenya so we felt this article will help many of those looking to take their treasured vehicle back with them. Within the two years that the owner has been away, they ought not to have made a visit and stayed in Kenya for a period exceeding in aggregate of 90 days. As many of you may know, KRA have become very strict in their requirements and they recently published an article in the Daily Nation with respect to vehicles imported by returning residents.

I am a Ugandan on expatriation to Kenya in a reputable Cement Company for a period of two to Three years, I want to import a car from Japan, or buy from a local dealer in Kenya, Do I qualify for duty free car importation ? Hi James, if you are working as an expatriate in Kenya, then you are eligible for exemption from duty. Hence if you travelled in 2009 for 60 days and then travelled in 2010 for a 60 days – in total those are 120 days and hence if this was within the past two years from when you were returning you would not meet the requirements. It would be a good idea to import a car from Japan or the UK since buying one locally means you will be buying a car that already has duty paid for it.

The other advantage is that once your contract runs out, you can be able to go back to Uganda with your car then make payments for the duty then or simply resale it within Kenya.

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