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Scooter Community, Everything about Scooters, Join the Scooter Community » ARE YOU NEW TO SCOOTERS? Ferrix, there are heavy mopeds like the ones shown and light mopeds which are derived from bycicles. You are correct that the Rotary bikes are technically push bikes which allows them to be used on bikepaths and no registration and no license. You get what you pay for in life, buy a cheap $300 chinese engine for a bike and it is illegal and won't last long and is probably dangerous with the exposed chains etc. The Rotary bikes are expensive, that reflects the low numbers made and the high quality of the items. A Honda or any 50cc scooter would cost less but its not legal to use a registered motorbike on bike paths.
4 years and 20,000 K's later, I'm still scootering, and you guys are stuck with me!
A while back people were having a good old whinge about how moped riders didn't have to wear a suitable helmet or much in the way of gear, in spite of having rides at or over the 50cc scooter class? Alas, not legal here, but if I had enough money I will still buy one and use it on a bike track for quick commute. Even though the battery is old and on its way out, It was time to take the rear hub Trek for a run. You can't ride these things like a motorbike, well you can but only for short distances.
Electric bicycles generally come in 3 engine configurments, rear hub, front hub, or mid drive with the engine connected to the front crank.
My needs for a motorised bicycle are short 3k runs to the shop, a longer 8k loop to the super market, an 8k loop to the beach, and a 30k run to the nearest regional centre. A power assisted bicycle (or power-assisted pedal cycle) is a pedal cycle with a motor attached to assist the rider.

Riders do not require a driver's licence, motor vehicle registration or compulsory third party insurance.
If these apply and the motor output is either 200 Watts (or less) or 250 Watts (and meets the definition of a pedelec), then it is a power assisted bicycle. If the main source of power is the motor then it is a motor vehicle and operating it requires a driver's licence, registration and compulsory third party insurance. By reading some of the forums it looks pretty easy to reprogram these electric motors, and that a 250W could hot up to a 500W by adding more power and tweaking the control boxes.
Rear wheel was manufactured so poorly it kept popping the rear tire - partially no doubt due to huge weight of the thing and partially due to poor quality of the rim. It always starts 1st time, works best as pedal assist and is a great way to get to the shops.
The max power you're allowed have in NSW is 250W although on you tube they are building bikes with 9000W engines. The next time I took it out I was going for range and worked out that it could be pedaled like a normal bicycle and injected with small squirts of power from the motor to keep momentum up. The last run will probably push the electric bike to its limit and I'm not that sure it will be a practical option even after buying a new battery pack, but they are still very interesting and at this stage a work in progress. The attached motor may provide assistance but the pedals must be the main means of propulsion. However, few, if any, of these vehicles are able to be registered because they are not capable of meeting registration requirements, such as compliance with the Australian Design Rules.
It has an adjustable seat and multiple gears to make it easier to pedal, as well as a battery pack and 200 Watt motor to assist the rider. It is quite reasonable on the road, great on the bike paths, lovely on bush tracks, but best of all along the beach at low tide.
In the States the maximum legal size is 750W and you can buy kits with these sized engines on ebay.

From what I can work out these electric engines are pretty generic and wattage can be increased by more volts and some tinkering with the controllers but the faster they go the less distance they travel. This means you can change down for hills, or up to overdrive gear for speed,  using the engines power more efficently. It looks like we've adopted the same standards as the Europeans and not the 750W limit of the US.
They are big in Europe and it's a real shame they got banned here, and a lot of people lost money in the deal.
Im yet to discover its full range in miser mode but it certainly wont be as good as the the Rotary. The bike was a pleasure when it worked but in the time I had it, its running cost ended up higher than my car.
What it does mean is that there are some good deals to be had for anyone prepared to risk getting caught riding one.
Perhaps if you looked at it as a project for home mechanic it would be ok, but I wanted something that would just work, without demanding constant, and I mean constant attention. The ampage on these batteries is usually 10, 15 or 20amps, the higher the amps, the further you go and the more you pay.
A Lithium ion battery pack can cost between $600 and $950 depending on the voltage and ampage.
BUT Lithium battery packs have this annoying habit of shutting off when they fall below a certain voltage which means that you might be pedaling home for a recharge..

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