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These systems had so many problems that AMG stopped using them in the middle of 1997 and replaced the old ones that were still under warranty.
The 1994 to 1997 trucks (old style HVAC) have an electrically controlled valve pictured below. According to AM General TSB, the Kazoo attachment on the end of the condensate drain should be removed on civillian H1s. The ECU then outputs a 12v signal to energize the compressor relay which in turn energizes the compressor clutch. If your heater core is shot you will get hot sweet antifreeze smelling vapor fogging up your windows. The blower is running but air isn't coming out of the vents or when I change the control the air won't shift between the upper and lower vents. The fan clutch is what pulls air through the condenser (radiator for the ac is in front of the real radiator). For 97.5 and higher with the new style HVAC system you can use the following parts which add just the electric cooling fan to the truck.
Over a decade has since past, but as far as I recall about every third 1992 and about every fourth 1993 HUMMER was originally built WITHOUT A-C.
They use R-12 refrigerant and have mechanical cable operated controls just like the military Hmmwv's. Nacho Corella gave me permission to put his article that has directions to fix the control heads on these trucks on my website. This is a short tube with a flat duckbill end that the condensate water from the airconditioner drains through. The Hummer has a cutout switch in series with the air conditioning compressor clutch that will prevent it from actuating if the outside temperature is colder then approximately 45 degrees.

The 1994 to 1997 trucks (old style HVAC) have an electrically controlled valve and the 1997.5 and newer have a vacuum controlled valve pictured on the left. He claimed that hot water will get into the heater core even though the heater valve is closed.
The vacuum pump line runs from the pump which is below the alternator on the passenger side of the truck to the top of the engine where it meets up with the waste gate. It ended up being the low pressure cut off switch; the little rubber boot with the 2 wires sticking out screwed into the filter drier. On all of the trucks the temperature blend door is controlled by an electric servo motor and they all use R134a refrigerant.
It has the flat outlet to keep water from coming up into the hvac unit when you are fording in deep water. Sears Craftsman (00947390000-dlv) and Snap on make a special tool for removing the spring clamps. I have a boost gauge and could see that the engine was getting much more boost then it ever had.
They have a tendency to block up causing the water to backup into the passenger compartment. When it's cold outside it would cause cold air to blow out of the rear auxiliary unit freezing out the passengers.
The actuator would twist itself out of the valve body leaving the valve stuck in a random position.
There is a bundle of thin control lines that continues on across the doghouse to the control unit. Seemed the low and high pressure switches (one located on the AC dryer and the other at rear of AC compressor) were OK because we swapped them from another truck and observed no change.

I think it is because the evaporator is blocked by water, and the 'cold freeze up switch then kicks in. George Goble who is or was a member of this board's company makes R406 which is a drop in replacement for the R12 and sells for just a little over R134.
The electric actuator would twist away from the valve lever and the valve wouldn't open or close. If all of these switches are closed it energizes a pin on the ECU telling it that it is ok to start the compressor. The system in the 93 is designed for extreme duty and will outperform the systems in any other Hummer.
On calibrated professional thermometers the cold air coming from the front evaporator is 38-39 degrees and the output from the rear evaporator is 34 degrees.
A week later I noticed it putting out much warmer air and assumed the suspected leak was not fixed right.
I don't know if they even offer it anymore because AMG has completely scrapped the old style systems.
If you do not turn down the system the inside of the 4dr or ambulance body will become like a refrigerator inside.
Don't bother with trying to convert to R134 as the system will not perform as well, and if you do not remove ALL mineral oil it will end up a dead system.

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