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Check car; nhtsa doubled takata, The nhtsa has more than doubled the takata airbag recall.
Check recall information - mercedes-benz usa, Mercedes-benz wants to keep you informed on any recall campaign that takata airbag inflator recall information.
Login to view recall notices and information for ford, get the most out of ford owner by adding a vehicle.
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National highway traffic safety administration nhtsa to provide free vin searches to help consumers check cars, light trucks and motorcycles for uncompleted recalls. Recalls are issued by vin and may not apply to every vehicle manufactured within a model year. Passenger restraint malfunction - bimmerfest - bmw forums, Welcome to bimmerfest -- the #1 online community for bmw related information!
Volkswagen jetta - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The volkswagen jetta ( listen (help ยท info)) is a small family car produced by the german manufacturer volkswagen since 1979.
Ford escape questions - the rear drivers side door will, Report; davidh25 answered 3 years ago there was a recall on that.
If you need further assistance with any of the issues below, please do not hesitate to make a new thread.
Or upload it to the post by going to the "Go Advance" post tab next to "post reply" at the bottom then to "Manage Attachments" near the bottom.
Fuel gauge doesn't work- A common problem in these trucks are gas gauges that put out erroneous readings.
Unfortunately, at some point, they integrated the fuel sending unit with the fuel pump, so not all years have a separately serviceable sending unit. Truck will not start.- A common problem in the trucks, primarily ones made between 1993 Through 1995, was failure (corrosion) of the splice that feeds battery power to the automatic shutdown (ASD) and fuel pump relays. Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), how do I disable?- Simply disconnect the electrical connector from the DRL module.

My dash lights do not work, but they illuminate my radio and heater controls- The connector on the back of the instrument panel is not making good contact.
My truck idles odd, or does not idle at all- It could be an Idle Air Control (IAC) motor problem. My heater blower doesn't work on all the settings- Chances are that the blower resistor block is faulty.
While 1996 model years ARE fully OBDII compliant (code scanners will work), you still have to use the "count the flash" just like previous years.
How do I check my automatic transmission fluid level?- Start engine and bring it to operating temperature (usually done by driving a several miles). Tune-Up, What to do?- Spark plugs (avoid "multiple-electrode" plugs [such as Bosch+2,+4]), spark plug wires, distributor cap, distributor rotor (located under the cap), air filter, PCV valve, and crankcase breather filter fuel filter are all things to change or at least inspect. Jack up one tire if you have an open diff, or both tires if you have a working posi or locking differential. Where can I find more information?- As gb6491 pointed out, many libraries have access to repair manuals, either in print, or on-line. 3rd Generation (2014+) Forum dedicated to the discussion of 3rd generation Toyota Highlanders.
So I've posted in the pass that EPS happened to me a couple of time in the past at start up but to correct it I just turn on the engine and restart and EPS would go away. Note that if the TRAC OFF message illuminates on its own, then hill start and downhill assist functions are disabled in addition to TRAC (ref OM page 301).
This could be something serious, or it could be a minor electrical glitch that's throwing false codes.
Your pictures showing these three events happening over the course of just four miles should be helpful to the service department. The module is located on the passenger-side inner fender (engine compartment) near the firewall. As stated in the above paragraph: For clarification purposes, the use of "ATF+4" on transmission fluids labeled as such (not to be confused as "recommended where ATF+4 is called for") is strictly licensed from Chrysler.

Rotate the tire one full revolution for posis and lockers and 2 full revolutions for open diffs. It is similar to Chilton's in price and material, it will run you $25 at most parts stores.
They can plug into the car's OBD2 port to scan the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and then diagnose the problem(s), fix the problem(s) (most likely under warranty), and reset the codes.
This could also cause intermittent problems, or could possibly "kill" the truck when driving down the road. You should probably cover both ends (on the unit and on the connector) with protective tape. It has a pintle that moves in and out (to control air flow to the engine when the engine is idling).
If the other tire spins the opposite direction you have an open differential, and if it spins the same direction you have a posi (LSD) or a locker. The splice is located underneath the Power Distribution Center (PDC), which is the black box located behind the battery.
Check transmission fluid (remember, engine must be running, transmission must be warmed up, transmission must be in neutral, and parked on level ground). Some models use central axle disconnect (CAD) similar to Wrangler, others have no disconnect system. Turning the tire for twice the number of full revolutions and dividing the drive shaft revolutions by two will give you a more accurate reading.

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