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The cool factor, temperature wise, makes a big difference in the summer months when patrols are conducted on blazing asphalt and the officers are sitting atop 106 cubic inches of engine. The motorcycle division is primarily responsible for traffic enforcement and working wrecks, along with patrol duties.
As if on cue Carter Welles walked out of a downtown business Tuesday morning as Gentry and Walker were riding on West Main Street.
On Monday, August 1, 2016, California bill AB 51, the lane splitting bill, passed the full California State Senate in a 38-0 vote.
All California motorcyclists who are interested in seeing AB 51 passed should contact their state senator and ask them to support the bill.
Feast your eyes on our 2012 Kia Optima LX in Metal Bronze and you'll see it is not your typical family sedan!
The city started using motorcycles in 1995 and has always used Harley-Davidsons, the iconic police bike. The drawback is you can’t warm your hands in the cooler months by placing them close to the engine, said Brian Gentry, another motorcycle  officer. AB 51 recently passed the Senate Transportation Committee in an 11-0 vote. The bill now returns to the California State Assembly for approval.
The condition may occur while the vehicle is in use or unattended.RepairsAt no charge to you, your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer will replace the ignition switch with a revised design switch. Dealers currently have instructions and parts ordering information.The dealer will also check the wiring in the upper steering column area and will inspect for the installation of any aftermarket electrical accessories. Our Odyssey has a 248hp 3.5 Liter tied to a 6 Speed Automatic transmission and scores nearly 27mpg on the open road. The power is managed with a responsive 6 Speed Automatic transmission and allows you to achieve up to 35mpg on the highway. If an improper installation is noted that is not part of this recall, you will be advised to have it corrected.How Long Will It Take?The time needed for this service is less than one hour.
But you have to realize, the bikes are the officers’ office for eight to 10 to 12 hours a day.
However, due to service scheduling times, your dealer may need your vehicle for a longer period.Call your dealer without delay.

After all, there's a reason this is the official minivan of carpool lanes and soccer fields throughout the suburbs. For the second straight year, the Odyssey has earned the MotorWeek Drivers' Choice Award for Best Minivan, and KBB selected it as one of the Best Family Cars of 2013! The Optima earned a 5-star safety rating in government tests thanks to features like six airbags, electronic stability control and front and rear crumple zones among others. If your dealer does not have the parts in stock, they can be ordered before scheduling your service date. It's time to prove you still have a pulse by driving a sedan that stands out in the sea of mundane family sedans. This Rubicon includes full metal doors with wind-up windows, a full-length floor console, and a 190 hp 4-liter V6 engine!
Get behind the wheel and experience the refined interior - you may think you're in a luxury sedan!
For the refund, please give your paid original receipt to your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer. Check out the awesome pictures of this Jeep and you'll have to come in and let it take you for a spin!
Thoughtfully constructed with your busy family in mind, the leather-trimmed interior with heated seats has power-sliding doors as well as tri-zone climate control.
Box 43360, Detroit, Michigan 48243 or you may contact the Customer Ignition Switch Information Hotline toll free at 1-800-323-8400. The 8 inch multi-information screen communicates with a plethora of technology and allows you to customize your driving experience.
In all cases the switch is mounted on the steering column and certain items will need to be removed to gain access.
Examine the components around the ignition switch to determine what may need to be removed or positioned out of the way.
Keep the ignition lock cylinder (ignition key) in the lock position during this procedure.3.
Remove the positioning clip from the new ignition switch if so equipped, and install the switch onto the actuator pin.

If re-installing original screws, apply Ford Threadlock and Sealer E0AZ-19554-AA (CXC-70) or equivalent to the threads.
Install any components previously removed for access ensuring that no wires are pinched and the components are properly seated. We have been working in cooperation with Transport Canada and NHTSA to investigate reported concerns with the subject switch.Q2. Electrical load is the amount of current that passes through the switch when the vehicle is started. Electrical load is impacted by standard and optional equipment, electrical circuitry, as well as cold weather operation.Q6.
We believe that a manufacturing process change made by our switch supplier caused a change in internal switch dimensions. We have determined that as a result, a small number of switches are more susceptible to the potential for internal short circuits.
Vehicles produced prior to the 1988 model year are not included in the recall, because they are not equipped with ignition switches that are subject to this dimensional change.
Ford has based this conclusion on an in-depth engineering analysis, and data supplied to us by our supplier.CUSTOMER ISSUESQ7.
What about people who have had a vehicle fire, their vehicle would be included in the recall population, but they no longer own the vehicle?
For example, a fire could be the result of an improper vehicle modification (aftermarket accessories), arson, prior accident damage, or a faulty repair. What about people who had a vehicle fire, still own the car, but it isn't being recalled?A.

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