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You can try following ways to verify details of any vehicle or to identify stolen vehicles.
Islamabad Police has introduced this useful service with the help of Digital Seal Company, at Rescue 15. UPDATE 23-01-2014: Government of Punjab has introduced a new SMS Vehicle VerificationService which has overtaken following old system. Motor Transport Management Information System is maintained by Excise and Taxation Department of Government of Punjab. Motor Registration Authority (MRA) Lahore has its own website, where you can search record of a vehicle which is registered in Lahore. Majority of Pakistani people often like to buy second hand cars and often get trapped in the deal of a stolen car and eventually loose both money and car. After going through the hassle of car shopping, the badgering of sales people and making your final decision, you may think that all your troubles are over as you acquire your dream car.
The knowledge and existence of new factory vehicle is only limited to the company or the franchise selling it. Any medium of transport is subject to Motor Vehicle Tax, which is levied upon registration along with its registration fee. First and foremost, you have to get your vehicle registered from the Excise and Taxation Department within your city. The next step requires you to get your legal documents ready and the following list entails all the papers you should provide. In case you are a non-resident you will be required to submit the residential confirmation of the person you reside with along with their CNIC and contact number. Once you have submitted your documents to the department they will go through a verification process where they will be assayed by an inspector. As soon as you receive confirmation notifying the acceptance of your documents you can acquire the computerized form ‘F’ from the Key Punch Operator (KPO) or you can download it from here. When you have met the expected requirements and successfully paid the fee, your vehicle shall be brought forth for a thorough physical examination by the inspector. You will be asked to pay a late fee if car registration is delayed up to 60 days from the day of purchase. If you desire special number allocation, you will be charged an additional fee which can be checked from the website. Make sure you give the same address on all the documents including the affidavit, as the original documents will be returned to the mentioned address via courier or postal services.
The Income tax and Token tax rates will be applicable for the entire year commencing from 1st July to 30th Depending on the date of registry, the applicant will pay taxes for the remaining months.
As of recently, the Government of Pakistan has facilitated the online vehicle verification in three provinces namely Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).
For verification of all types of vehicles in Sindh, Excise and Taxation department of Sindh has recently launched an online vehicle verification system for verification of registered vehicles like car, motorcycles etc. Basically this vehicle verification system has launched by the Sindh excise department has same portal that was launched by the Punjab government earlier so some people say that this system is the copy of online system that launched in the Punjab. Guest are content supplied by common voices or great writers, writer may choose add info about themselves in post.

The data will be fetched from Tata - siebel and displayed to you after a couple of simple steps. Surely this can be used by perspective buyers of used Tata cars to get some real data, and it helps. So what did i do, I entered my Indicas number which i sold in 2008 when it had clocked about 68K on odometer. View My Garage Re: Check service history of any Tata vehicle : Online Siebel System The link does work ! I bought an Indigo SX in 2009 from them,with odo at 52500 something.Just checked with this website,found this.
By the way, I sold this car last year with odo at 64000 something after using for almost 3 years. Before you buy a used vehicle we strongly recommended you perform a vehicle history check first.
However, if any of these do not give you required information, you should contact relevant government authorities for any help or information.
Any Pakistani citizen can get information about any Islamabad-Registered-Vehicle through this service. Just enter registration number of the vehicle in the box given at the bottom of this web page and it will return the details (Registration Number, Chassis No, Engine No. This identification system not only provide speedy info but also has resulted in decrease in the number of car theft cases.
If you believe so, you are mistaken, as the next step is vehicle registration, which may be just as demanding as the purchase of the car.
This department is in charge of administering the right of vehicle ownership and governing the road tax collection process. When the documents are granted a clearance you will be asked by the inspector to pay the challan fee. There is no definite answer to it, as the vehicle registration fee varies location wise, and it also depends on certain factors such as the car’s worth, its size etc.
Upon your fulfillment of all the conditions with adherence to the rules and regulations, the records will be submitted to the KPO on the assigned counter. The vehicle registration check allows you to know the owner’s name of a vehicle, its make, model etc, by just entering the car’s registration number.
We re-assert that, possession of an unregistered vehicle is a legal offense in Pakistan, it can not only deprive you from your property, but also entitles the authorities to file a lawsuit against you. He avidly keeps himself indulged in dynamic streamers related to automotives and updates his audience on the hot and happening.
Through this online portal every person who lives in Sindh and possess vehicle can get specific information regarding any type of vehicle like registration date, Owner name and Model year, tax payment, horsepower, engine type and body type etc. Vehicle owners can use this system absolutely free without any charges at their convenience in their homes or offices.
Despite this it would say Sindh government has done better for launching this online registration system because this system will provide great help for minimizing rupee bribe in Sindh especially in Karachi.
If they start applying these tactics to their vehicles as well, how many of us see a winner here ?

It indeed shows the last service and the service station though shows no details of the work done. You can try out for vehicles from other states and do let us know if that works okay for you.NitiN Kumar JainNitin works in an IT MNC professionally but blogs and owns NKJ Live. It is the liability of Buyer and Agent to verify all the credentials before making any payment to the seller.Police and other law enforcing agencies should also play their roles in this regard more effectively. The car registration process varies from place to place and may sometimes land you in a mess if you are not well versed with the procedure.
Driving an unregistered vehicle is against the law, because this car along other items can be used in criminal activities. Depending upon your province you can check the branches near you from the excise department website and also download the required application forms for vehicle registration. The fee value can be estimated either with the help of the officials at the information counter or through the Excise and Taxation department’s website (this is Punjabs’ Excise Department page).
He will give the registration voucher which would mention the date you can get your certificate of registration. It also invalidates your right to claim a vehicle or get support from police force, in case your car is damaged by someone or stolen. The good thing about this online system that private information will not be shown to anyone but software will provide only basic information.
This is another step in the right direction since it will enable customers to keep a track of all past records. So as a rule, just like your national identification number, a car must also possess a registration number to earn legal rights. Furthermore, you may also seek details and ask queries at the information counter of Excise and Taxation Department in your district. Through this system not only vehicle owners but also the buyers and sellers will also find satisfaction because they can buy and sell vehicles through proper detail of vehicle engine number.
Sindh government should be launched this system earlier because crime regarding car snatching is happening from past many years in Sindh especially in Karachi. Though it may not be available online, I am sure you can get the details from the Service Station where the car was last serviced. Here you can find all the information on vehicle registration in Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan and KPK.
A stolen vehicle cannot be reported, neither can it be sold in an authentic manner if it is not registered, as it is a proof of your ownership. Through this system police department in Sindh will find great help for identification of stolen and snatched vehicles as they can be used in any illegal activity in the future.
It would say that through this system not only general people who have vehicle like car but also the traders will find great help about verification of vehicle like cars and hence they can secure their business in excellent way. Anyone who lives in Sindh and know the use of the internet then by just clicking the link launched by the Sindh excise & taxation department he can get the desire information relating to his vehicle and hence can save and money as well.

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