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October 28, 2015 By Cherry This weekend in Ballymena the Braid Real Music Club is showcasing some amazing acts.
And for anyone who is unfamiliar with the work of these talented women here are a few videos which will give you a taste of what to expect. October 27, 2015 By Cherry Professor Green, UK rapper, has made a show for the BBC called Suicide and Me.
Male suicide has been called a silent epidemic, with the latest UK figures revealing that suicide accounts for nearly 5,000 male deaths a year, around four times that of suicide in women.
His songwriting has given fans a glimpse into the complex issues in his life, but now for the first time Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, discovers what really happened to his dad. But Stephen is not alone, as he looks at the wider issue by meeting others affected by suicides – including Ben who has attempted to take his own life twice, and Giancarlo, who campaigns for awareness following the loss of his brother.
By understanding the complex factors behind it, the stigma around it and some of the ways it is being tackled, Stephen highlights the urgency of addressing this most critical of problems. If you are worried about a loved one or have yourself been having suicidal thoughts then please don’t suffer in silence. If you live in Ballymena then you can get in touch with the volunteers at Turning Point NI.
October 26, 2015 By Cherry Here at Ballymena Today Instagram is one of our favourite places to find inspiration and currently some of our favourite stylish snaps are coming from Northern Ireland.
October 20, 2015 By Cherry Leaf Designs, a florist and event styling company from Ballymena, showcased some beautiful pictures from the wedding of Victoria and Andrew. Leaf Designs provided this beautiful bouquet, flowers for the bridesmaids, buttonholes for the men, along with gorgeous displays for the reception venue and some lovely arrangements. If you would like to see more beautiful work from Leaf Designs then click here and visit their website and follow them on Facebook here. Keep an eye on their Facebook page because Leaf Designs have been nominated for two awards at the Getting Married in Northern Ireland magazine Readers Awards. October 14, 2015 By Cherry At the weekend there is nothing we enjoy more than kicking off our boots, grabbing a hot chocolate in out favourite mug and getting stuck into a great book. Gone are the flirty beach reads, autumn demands a book with more grit and something with a bit of a fright. We absolutely love Katharine’s music and it has provided the perfect soundtrack for our autumn. On Sunday 18th October you will be able to experience the Resort first-hand and have the opportunity to chat with one of Galgorm’s dedicated Wedding Planners. If you are planning a wedding in the future and are considering choosing Galgorm Resort and Spa then plan to attend their Bridal Open Day – find out more information here. Local Ballymena Wedding photographer Steven Hanna recently blogged about some weddings which has been involved with at Galgorm Resort and Spa. Find out more about Steven Hanna Photography here at his website and if you are planning to get married in Ballymena this year don’t miss the Bridal Open Day at Galgorm Resort and Spa. Finish with a beautiful coffee or tea and top the evening off with some Abernethy Butter Fudge – the perfect gift to bribe your guests.
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Alternatively, you can contact us at head office if you would like us to check any information regarding your MOT renewal date, or history. We offer a while you wait service so that you can be in and out of our stations within 50 minutes. The MOT Check report includes the current MOT status as well as the previous MOT results for the vehicle including vital information such as whether the car passed or failed, whether the passed on a partial re-test or full re-test, the date of the test, the location of the test and the mileage reading recorded at the time of the test.

For a limited time only we will be offering a free trial of MotorSpecs Trade to all members of the motor trade in the UK.  So register today for instant access.
We have already raved about how much we love Katharine Philippa in this Music Tuesday blog post. The programme looks at the suicide of his father and the impact it has had on his life since.
In this thought-provoking documentary for BBC Three’s gender season, UK rapper Professor Green takes an intensely personal journey to uncover the truth behind the suicide of his father – and why suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in Britain. As he opens up to close family about his estrangement from his father and reconnects with relatives, Stephen discovers a life packed with its own tragedy and loss. What emerges is a clear picture: there is a fear of seeking help or talking about emotion among British men – and a suicide taboo that can only be broken by talking. Located in Mill Street in Ballymena they offer advice, help and support for anyone who is suicidal or supporting someone who is. Sara’s Instagram is an absolute treat fro any fashionista, designer, or landscape lover.
The Browns love prints, paper and design and this shows from this pretty Instagram account.
Oscar & Oscar are architects who have a special place in their heart for beautiful interiors. It is wonderful to acknowledge the individuals who are inspiring people in Northern Ireland and beyond. Spectre is out next week and in celebration this week’s throwback Thursday features our favourite Bond trivia. It is actually stuntman Bob Simmons who appears in the opening gun barrel sequence for the first three James Bond movies. SPECTRE stands for SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge, Extortion. From Russia With Love‘s six-minute fight scene with Red Grant on the Orient Express took two days to film. Many actors have appeared in more than one role in the Bond series – Maud Adams (as Andrea Anders and Octopussy), Joe Don Baker (as Brad Whitaker and Jack Wade) – but the first was in fact Sean Connery, playing a SPECTRE agent wearing a James Bond mask in From Russia With Love‘s pre-credit sequence. The five pilots flying the planes in Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus in Goldfingerwere actually men wearing blonde wigs.
Honor Blackman, Pussy Galore in Goldfinger, is the oldest ever Bond Girl, at 37 years of age at the time of filming.
The Bond producers originally wanted Orson Welles to play Auric Goldfinger, but he was too expensive. The dialogue of both Claudine Auger (Domino) in Thunderball and Ursula Andress (Honey) in Dr.
Thunderball stuntman Bill Cumming was paid a $450 bonus to jump into Largo’s shark infested pool.
The couple loved their pastel pink theme and we think that Leaf Designs provided some beautiful finishing touches.
This is a basic haunted house plot which is written so well by Susan Hill you will have to keep the lights on at night. Let us know if you have any tips for great autumn reads then share them with us here at Ballymena Today.
We have known about her for a few years and wanted to include her in a Ballymena Today Music Tuesday blog post! Years later, graduating from Music at Queen’s University, Belfast and completing an organ scholarship developed her eclectic influences. Fireworks become more popular in October and at the end of the month people will be enjoying firework displays – but how should we care for our pets at this time.

The 5 star resort was delighted to take home the award which we are sure will take pride of place.
With all areas dressed and open to view you will have the opportunity to imagine how your Wedding could unfold at this dream location.
Easy mash – potatoes, milk, salt, pepper with lots of butter and some local award winning sausages from Hillstown Farm Shop.
MOT Check is part of the MotorSpecs Trade platform where trade users can lookup the current MOT and Tax Status for any vehicle registered in the UK as well as request the full MOT history of any vehicle.
It's been around for a few years and when I've bought second hand cars I've taken my laptop with me. Whether a vehicle has passed or failed its MOT is referred to as the MOT status of a vehicle.
On Saturday night you have the chance not only to hear Katharine, but also to enjoy the talents of Mandy Bingham, Ciara O’Neill, with support from Alice McCullough. Click here to find out more about the local musicians who we have written about in our Music Tuesday blog posts. Facing some tough truths and laying bare his own demons along the way, this candid film reveals a side to the performer rarely seen.
To find out more about Turning Point NI in Ballymena please click here to follow their Facebook page. Her work has been on our radar for a few years now and one of her beautiful scarves has been top of my wish list for a while now. We have fallen in love with their little bird prints which are just beautiful. Their prints are on sale from the Brown Paper Packages online shop which you can see here.
They love scavenging for beautiful unloved pieces and finding them the perfect setting in a new home, or business. No‘s budget was only $1 million, and when costs overran by $100,000 United Artists wanted to pull the plug, scared that it would never recoup its costs.
Check out her latest release – Futures Full- Edward F Butler- ft- Katharine Philippa. Goats cheese is tasty and can be enjoyed by everyone as it is easy on the human digestive system and lower in calories, cholesterol and fat than cow’s cheese. They sell beautiful pork from Saddleback Pigs, which are a rare breed and a treat for any guests at your dinner table. Our meal might not be a show stopper but we are happy with the range of beautiful local produce from businesses in and around Ballymena!
I just found it useful on a car I purchased for my daughter (won it on ebay for a steal from a dealer) to see it had failed an MOT and a few advisories so got them all sorted before handing over any cash. Take a look at her snaps to see why. Sara is a stylist, illustrator and all round creator and if you would like to find out more about her you can watch a great video here. They are an exciting design duo and we never tire of their design driven Instagram account. Please enjoy following these local talents and let us know where you turn to for your Northern Ireland Style inspiration. We would grab some local fresh Kale from Slemish Market Garden, lightly coat in oil, season and pop pop it in a hot oven for a few minute.

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