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An estimate of Rs 5,000 collected from customers as “handling charge” by the automobile manufacturers and dealers for 1,97,52,580 motor vehicles sold in last year has been purely illegal. Refresh your true spirit as Indians and try to stop this unwanted exploitation and try to design some necessary steps against this and show the society the strength of a common man.
Signing petitions can create an impact just like sudden explosions and it should reach among millions and millions of our fellow beings and will also widely open the eyes of our higher authorities and they will act instantly. Sign and share the Petition here. We request to all our Fantoosy Members, to kindly check their vehicle invoices and act accordingly !!!
USED CAR HOT DEALS!, 100's of USED CARS to choose Most affordable rates, Only 2% sevice charge !! Against this malpractice Transport Department of Delhi, Kerala and Telegana have given a notification to the public that  many dealers in Delhi are levying additional charge as logistic or handling charges from customers. Leadership qualities should emerge out in the form of awareness to be given to the public in campaigns and through social media and focus mainly on the notification given by transport department.

Aware others by widely sharing this information to your friends, family members  and colleagues and ask them further to share the information within their circle.
We will be able to reach a destiny in time and it will avoid the difficulties that one face in travelling by a public transport.
It is a  violation of various rules of government and  it was mentioned that strict action would be taken against them in the  form of withdrawal of  trade certificates, cancellation of self-registration and they all have suffer by paying huge amount as penalty.
Try to get a written statement from all dealers that they wont charge extra money from their customers. The present situation is like that the motor vehicle dealers are exploiting a common mans urge for owing a vehicle. But the notification proven to be in vain as they cannot take any action on the dealers and the public,  day visible  robbery is still continuing. Customer goes to the shop and when he chooses the vehicle of his taste, there starts the tricky profit minded game of the dealers and they convince the customers to purchase that vehicle  at the cost mentioned by them.

Motor Vehicle dealers are now imposing additional charges for vehicles in the form of taxes. The extra amount collecting as taxes is found to be a cunning game by the dealers and it is purely against the rules and regulations of the nation. This tricky game of the dealers are highlighted by one of our well wishers Mr Waseem Menon who is a keen petitioner against various transportation related issues.

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