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Your network dictates a huge part of your search results when you have a Google Plus account.
Companies and individuals that can effectively infiltrate your Google Plus network will be able to influence what content comes up in your searches very strongly.
This result is a perfect example: This website, built by our fantastic clients with our favorite bear, went live in the last few days of November. I hate g+ cuz its real awkward and none of my friends will go on it so it feels really empty. TweetOne month after the release of Google plus one button, Google releases their new social network Google plus. Basically, there is the Google Plus stream in the center of the screen, just like Facebook. At least the Facebook founder Mark Zuckenberg has found his way over to Google plus, and he does not look really happy on the picture.
First I thought that I could invite people just by adding them to circles, but apparently that does not work.
Google FAIL: my 12 yr old was invited to Google+ – when he updated his profile with his real birthdate, Google DISABLED his email! And tell me, how can Google knew that that guy was 8 yr old when he created his account if he cheated on his birth date?
By the way, Google, said that during the beta period, Google+ isn’t open for minors, while when it will become pubblic the age limit will be 13.
It is a little better now when it has been public for a while, but it still looks a lot like Facebook!

Thanks for sharing this update about Google plus and first time i am hearing about Google plus.
Thanks a lot for sharing this useful and attractive information and I will be waiting for other interesting posts from you in the nearest future.keep it up. Really information about the Google plus  you have writing is simply great, thank you for the post. The first look was not that appealing as they were getting most of the functions or more precisely they look mostly like facebook.
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This means that for a growing number of Google Plus members, search results will be shaded heavily toward what those in their network shared.
This far only in a beta version only for invited people, but it will probably soon become mainstream too.
I really like the way you add contacts or friends to circles, you just grab them from the list and put them in the right circle below. That?s what they are trying to at least, and by starting with only invited people and a lot of talking all over the internet, they are really starting a hype for this. His site would not appear so highly for someone who was not connected via a Google Plus relationship.

To the right is suggestions of people you might know (sounds familiar?) and thumbnails of people that you are connected to. That was the time it took between the first test of the google plus one button and the public release as well. It looks like Google has just copied Facebook and made few changes to be considered as different.
Be patient and follow instructions and after a month and some hoop jumping you can have a powerful Places page to link with your Google Plus business page. What I do see is that the power over search that Google Plus has is undeniable and irresistible to companies looking to get out there. I have got a invitation, and have now tested Google plus (+) and will give you my opinion about it. Facebook has this on the left side, very innovative Google, to put it to the right instead.
The combination is a huge SEO boost, the more results you own on the first page, the better.

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