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Today, I’m going to share a few of my favorite Stored XSS Findings in Facebook (Facebook Chat, Facebook Check In, Facebook Messenger.
For instance, what would occur if the Malicious Stored XSS Payload ran on the victim every time they checked in?
Let the victim visit our stored XSS Payload (Facebook Check-In, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Chat) on their own. I wanted to locate an interesting spot within Facebook that would run the data on the victim each time they visited one of my places. This post will talk a lot about Stored XSS in regard to Facebook Chat, Check-In, Facebook Messenger (Windows Version).
When a user starts a new message within Facebook that has a link inside, a preview GUI shows up for that post. I noticed that Facebook does not verify whether or not the attachment[params][urlinfo[final] parameter is a legitimate link (http, https). Each time the victim clicks on this malicious message in Facebook Chat, the Stored XSS will begin to run on their client. When the victim later decides to go to the place the attacker has been, a Stored XSS will run client-side.

I also noticed that an attacker is capable of injecting a Stored XSS Payload in Facebook Messenger for Windows. In this case, every time the victim logs into Facebook Messenger, a Stored XSS Payload would be run on their account. All in One SEO pack is a widely spread plugins used to set the meta description, keywords and titles for the WordPress posts.
The XSS has been discovered in the bad bot blocker feature and involve an exploit allowing to steal the administrator tokens through an altered user agent.
Simply complete the info below and we'll send you all you need to activate AppCheck NG and undertake your FREE scan.
The Appcheck NG Web Application scanner is developed in conjunction with a team of around 20 experienced penetration testers and as such deploys the very latest techniques in vulnerability detection from the front lines. AppCheck NG researcher Nico (nijagaw) was awarded a Bug Bounty for the discovery of a Persistent XSS flaw by Adobe.
These findings are almost always interesting if you happen to find them in the right location.
You could also inject the Payload into the Facebook Chat Screen, which could be really interesting.

So, it’s relatively easy for an attacker to alter those parameters to make them a malicious request.
This is a cool one because the XSS runs every time they visit the places that the attacker has been. Any time the victim logs into their account in the Messenger, The Stored XSS will be run on his account.
Included in those techniques is our ability to detect DOM Based Cross Site Scripting vulnerabilities using a combination of static and run-time analysis of JavaScript and Flash content.
This technology allows AppCheck to detect security flaws in components other scanners will fail to detect.

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