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The Start menu is here in Windows 10 Preview and everyone can give it a try by downloading the official testing bits, but keep in mind that this remains an unfinished product and certain bugs could still exist. If you remove all tiles, the Start menu looks exactly the same as on Windows 7, and this is clearly one of the things that those running an older version of Windows would love. Users can also disable the Start menu and switch back to the Start screen using an option in taskbar properties, but a sign-out is also required.

At this point, you can't select a different search provider, but this could change before the final version of Windows 10 comes out.
It's just a simple design with a list of installed apps, all working smoothly and without any other complex features.
By default, the Start menu borrows the color scheme of the operating system and at this point you cannot choose a different color just for it.

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