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Vintage SUV, 1972 GMC Jimmy 4x4 For Sale Here's we found this one American vintage SUV that was made by General Motors, is a twins brother of the Chevrolet K5 Blazer commonly known as GMC Jimmy, as shown here is a final model of 1st generation released in 1972.
The Jimmy is rarer than a Blazer it was designed and marketed to compete with International Harvester Scout and the Ford Bronco. 2000 GMC Safari AWD Van Here's an American AWD passenger van produced by GMC, originally is a family minivan with eight passenger seats which is built on the same based and shared a considerable number of body and mechanical parts with the Chevrolet Astro yes this about the GMC Safari.
As the pictures seen here it has perfect and solid body frame, no dent, no rust was mentioned.
1970 GMC Jimmy Has Been Restoration This twins brother of the Chevrolet K5 Blazer made by General Motors under GMC badge called the Jimmy built in 1970 its a first generation and the first year for the GMC Jimmy. 1957 GMC PD4104 Bus Conversion This the American vintage bus produced by GMC, as the pictures is PD4104 model was released in 1957 has been conversion to motorhome powered by diesel engine with manual transmission good condition.
Rare 1951 GMC 10 Wheel Dump Truck This American antique heavy duty truck made by GMC, as the picture is 10 Wheels Dump Truck built in 1951 it very rare today powered by gas engine mated with manual transmission runs and drives great looking for new owner. 2013 GMC 1500 Sierra Crew Cab American crew cab GMC Sierra and its mechanically identical cousin of the Chevrolet Silverado.
Beautiful Restoration, 1951 GMC Pickup Truck Here's the American vintage pickup truck offered by GMC in 50s. 2005 GMC Canyon 4x4 Crew Cab Truck Here's a compact pickup trucks produced by American automaker General Motors. Very Nice 1970 GMC Sierra Grande 2500 Pickup Truck Here we found a very nice American classic truck in awesome condition. Procar red and black seats with a custom built center console by owner and pinstripped at the West Coast Nationals in Pleasanton. Two tens in a custom box behind seat and a Pioneer radio with a Rockford Fosgate amplifier, hits hard. 1951 GMC Pickup Truck Here's 1951 GMC Rare 5 Window Show Truck, 305V8, 350 turbo automatic trans, Heidts Mustang ll front end with power rack and pinion steering and 600lb coilovers. This SUV already offered in Craigslist for $28000 located in Murrieta, California, is said good overall mostly still original always stored inside.

As the picture is a second generation of the GMC Safari released in 2000 has been custom build as the off road camper, was offered in Craigslist 18 days ago asking for $4800 location in Toledo. Appearance looks great with custom wheel, unfortunately no interior and engine photos to reference so we left it to you. This very desirable first generation just like the K5 Blazer but this is a real Jimmy not a conversion has been completely restoration good condition needs nothing just drive it and go wherever you want. This a vintage American firetruck made by GMC released in 1954 has been in barn for 15 years, looking for new barn and owner. It's a series of full-size and heavy-duty pickup trucks manufactured by General Motors the GMC 1500 Sierra released in 2013 still on excellent condition has 36000 original miles comes in brown color looking for new owner.
It's the first generation of GMC Canyon and he is the upscale twin to the Chevy Colorado. You are viewing a Very Rare1956 GMC 100 Deluxe Edition Pickup Truck accompanied By an even rarer 1959 Harley Davidson Hummer 125 motorcycle. It's a 1970 GMC Sierra Grande 2500 looks very clean and runs a built 427 topped with an Edelbrock intake, big carb and more. We all work hard for our money and want to make sure our hard earned cash buys us our dream ride rather than an over priced lemon!
Taking a good look under the vehicle can often be a great way to uncover serious off-road related damage.Get down and dirty and inspect under the car if possible looking for cracking, significant scratching, leaks, misalignments and rust. The Safari have been praised for their off-road excellence, leading to their popularity with camping enthusiasts.
The owner says it has some mechanical problem but not for his performance, more info and details please read below.
No much detail about this truck you must asking to its owner, maybe a picture will speak condition little bit. I love the pictures very cool for awesome truck, it's perfect for representing the actual conditions.
Multiple show and award winner, Eastwood car of the month, shown in local calendar, and many more.

So if you are in the market for a used 4WD here are the top 10 tips to help you make the right choice, and avoid an expensive nightmare. Same of us, may some of you has a good feeling about this truck, that's would be a perfect candidate to restored. Overall it could be a cool adventure camper based on 2000 GMC Safari AWD Van ready on trade today, must see if you want him. This truck catches lots of attention, if not for the stand out Dodge Viper red color with the black tribal flames then for all of the attention to detail!! Avoid buying cars that have any indication of an accident or frame damage.The saddle of the car should not be welded but bolted. These sites also allow side by side comparisons on features so it is a good way of further narrowing down your options. Any clunking sounds while turning steering wheel to full lock should set off alarm bells, as fixing the power steering is an expensive exercise.
Go on forums and internet sites and find out the most common issues for the model you are looking for. You may wish to park the car on a clean strip of concrete and look out for any leaks after the drive. Becoming an expert on the make and model you are interested in can really pay off in knowing the fair market price for the vehicle and knowing the problem areas to look out for.
Look at the physical evidence rather than taking the word of the owner who clearly is looking at getting the best price.
Ask plenty of questions and if there are inconsistencies in the story its best to be cautious. But think about it, generally people get mods to give their 4x4 a good workout off-road so chances are the modified 4WDs have had more of a beating that your standard after school pickup cars.

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