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Engine oil in a vehicle functions to lubricate the piston ring around the cylinder and all internal components of an engine. Ensure that your car reaches its optimum operating temperature by turning on the engine and letting it idle for 15 min and then letting it cool for a good few minutes.
This simple DIY on how to check your car’s oil level saves you on expensive engine overhaul and repairs.
A warning light could be a warning for something seriously wrong in your Ford F-150 or Super Duty. This connector is usually located under the dashboard where it faces the passenger compartment for easy access. If the service engine soon indicator light stays illuminated after the engine is started, it indicates that the Onboard Diagnostics (OBD-II) system has detected a malfunction of the vehicle emissions control system. This indicator helps you to avoid running out of gas and perhaps damaging the electric fuel pump. The tire pressure light could be easy to solve, or it could be the sign of a much bigger problem. A slipping transmission can be a bad sign for your vehicle and it's something that needs to be diagnosed immediately.
When you buy a used car, it’s important to get an accurate and detailed vehicle history report and know the differences between CarFax vs AutoCheck reports. CarFax and AutoCheck vehicle history reports are two of the most prominent options, but it can be difficult for shoppers to understand the differences between the two choices. AutoCheck currently maintains exclusive access to data about important auctions at the two largest auction houses in the United States. On the other hand, CarFax reports don’t provide this type of score, so you may not gain a clear picture of the true market value of a used car if you rely exclusively on a CarFax report. If you choose to subscribe to AutoCheck, you can take advantage of the opportunity to run a limitless number of reports based on VIN numbers.
If you are planning to purchase a vehicle through DriveTime, you can view a live AutoCheck history report for free on any of our vehicles online. However, it’s important to remember that neither vehicle history report can provide a guaranteed history of a vehicle. I perfer autocheck since the report on my car is definitely correct with no accidents and 3 owners versus carfax who says my car has structual damage has been in an accident due to parts that were order for it and it was a 1 owner vehicle. The CarFax report on a recently purchased 2011 Ford Explorer shows 3 accidents and structural damage and the AutoCheck report shows none of this. Hi Jean – All Auto Check reports are provided for free on the vehicle details page of every DriveTime vehicle online.
There are blatant errors on the reports from both agencies for my vehicle, stating it has a branded title. We just purchased a vehicle from a used car lot where the Autocheck was provided by the dealer who noted no accidents or issues, as well as 100K Toyota servicing. After 25 odd checks on the Autocheck they disable your account and you are supposed to send them email to unblock further checking for another 10 or so checks. I actually just asked a family friend, who is in the car business about which one is better to use. I was in an accident with my vehicle and neither Carfax or Autocheck had received wind of the accident. I am unable to view the links you have provided for the accidents on this vehicle, but please also note even if we can review the accidents, we will not be able to add the information to the AutoCheck report, until it arrives from our data sources. Until today I knew nothing of AutoCheck and I hate to say it my first experience with them is not only bad but it’s causing me to lose money too. I bought a car from the Chattanooga area Drivetime and upon signing the contract was told that there was no recalls on my car (2012 Ford Focus Sedan). Also read other reviews where the reports are not helpful and may not report serious issues with the vehicle you are interested in. If I am buying a car for my daughter, I am hopefully getting both reports… but if I can only run one, I am going with Carfax.
This crash test is one of many tests that automakers conduct to assess the quality and performance of their cars. Producing cars and getting the public to buy them is a demanding and highly competitive business. Carmakers go to great extremes in attempts to keep a lid on those advancements before they're ready to be made public.
To make sure their cars live up to the consumers' standards and one-up competitors, car makers test their cars in all types of environments. A­This broad process covers everything from performance and comfort to reliability and safety.
In this article, we'll tA­ake a look at some aspects of car testing, and how it raises the bar on automotive design and manufacturing. At the end of the day, though, car testing is all about abusing a vehicle to find its limits. Among the many details you’ll get after carrying out a text car check is the VIN or Chassis number.

The colour or registration plate of the car can be changed, but the VIN will always stay the same. We’ve all been there – your check engine light turns on and fears of being stranded on the side of the road start flying through your head. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp – more commonly known as the check engine light – tells a driver to take the car to an auto service provider for a diagnosis of the problem. The best thing to do when your car’s check engine light turns on is to bring it to an auto service professional in Omaha. It reduces friction between the piston and cylinder walls when engine is operational thus preventing engine seizure.  The secret in prolonging your engine life is never to skim on quality engine oil.
Red means danger or potential severe failure, orange and yellow are cautionary in nature, and green and blue are more like friendly reminders. As for older vehicles (post 1991), you can diagnose the warning via the universal connector that accesses the information stored in the vehicle. Modules are available that plug into these connectors and communicate with your cell phone via Bluetooth wireless communication. You can also use Torque to get various instrument readings such as RPM, speed, oil pressure, and engine temperature. If the light is blinking, engine misfire is occurring which could damage your catalytic converter. The more sophisticated vehicles will shut down cylinders in an attempt to lower the amount of heat being put into the engine. Driving with the parking brake on could result in overheating and premature wear on the brakes.
Although both reports can offer plenty of useful insight into the history of a used car, AutoCheck reports have a better reputation among used car lots due to their ability to thoroughly track vehicles sold at auctions. Both reports will provide a fairly reliable account of the emissions history and accident history of any given car.
This obstacle makes CarFax much less useful since many used cars have been auctioned off at some point in their history. That means that no other report can come close to the accuracy that AutoCheck reports provide on used car lots.
The “AutoCheck Score” provides you with easy-to-understand analysis of how the vehicle’s history impacts its current market value. This benefit allows you to thoroughly check out a variety of used cars from different used car lots before making a final decision. For instance, CarFax has a better record of successfully verifying mileage and reporting how many owners the car has had. I went to sell my car and the buyers did carfax reports and immediately decided not to buy my car without even inspecting it for themselves.
Carfax is a scam and very costly for continued poor service and incorrect information as well as not very transparent.
He said Autocheck is just as good and that it’s actually what MOST car companies use to check cars coming in and going out.
I contacted Carfax and provided copies of the damage and repair bill from the collision center. At CarMax while they where appraising my truck to trade in this company AutoCheck reports there was an accident on the VIN for my truck.
However, after having the car for three months I received a letter in the mail from Ford saying my car has been on recall for a TCM Transmission Control Module since 2013. You can definitely give our Customer Relations Department a call at 800-965-8043 and they will be able to help you out with this. I am trying to sell my car and was expecting to see the service history of the car like the new engine, new transmission, and other new additions to the car I had made over the years, so I could show prospective buyers. Manufacturers agonize over ways to make their cars, trucks and SUVs even marginally better than another company's vehicles. You may have seen pictures in auto enthusiast magazines of prototype cars clad in black vinyl and fitted with false bulges to distort the car's true appearance and capabilities.
While much testing can be done on closed tracks, real-world car testing needs to take place in real-world conditions. Testing and tweaking makes it possible for cars to get better each year, while prices remain stable or even decrease for the same set of features. If you want to make sure the VIN is consistent with the DVLA’s details, all you have to to do is text the VIN to 78888, the same number you used to carry out the original search. Therefore, verifying the VIN using a text car check is the best way to make sure the car you are buying is authentic.
The VIN will then be verified by checking it against the information held by the DVLA on the car.
Always ensure there is sufficient clean oil in your engine by constantly checking the level on the dip stick. Wear Leather gloves when putting your hands near other engine component as it might scald you. Pull the stick all the way out and then proceed to clean the oil using a rag or newspaper until all traces of oil is removed.

The more sophisticated vehicles become, the more systems they have that can potentially fail. I use Torque which is an app that you can download for $4.95, and the Bluetooth scan tool is approximately $30.
Drive in a moderate fashion (avoid heavy acceleration and deceleration) and have your vehicle serviced immediately. Check this one out immediately as a damaged ABS system could result in the vehicle skidding when applying the brakes.
Shut the vehicle down and don’t move it until this problem is identified and repaired.
If the light stays on or failed to display when engaged, have the sytstem serviced immediately.
This article will cover how to figure out what that warning light means without having to pay someone. This means that with either report, you can be confident that you have a good idea of any problematic aspects of the car’s history. If you’re buying a used car, look for dealerships that offer AutoCheck reports in order to ensure that you have a fully accurate report before you make a purchase. With one glance, you can gain a better understanding of the significance of past accidents.
Regardless of what the report says, it’s important to ensure the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected before purchasing. Autocheck rates the car at the high of their scale while carfax says it is worth $2000 below book.
I’m not sure which to believe and hope that the dealer that sold me the certified pre-owned vehicle will do the right thing and give me my money back. You acknowledge and agree that vehicle license plate and state information is needed to run each CARFAX Report under this Plan. The vanity plate has nothing to do with a driver education vehicles but it could take weeks for AutoCheck to change this use which requires a state DMV to get involved in the process. By combining data from the track with information gleaned from driving on public roads, automakers use testing to create vehicles that they hope will satisfy the market. The idea behind car testing is that it allows manufacturers to work out all the kinks and potential problems of a model before it goes into full production. To get the best possible experience using our website we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version or other web browser. When totally cleaned, place the dip stick back to its original position then pull it all the way out again. Once satisfied, remove the funnel and screw the engine cap on and start your engine to allow oil circulation to all internal engine components. By being alerted with a warning light, you may avoid a breakdown or potential system failure. After opening a case with carfax and pointing out the descrepencies in their report they still deny the issue and case closed.
I ended up purchasing a vehicle that showed a clean report but actually had major damage to the passenger side. It's much cheaper to eliminate a problem with a product before you begin mass producing it than it is to discover problems and try to fix them afterward. Steam coming from anywhere under the hood or dashboard also indicates a cooling system leak. In addition, carfax does not offer a phone number to call for addressing your customer service issues. Once you have the code, it can easily be researched via the internet in order to obtain more information on the vehicle it came from. I am not familiar with Autocheck as much but the major issue is that I know CARFAX is just a marketing tool for dealers. In this article, we address warnings by severity, investigate the most common warnings, and even provide you with an easy way to find out what’s wrong. A reputable dealer would never use a CARFAX to check a trade but will use against you if there is something on there that helps them. So if you want to get two FREE reports, activate the unlimited service but then cancel it after opening only 2 reports. The dealers use a reputable company like CCC and then if there is something nasty and probably wrong on the CARFAX they will just show you that costing you money and bargaining power. To sum this up it is kind of like the brokers who put your information on the internet and then want people to pay for information that more then 20 years old.
My experience: A brother who works for the company that has the true info on your VIN and a couple of friends who own dealerships.
It’s all a marketing tool and if you fall for it, it can cost you a significant amount of money.

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