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It's a rather mountainous area with a beautiful river, forests and some interestingly shaped rocks.
It leaves from a bus stop on the south side of Peace Avenue, opposite of the big 'Narantuul Hotel', 150 meters East of the junction with Ondor Gegeen Zanabazaryn Gudamj, which is the road that runs south from Gandan Khiid. There are a couple of standard shops in Terelj village if you want to stock up on bottled water, biscuits, vodka, etc. Ecotourism Ger Camp, (You can phone Bert for a pick up from the bus, or directions are to turn right after the UB2 hotel and wade across the river.
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Bukit Lawang is a small village situated 90 kilometers northwest of Medan, the capital city of North Sumatra, Indonesia.
Bukit Lawang is most famous for being a site to easily spot semi-wild orangutans near convenient tourism facilities. The disaster, which was the result of illegal logging, destroyed the local tourist resorts and had a devastating impact to the local tourism industry.
For many villagers the trauma of losing family, friends and their homes has taken a long time to come to terms with. Especially the young generation is hoping to rebuild the village in more sustainable way than before and they are very aware of the importance of preservation of the fragile eco system they live in.
The last stop of the public bus, where you get off, is normally the bus terminal in Gotong Royong, a village just 5 minutes from Bukit Lawang.
There are many drivers offering minivans from the Belawan ferry terminal direct to Bukit Lawang, bargain hard.
You can go by tourist bus (minivan 5-7 persons;) from Parapat (Lake Toba) or Berastagi to Bukit Lawang. Exciting News The new Governor of North Sumatra comes from Bukit Lawang and one of his promises was to mend the road from Medan to Bukit Lawang.
Jungle trekking is the primary activity in Bukit Lawang as it is the gateway to the nearby Gunung Leuser National Park . Most tourists hire a guide as the jungle is easy to get lost in and requires a permit from Gunung Leuser National Park ranger office. WARNING: It has happened quite often that some guides feed the orangutans with normal, human food during a trek just to coax the wild animals for the tourist, and as a consequence orang-utans have become sick or even die. Even though sightings of the orang-utan and other wildlife can never be guaranteed, when following the instructions of your guide the chances are favorable. Everyone who is planning to go on a jungle trek or even to the feeding platform is asked to refrain from any physical contact with the orangutans. You can also visit the bat cave Rp 5,000 [make sure to take a flash light], take a stroll around the rice fields and rubber plantations, visit some of the social projects (like the Children's Home on the way to the bat cave), visit the Friday market or just hang out with some of the locals and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. In low season not many of the shops are open on weekdays, however in the weekend there are several small shops that sell the locally made coconut necklaces. Lawang Cafe Run by Janey who is a lovely, chatty Dutch lady that will go out of her way to make your meal a pleasure.
Jungle Tribe a cocktail bar and restaurant owned by Erika-Canadian woman and her husband Agun. Sam's Bungalows Right next door to Jungle Tribe cocktail bar, this restaurant has the best in panoramic views of the river.
Back To Nature, A Guest House with 4 rooms that located 3 kms in jungle from feeding site, ? +6281375657004. Wisma Bukit Lawang Indah is across the river next door to Yusman which is next door to Wisma Sibayak.
In village of Gotong Royong where the weekly market is held in Fridays is Nora's other homestay.
Wanda's Homestay & Outdoor Adventures is in Landbou, a village only 10 minutes from Bukit Lawang by local bus. Solo female travellers should beware of unlicensed guides, and of trekking or other activities where they might be alone with a man. Anybody who experiences sexual harassment in any form in Bukit Lawang should report the incident immediately to the Guides Association Office in the entrance to the village and to the head ranger at the national park office.

Keep your villa doors and windows closed when you are not around, the long tailed macaques like to get inside and raid your belongings for food. When that sad day finally arrives for you to leave, then the cheapest and one of the quickest ways out is by local bus. Once you arrive at the bus station you may encounter some overly enthusiastic minivan drivers trying to help you with you baggage into the the vans before you've even paid the tuk tuk driver. If you're intending to go to Berastagi you'll still need to head to Medan first then change to one the larger ornately decorated buses.
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Lots of UB residents come for the weekend, so you can probably find a ride back to UB pretty easily. After that turn right (east) along the track alongside the river that follows the electricity poles. There are numerous tourist Ger camps on the road as you approach Terelj village, some are closer to the road than others.
Described by witnesses as a tidal wave, the water was approximately 20 metres high, as it came crashing down the hills, wiping out everything in its path. Around 400 houses, 3 mosques, 8 bridges, 280 kiosks and food stalls, 35 inns and guest houses were destroyed by the flood, and 239 people (5 of them tourists) were killed and around 1,400 locals lost their homes.After eight months of rebuilding, Bukit Lawang was re-opened again in July 2004. They can use all the support they can get and the income of tourism will help them in realizing their ideas for a brighter future for Bukit Lawang. Work has already commenced and compared to previous years the road has improved a lot and work is still ongoing. There are plenty of good and reliable guides around so take your time to get to know some of them, have a chat, make your choice and prepare for a great adventure. They have mohawk-style hair, and leap into air with wild abandon as they move from tree to tree. Getting too close to an orangutan increases the risk of passing on disease and viral infection, which jeopardizes the orangutans chances of survival and in turn the health and survival of the wild orangutan population in the entire area. Volunteer at the school that provides free English lessons, lessons on the environment and key skills to disadvantaged children in Bukit Lawang. While there is a Mastercard ATM machine 7 km from town, the nearest Visa ATM is 60km away in Binjai.
A very homely feeling cafe with Yusuf and Rita (with Rita & her mum doing all the cooking) taking care of you. The best spaghetti this side of Roma and a great tasting Gado Gado for those seeking some of the local fare. Situated next door to Sam's restaurant across the road from Sam's Bungalows - 3 very pleasant rooms with great views of the river. The restaurant is a lovely open plan space and a good menu and is brilliant for vegetarians e.g. The restaurant & bar offer offer a variety of delicious fresh meals and snacks with a good variety of vegetarian options.
5 rooms built high up behind their beautiful open air building with incredible views 60k IDR for a simple room. Almost opposite the new hospital built with the inspiration and determination of the amazing Becky Coley of Bukit Lawang Trust Foundation. A great kampung-style experience from Rp 25,000 upwards per night including self-contained shower and toilet. Wanda's Homestay is located in a great location in the rice paddy fields with amazing views of the forested mountains.

A charming lodge on the Bohorok riverbank, with a lush garden and amazing view of the tropical rainforest. Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at. When you reach pole numbered 40 turn 90 degrees right and it's in front of you.), ? 99734710. The rangers at the center teach the orangutan all the necessary skills to survive in the wild.
It has been a long road to recovery and an especially hard task to rebuild a town with only limited financial assistance from the government.
So what are you waiting for, finish reading this page, pack your bags and get on your way for your jungle adventure!
The coach will stop many times along the way and in Binjai (about 40 minutes from Medan) they may stop for half an hour to fill up.
This should drop you at the national park office in Bukit Lawang and you can then find your guest house. Ask questions and ask them if they follow the rules and DO NOT feed orangutans or any other wildlife.
The reward at the end of your jungle adventure is a late afternoon paddle in the river back to the village. Tubes can be rented at various stalls along the village and expect pay around Rp 10,000 per tube.
They appreciate any time you can give, you can join them for a lesson or volunteer long-term.
There are also a few shops that sell wood carvings and at the beginning is Genta's batik shop, selling traditional batik paintings. If you run out of money, the 4 hour roundtrip motorbike ride will set you back 200,000-400,000 rupiah. Situated between Gunung Leuser National Park and the Bohorok River – you are in the perfect place to stay in Bukit Lawang for trekking, tubing, enjoying Indonesian culture and food. Property's positive features include an one car detached garage, a fireplace, and a full unfinished basement. 25,000 Tk for a 2-person Ger (no meals included), you might be able to bargain a bit, since there are a bunch of tourist camps and they're fairly indistinguishable.
After an intense period of quarantine, readjustment to the natural habitat and reintegration in the (semi-)wild population, the orangutan is released back into the jungle. However the people in Bukit Lawang are survivors and the new village is taking shape and more and more businesses are opening again.
Whether backpacking through or on holiday, Junia’s is a new, jungle-style guesthouse with comfortable and beautiful rooms. It is right by Bohorok wild river and has an exotic garden where the thomas leaf monkeys play. All orangutans released are still monitored by the rangers and they still provide them with supplementary food at the feeding platform until they become fully self reliant. The extra cost should outweigh the hassle of getting into Medan, finding the bus station, then finding a hostel in Bukit Lawang (especially if you arrive during a torrential downpour). It has been known that tourists pay money, get sold off and end up in a group of 10 people. Enjoy cheap and delicious eating in Bukit Lawang while sitting near to the river and close to all the souvenir shops.
The 3 rooms are suitable for 1 tot 4 people and have a balcony overlooking the jungle, a double bed with 1 or 2 extra beds available, mosquito nets, a fan, bathroom with towels, western toilet +toilet shower+ shower, and mandi.
The feedings are a great opportunity for amazing pictures as the orangutans usually stick around a bit whilst munching on their bananas.

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