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The V3M Series amps take many of the popular features of the V3 Series, and incorporate them in a small light weight package that packing 50 watts of power from four EL84 power tubes. The V3's tube signal path delivers pure tone from warm to shimmering to infinite sustain and crunch for all styles of music.  It's four EL34's produce over 100 watts of output power and can be throttled back to 50 watts or 20 watts with the power attenuation switch. The 100W all-tube 3-channel Legacy 3 guitar amp is the result of countless hours of design and development by Carvin engineers, working closely with Steve Vai. The tube X100B Mark IV is the classic master volume tube amplifier, with it's unique active tone controls and 5-band graphic EQ, allowing any sound to be achieved. The AG acoustic series are premium acoustic instrument amplifiers with a compliment of features providing a complete sound solution for solo and small group performances in coffee shops, small auditoriums. The TS100 rack-mount all tube stereo amp produces pristine clean tones via it's warm tube performance. The MB12 3-Way Micro Bass is a 12- inch system that covers the complete audio spectrum for bass guitar. The internal BX head delivers 250w RMS at 4 ohms (with 8 ohms extension speaker) and 200w RMS into each of the 8 ohm Micro Bass models. Kresimir-Keko Horvat Zagreb, Croatia  "I bought recently Carvin Micro Bass Combo MB12 and so far I'm very pleased! The MB10 Micro Bass is one astonishing micro bass amp that really delivers the punch and tone for bass guitar. The MB210 Micro Bass is one astonishing micro bass amp that really delivers the punch and tone for bass guitar. I've played bass for almost 25 years and owned many, many combo amps and the MB210 looks like it may be my favorite one ever. The B2000 mono block bass head is "King" delivering up to 2050w of rich, warm tones all generated from discrete, 12AX7-driven Class A preamps and a strong, reliable power amp. The B2000 offers classic natural bass tone with one of the highest powered amps in the industry. The B2000 is constructed using a heavy-duty 16 gauge steel chassis and a 12 gauge steel front panel that are galvanized to prevent rust.
BRX10.4 features powerful bass drivers for dynamic snap and awesome response down to the low B. Andrew Delunas Santa Cruz, CA  "I've had my B2000 for a little over two months and I have nothing but positive things to say about it! The three channels of expanded tone circuits and three tone characters on each channel cover many genres and playing styles, from rock and metal to blues and country. The VX series guitar cabinets are all premium Baltic Birch construction, with finer lines, a larger cabinet size, thicker fronts, and black grill cloth, to project your passion in both tone and style. The X100B Series IV model is based on the original X100B used by legendary artists such as Steve Vai, Frank Zappa & Craig Chaquico. Three channels support acoustic or electric guitars, both stand up and bass guitars, keyboards, media players and microphones. The 12" driver offers the deep bass efficiency of a bigger driver but retains the compactness of a micro amp. The Class D power amp is 94% efficient delivering not only its full RMS but doing it very efficiently taking less AC power from the wall. I've played thru so many amps, the Fenders, Ampegs, SWRs, and my David Eden, but this is my new favorite. This amp holds it's own against the high end amps that I already use but costs a fraction of the price!
I was looking at a Markbass initially and I was thinking to myself that although it was a nice product that it was somewhat pricey.

Sounded great, louder than I thought it would be, and I didn't even have it as loud as it would go. I am simply floored by the quality of this amplifier, from the fit & finish, to the vast tonal options, to the sheer "oomph" coming from the 1 x 10" combo!
I am a semi-pro bassist and use the amp with 4- & 5-string electric basses in a rock band setting, and with an electric upright in a bluegrass band. It's loud, punchy, and clean, and sounds full enough to fill up rehearsal rooms and small clubs as long as you're not trying to play stadium rock or eye gouging metal.
I've run it through it's paces at rehersal and I'm very impressed with the amount of low end this little amp puts out. With the parametric EQ section I was able to precisely dial in the bass tone I've been searching for within minutes. The combination of the 2 x 10 speakers gives this combo amp a full sound & with the drive, parametric eq, bass & treble access - you get great tone no matter what genre you are playing! I took the amp to a live radio gig for its maiden voyage and she performed flawlessly, great tone with my P bass, no EQ needed for a sound that cut through the mix! The driver and enclosure design kick up enormous efficiency gains over standard enclosures and has the effect of nearly doubling your RMS power while at the same time eliminating the need for a subwoofer.
The versatility of the V3m comes from the all tube gain, three tone characters on each channel and the EQ expansion switch covering many genres and playing styles. Compatible with standard MIDI controllers for easy control of channel switching, boost, and SmartLoops™ technology.
Matched EL84 output tubes and 12AX7 tubes react to the subtlest touch - if you play soft, the tubes remain clean. It has two channels (clean & lead) and is equipped with four EL34 power tubes for a full 100 watts of all tube output. The woofer is also angled down 45 degrees to retain the compactness of the amp, and to bounce the bass sound off the floor or stage to generate a natural delay.
Typical THD is less than .1% for ultra low distortion keeping your bass clean and the tone pure in every respect.
I've been tweaking the way the drive control interacts with the EQ and the compression with my active fretless - lots of color there.
I just used it a Latin Jazz gig and was excellent - clear and punchy with plenty of headroom for soloing. The MB10 produces 250w of clean RMS power, capable of out-performing anything in its class. When Carvin put out the MB series of bass amps I was really interested but I decided to wait until the feedback on the amps came back with positve reviews. I was a little worried when I ordered it that it wouldn't have enough volume loud or have any decent low frequencies. In the rock band, it has the punch and growl I need and if I need to move some serious air, I extend it with my 2x10 cab. The MB210 produces 250w of clean RMS power, capable of out-performing anything in its class. I really like the contour knob, it's the icing on the cake for the amp's tone shaping ability.
The BRX systems will substantially reduce the weight and size of your rig while achieving deep bass output with magnificent tone. There's a ton of headroom, great tone, and it's so light it's hard to believe how much power it can muster. An Internal lush reverb compliments the overall sound of the V3m.  Available as the V3MC single 12-inch combo design, the light weight head design, the V3M Micro Series is the guitarist's dream for tone.

Set the internal LED lamps to a variety of killer colors to match your attitude on each channel.
The VX series includes a unique dual (single on the VX112) removable port open back system providing new ways to shape your tone. Your every note will be heard loud and clear with the expressive, detailed tone of this legendary amplifier.
The BX pre-amp is the state-of the-art with a Drive knob to control the harmonic content (clean to clipping) and dual Parametric EQ to select all the sweet tones of your bass.
I'm especially delighted with concept of 3-Way neodymium speakers and I think that 6.5" mid driver is most important here for best bass tone definition.
I went with the MB10 because of its dimensions and weight and also because I already have a bass cab with a 15 inch speaker in it. Great tone, although somewhat more voiced with mids in mind, which is to be expected due to the size and being a sealed cab. Received it on a Tuesday, played at living room volume a couple of times to get a feel for it but intentionally didn't do a deep dive into the features or tone tweaking because I wanted to see how hard it would be to get a great tone at a gig that Friday going in cold.
It's always nice to have other bass players come up and tell you your bass punchs like a freight train!
Available in a 16 watt with dual EL84's, a 50 watt with quad EL84's, single 12-inch and two 12-inch speaker combos and head-only configurations with matching extension cabinets. I was so impressed that I just ordered the BX250 head to use with two larger cabs for louder gigs!
I love the fact that I can carry it around easily from my car to rehearsal or a small gig with a bass in one trip! It begins with a boutique flat response, then we add 6 tone controls for you to carve out your signature sound. Premium built with steel chassis, chrome colored front panel and brass bushings for controls. Also I travel a lot and I am based in Mexico where the power can be erratic so the international voltage is a huge plus for me.
The eq is very flexible and with it being rated at 200 watts at 8 ohms it has more than enough juice to drive the external cabinet. Harmonic content increases as you turn up the Drive control producing a growl at maximum settings.
The pre amp Direct Out XLR is pre or post selectable for the house PA or recording and includes a ground lift and Level control. The compressor is very usable and a beginner could set the tone controls to get a good tone out of it. I have used it quite a bit with an extension 2x10 and the result is nothing less than a monster. Finally dialing in the parametrics and you are ready to go with a great sound in just a few minutes.
At a large venue with high ceilings all I needed was the master at 3 for a good stage volume in a loud band. You can order your new MB210 in Python Snakeskin (shown at right), Vintage Tweed (shown at right), Hot White Bronco, Country Western and several other choices.

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