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Hello Buddy , I have Completed 12th in Arts faculty ,Now I want to know Different Career Options after 12th , Will you please give me information for same ? Please give me the list of courses which can be pursued after 12th as I am in a dilemma as to which course should be pursued in the science related stream?
The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? While designing a structure, architecture should consider various aspects including functional utility, safety as well as feasibility. After getting approval from local authority, the architects consult with building contractors, surveyors and engineers about the plan and then construction starts.
Offer different services other than designing which include studying feasibility, studying environmental impact, site selection, identify the requirements the plan should meet. Follow rules and regulations laid by local authorities including building policy, zoning rules, fire regulations, and other laws. There are various colleges and universities which offers professional degree courses in architecture. Generally, the professional degree in architecture must be from a school of architecture accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).
To become good architects, one should have good academic record especially in physics and mathematics. It is also anticipated that architects should be hard-working, physically fit, flexible, patient, good team player, accountable and responsible along with good communication skills.
People looks towards architects that they describe modern ways of living as well as working. Careers Graduates Being a Graduate in Australia Career Options Architecture ArchitectureBeca’s growing trans-Tasman Architecture team includes architects in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Tauranga and Christchurch. Beca Architects aims to deliver creative and innovative design outcomes and specialises in complex, multi-disciplinary projects with a high degree of technical complexity and inter-discipline involvement. As a graduate joining the team, you would typically assist with concept development, design and documentation and will have the opportunity to work closely with our Senior Architects to deliver an exciting range of projects, whilst developing both technically and professionally. After you've completed your undergraduate degree, you can choose to either move straight into the workforce, or deepen your knowledge with a graduate degree.
After completing the Bachelor of Environments, Slavco took the next step on his pathway by enrolling in the Master of Architecture, which he is currently completing. When Liban graduated from the Bachelor of Biomedicine, he chose to undertake further study; he is now completing the Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Melbourne Dental School. Jenny has chosen to further her knowledge in this field, and specialise in environmental engineering by studying the Master of Engineering (Environmental). Upon finishing his Arts degree, Pete started working as a business analyst, and soon found himself working on IT-related projects.
Highlights for Pete so far include learning from experienced lecturers, meeting other students from around the world and the fact that the assignments can be particularly challenging. Clare completed Year 12 with a keen interest in literature and social theory – but she didn't have a specific career path in mind. Tom has now decided to further his studies, and is currently completing a Doctor of Medicine degree here at Melbourne. After high school, Vishal completed an undergraduate degree in commerce, and embarked on a career in accounting. Melbourne has turned out to be the perfect fit for Vishal, and he's particularly enthusiastic about the people on campus. After completing his undergraduate degree, Aaron chose to study the Doctor of Optometry at Melbourne.
Peter has always dreamed of his career being a combination between physiotherapy and soccer. Peter found his undergraduate experience at the University to be both interesting and challenging. This year, Peter took the next step in fulfilling his dream, when he commenced studying the Doctor of Physiotherapy here at the University. While Chan Mi was studying her undergraduate degree, she was also actively involved in the University's Student Ambassador and Leadership Program. In the third year of her studies, Chan Mi took an education breadth subject and realised how much she loved it. Graduates are experts in a wide range of design tools, but more importantly, they will be leading the adaptation and application of the ever-changing digital technology landscape.

Design graduates take up roles in designing environments, both digital and physical, through informing the future of our recreational, employment and residential environments. The following employers and occupational titles are indicative of graduate destinations for this faculty, however career options available for graduates are not limited to those listed. Architecture is not only an art, but science of planning various structures including city design, town planning, landscape architecture as well as furniture.
Architect have to produce a satisfying design that fits in budget as well as it should not affect safety of public. This fast changing demands and requirements ask for more proficiently skilled architects who have to deal with changing environment and also have to design, plan and implement quality constructions projects. Architects design different structures including dwelling, apartments, airports, schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, industrial complex, stadiums, shopping centers and commercial complexes. Now days, architects also deal with interior designing which emerging field with technical as well as creative skills. A full five year program in bachelors of architecture is offered to students from high school or without having architectural background. Candidate must have taken architecture degree along with practical training to be eligible to apply for license. Other qualities that should possess to be an architect include creativity, good imagination power, technically profound, good mathematical as well as statistical skill, perceptive outlook, social as well as environment awareness. Architecture field provides various careers to expand modern ways of using old structure and developing innovative ones. The teams work closely together to deliver a wide range of technically complex and challenging projects in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.
Recent projects include breweries, catering and food production facilities, data centres for end user clients, waste water facilities, desalination plant buildings, steelwork cogeneration facilities and electrical zone and terminal substations. Increasingly, we are moving to three dimensional design and documentation to facilitate the exchange of project information with other disciplines, particularly in mechanical process design. Graduate study allows you to gain an even higher qualification than a 'double' or 'combined' degree at another university. Over the years, he constantly sought out creative and constructive outlets so that he could do what he loved whilst benefiting his community. When one of the teachers at his high school suggested he look into a degree at Melbourne, he became really intrigued by the Bachelor of Biomedicine. The Bachelor of Biomedicine is a fantastic undergraduate degree that allows you to build your foundations." The Bachelor of Biomedicine enabled Liban to pursue his goal of a career in health, while stimulating his other interests through his breadth subjects.
After high school he finished an Arts degree, majoring in psychology, while also pursuing a career as a musician. Wanting to extend his knowledge and technical skills in IT, Pete enrolled in the Master of Information Systems at Melbourne. She chose the Bachelor of Arts at Melbourne because she was able to study a number of interesting subjects across a broad range of disciplines. When he finished Year 12, he thought physiotherapy was the right field for him – but was also considering commerce and law.
It also allowed me to narrow down my options to find the graduate program that best suited my needs, interests and career aspirations. After a short time working in a payroll department, he realised that this wasn't something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He is thoroughly enjoying his course, and loves that the skills that he is developing are ones that he can continue to build on into the future.
There are multiple career paths and options to choose from, and there are many course-related part time job opportunities while you are studying too." See Course Search for more information about this pathway and others.
He chose to pursue a career in optometry because it allowed him the freedom to run his own clinic, while providing primary vision care to families within the community.
Our degrees are designed to give graduates the professional edge for careers with a global outlook.
His core studies were comprised of biology, chemistry and informatics, and he took on accounting as a broader subject to mingle with different students.
When Chan Mi found out about the Bachelor of Biomedicine, its range of career possibilities and the quality of the teaching staff, her next move was clear.
As a part of the program, she helped organise 'Neighbourhood Day' – an event catering for over 200 people.
She is now furthering her studies in education by completing the Master of Teaching (Secondary) here at the University.

A little unsure about the University's degree structure, Vicky attended Open Day and spoke at length with her school's Careers Adviser.
She is currently completing the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) – a cutting edge program accredited by agencies across Australia, North America and the United Kingdom. They draw on their integrated expertise across the full range of digital technologies and have the ability to lead the built environment professions from a digital perspective, changing the future of design practice. Architecture prepares plans of various structures and buildings including residential buildings, commercial buildings, penthouses, bungalows hospitals, churches, stadiums are prepared by architects. They provide professional services to individuals as well as organizations about new constructions as well as repairing and reformation work. There is also two year masters program in architecture for those students ho have taken their degree in architecture. Also, one should have taken his degree from a school of architecture, which is accredited by National Architectural Accreditation Borard. Along with this, one should understand legal language, designing process, building finances and cost evaluation.
Also, architects work in private firms, Universities, institutes and government organizations.
It is expected that job prospects in the architecture field to grow faster than average in next seven to eight years. However, to be successful in architectural career, one needs to be technically solid, creative and imagination. Beca design disciplines also include urban and landscape design, and together we form a comprehensive design studio of around 50 staff. Beca Architects specialises in cold storage and warehousing facilities with current projects in Australia and South-East Asia. Plus, graduate degrees are increasingly well regarded by industry and employers, and often attract higher salaries. Jenny also liked the idea of having the opportunity to study a broad range of subjects in different fields. My advice to new students is to research your course and options thoroughly, and plan your degree in advance.
After a lot of thought, Tom enrolled in the Bachelor of Science, feeling that it would help lay a strong foundation for his future employment or further graduate study.
The layout and design of the new course was probably what attracted me most, along with the highly clinical-based approach to learning. He also managed to continue playing for his soccer team, as well as volunteering to coach other teams. In the past four years, graduates have increasingly found more employment options in the private sector as compared to the public sector. This information is based on the Graduate Destinations Survey for the University of Sydney. According to customers' ideas and requirements, architect starts drawing plans as per sizes, specification and cost of construction. For students with degrees in disciplines other than architecture, there are three or four year program in masters of architecture. In such organizations, architects are needed not only for designing, but also for planning, exhibiting or teaching work. Though there is competition for potential architects, but the one who is creative can stand alone. Our capability also extends to fit-out projects including educational facilities, health-related facilities and high-end retail fitouts.
This meant he could explore a whole range of disciplines before deciding on the right career path for his future. Make sure you cover core subjects, and support your degree with subjects relevant to your interests and career goals. He also liked the idea of taking breadth subjects from other faculties, alongside his studies in biomedical science.
After finishing plans and seeking client acceptance, architects obtain required approvals and permission form the concerned authorities to start construction.

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