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MelAus PartnersCHEAP CARS FOR SALE BY OWNERSell car brands below andcheap cars second hand cars. EmailUpdate: I’ve also put together a list of this year’s cheapest new cars, in addition to 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Before we get started, I’ll once again give the caveat that I am not an advocate of buying new cars, however, I do believe that if you buy a cheap new car and drive it into the ground, there is a good chance that it could comparatively save you money versus buying used. You’ll notice I also listed dealership costs, which should give you an idea of how much room you have to haggle.
Current incentives were not factored into the prices, and a few models actually did have up to $1,000 cash back incentives at the moment.
Other than the price itself, cheap cars tend to have much lower total ownership costs than their more expensive brethren. Insurance costs on these cars are usually lower as well because insurance costs are derived from the market value of the vehicle. Notes: Not the most fuel efficient or attractive, but it does boast the most powerful engine of the bunch. Notes: The Honda Fit might have the best combination of price, functionality, and fuel economy. It’s sill a great car, and definitely on my top 10 value list, but it is significantly more expensive than the price listed here. Thanks for the info…my daughter and I have been looking at Honda Fit as a good start up car for her. Being a Honda owner, yes, they are great cars, and pretty good on gas, however, they are somewhat over priced, again, it depends on what your peace of mind is worth.
Hondas are overpriced and are cheaply made, the leather in them feel cheap and thin compared to a mazda or ford .

Are the horsepower ratings listed in this post or are the numbers so small that I can’t see them? That may be true, but new cars generally carry better interest rates, and come with much better warranties. I rented one last weekend and to be quite frank, will take my son’s versa all day long over the jetta. I just thought I would point this out so people don’t read this report and attempt to haggle a price that’s impossible for the dealer to give. Oh, and as an aside, I encourage those of you who want to try out stick shift to just go ahead and do it. We’ve just purchased a brand new Nissan Versa, automatic from Hudson Nissan in Charleston SC, for under 15,000. If you’re frugal, the thought of doing some research to find the cheapest new car has probably crossed your mind.
This year, I bumped it to 15, because a few of my favorites didn’t quite make the top 10.
The Honda Civic and Hyundai Accent should have a lot of wiggle room, with over $2,000 in difference between dealer cost and MSRP. The Cube is spacious and functional, which is definitely appreciated in a small, cheap vehicle.
I showered praise in my Ford Fiesta review last year, and it’s lived up to the hype in its first year. Waited 11 weeks for it because I waqnted a standard transmission with roll up windows, no floor mats and no mud flaps.
Cars are not really assets, they are losing value over time and don’t generate revenue.

We are not looking at luxury cars here- just the basics and the basics are well worth buying new when auto shops charge minimums of 85.00 an hour and up. The jetta excelled in one area, it cruised nicely in the 70-90mph range, which I rarely drive at that speed.
The 3-year resale value of these vehicles is usually around 55-60% and the 5-year resale value is often around 40%.
The Mazda 2 and Kia Rio, on the other hand, are actually both priced below dealer cost, making them loss leaders for the dealership.
She like the Honda brand and with the prices of gas not stopping anytime soon, I really think that the Honda fit is a good fit for her. I would like to add the Hyundai Elantra Touring (great MPG, spacious back, great safett and warranty, but not too exciting in terms of driving thrill–a step up over a Toyota though) and the underestimated Subaru Impreza hatchback (AWD standard, zippy ride, spacious and practical, long-lasting albeit not luxurious interior, and scores perfect safety ratings. However, if you are interested in manual trans, all of these vehicles have a version, and they generally run about $1,000 less than the MSRP’s I quoted. And because these vehicles tend to be popular, their parts are easy to find, reducing scarcity and lowering prices. It’s stylish, and excluding the only golf cart to make the list (ForTwo), the most fuel efficient. My engineer brother is in love with them too.) Also a good idea for anyone looking to buy a car for just under 20000 is to get a 5-6 year old BMW 3 series or equivalent. This is great value and the higher-end makes introduce better features earlier than the budget brands, so a 5-year old car is very relevant.

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