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The inspection can take a couple of hours because there are many things the engineer must check by law, although we can work whilst your chefs are doing prep work (but not whilst they’re cooking). Non-urgent call outs are typically ?60-?80 (this means waiting until one of our roving engineers is passing near you). Most plumbers don’t have the commercial catering certificate required to test everything in your kitchen, because it’s expensive. CP42 and CCINP: Gas Safety Inspection Certificate for Commercial Catering and Commercial Kitchens including Take Away, Restaurant, Pub, Cafe, Hotel, School , Nursing Home and Community Centres. We get many urgent requests for Gas Checks because councils are clamping down, especially on Chinese kitchens, and in these cases we have to charge urgent callout fees. Also, your insurer can refuse to pay out a claim if you can’t provide your Gas Check certificate when asked, so you can think of the Gas Check as part of your annual insurance. Once our gas engineer has done the inspection, they’ll give you a report with recommendations and you can decide if you want to do any of the work. If you already know some improvements are required, let us know before we visit and we can provide a quote.
Our Gas Safe engineers are catering equipment specialists, so they can only visually check boilers. The law, your local authority and your insurers require a yearly Gas Safety certificate for your kitchen. NewsletterDiscounts, special offers and new product information, sent directly to your inbox.
All content Copyright © 2016 Far East Kitchen Solutions™ is a trading name of Far East Europe Ltd and Far East Industries Ltd. The first piece of news is that we've  just opened our brand new, state of the art MOT bay and you can now have your DVSA MOT test carried out by us.
Be certain to give yourself the best chance by revising with the Official DVSA books, PDF's, Software downloads, Apps, DVD's and CD-ROMs. New-generation platform, with increased rigidity and reduced weight, enhances fuel efficiency, handling and stability, while still achieving high levels of safety and NVH performance. The second choice is a 1.2-litre petrol with a very simple hybrid system, designed to assist when pulling away.
Because of the generous level of standard equipment, the Suzuki Baleno is predicted to have strong used values. It’s time for Bangerwatch, PetrolBlog’s equivalent of BBC TV’s Springwatch, only without Kate Humble, Michaela Strachan or any wildlife. The MK1 Ford Focus may at first glance appear to be quite a strange choice of car to feature on Bangerwatch, but hear me out on this. The Focus was the third car to benefit from Ford’s ‘New Edge’ design strategy, following in the footsteps of the Ka and Puma. Given the familiarity of the Focus, you’d be forgiven for not studying the car all that closely. In every department it trumped the Ford Escort and in many cases, managed to trounce the competition too. The Zetec, particularly in 3-door form, is arguably the greatest looking Focus of them all.
The MK1 Focus sold in huge numbers so you can expect to see them in just about every village, town and city across the UK. Look out for them in the classifieds, particularly on eBay, Gumtree and your local corner shop. Whilst it may be tricky to find a perfect silver 1.6 Zetec in original condition, some patience may be rewarded with a great car. If looked after the Zetec engines are incredibly strong, many seeing figures well in excess of 100k miles. Interestingly, the Focus was launched with a 12-year perforation warranty, so even early cars may still be covered. The Focus is no immediate danger, but it’s surprising how quick cars like these will fall from grace. The other contender comes in black, which whilst looking striking, does manage to hide some of the car’s finer details. I remember these well as they arrived in the showroom at exactly the same time as I bought a new Ka3 (which was great fun even with that ancient 1.3).
I test drive a new one in the late ’90s and have to say I was impressed with the shift.
That said, I did turn up at the dealers in a Freelander, so a spoon in a bowl of custard would have been an improvement. I suspect that the MK1 Focus is one of those cars that’s quickly moved on once the bills begin to grow. Love the MK1 Focus, so much so that at one point I bought 3 for Dad, brother and girlfriend.

Only thing I would add to look out for on the Focus is the thing that goes wrong with all of the three cars I purchased. But aside those two faults the Focus was excellent and I found the build quality to be top notch. Such a shame the ST170 does not quite live up to it but I have been looking at depreciation-proof motors recently and can’t help but think that a mint MK1 RS for six- eight grand seems like a good idea? I’ve driven 2 MK1 FRS and the weird thing was that the power delivery on both apparently factory standard cars was not the same.
Interestingly as the Focus RS is such a capable car loads of the ones in the classifieds are pushing well over 100,000 miles which is impressive given that many cars of it’s kind are unlikely to see such a high mileage and they seem to have taken to it well. Only problem is trying to find a factory standard model as nearly all of them at the very least have a re-map. I just remembered the cool but slightly irritating bit the last time I drove one – The little green starter button that you had to press was woefully cheap and nasty BUT it did actually look like something that would be in a car at the time driven by Mr McRae. If you can’t produce a Gas Safe certificate when requested by the council’s health and safety or environmental health officer, they can shut you down immediately! Every year a qualified engineer must safety inspect all your gas kitchen equipment and canopy extract system, then write the report certificate. If you need us to attend more urgently, callout will vary depending how far away our nearest engineer is. Ordinary gas catering engineers are often unfamiliar with the specialist equipment used for Asian cooking so can’t advise you properly. If we can do the work immediately, we’ll update your gas safe certificate to say what improvements have been made. They are needed in new installations, and our engineer can advise if your kitchen needs one during the Gas Safe check. CE equipment must prevent unburnt gas escaping; so if the flames go out then the gas is cut off (this is known as a Flame Safety Device (FSD) or thermocouple). This inspection is just like a car MOT, all safety critical items are checked and you are advised of any defects.Our experienced engineers will complete a Gas Safe Inspection Certificate for Commercial Catering (CP42 or CCINP) from just ?90! Your car needs a re-gas every 18 to 24 months as, on average, the air conditioning system will lose around 10% of its gas annually.
Affordable prices, a generous level of standard equipment, plenty of cabin space and low running costs make the Baleno a compelling choice for thrifty buyers. Even taller occupants will be comfortable in the back seats, which are easy to access and offer ample head and legroom. There is a higher trim level too, which has autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control and climate control among the extra gear. However, if you want a petrol-powered family-friendly hatchback the Suzuki Baleno makes a lot of sense for budget-conscious buyers. Instead, Bangerwatch takes a look at rare and interesting cars that have fallen into Banger territory, seemingly spiralling into oblivion.
I happen to think it’s one of the most appealing and cost effective cars you can currently buy. It was clear from the outset that the Focus was a car that Ford had spent a huge amount of time perfecting. On a recent road trip to the Paris Motor Show, I got talking to Sean Carson about it and we agreed that it could be the best budget allrounder currently on sale. It’s as the ‘New Edge’ philosophy demanded, so is therefore clean, simple and free of fuss. The 1.6-litre engine may only deliver 100bhp, but its delivery is silky smooth and demands to be driven.
An everyday family hatchback that is just as happy trundling to Sainsbury’s as it is tackling the B3081. Many will be used as cheap transport and will be seen with local radio stickers plastered on the rear window and Magic Tree air fresheners hanging from the rear view mirror. And patience will be the key as many early cars will be run on a shoestring budget and services will inevitably have been missed. At this sort of mileage you’ll begin to see issues such as troublesome central locking, electric windows, boot latches, coil packs and wheel bearings. With no history and a couple of aftermarket additions, it would be wise to give this one a good going over. It may look like an everyday, run-of-the-mill family hatchback that doesn’t warrant anything more than a passing glance. Alongside the latest Focus, the MK1 looks more elegant, purer in design and rather appealing. They were very striking, even if many of the very first cars were in a particularly revolting shade of light green.
1) The resister unit for the heater blower fails and the symptom of this is that the blower will only work (if at all) on setting 4.

We can also quote for required repairs at very competitive prices.The certificate will cover all Commercial Kitchens including Take Aways, Restaurants, Pubs, Cafe, Hotels, Schools, Nursing Care Homes and Community Centres.
However, if there’s anything you’d like to know that we haven't covered, please ask!
The time the re-gas procedure takes will depend upon the type of vehicle you have but you should allow an hour or so. The boot is a good size at 320 litres, expandable to 1085 litres by folding the rear seats. By giving them exposure as potential Bangernomics project cars, it is hoped that PetrolBlog can save them from extinction. You need to remember that it replaced the Escort which, despite selling in huge numbers had pretty much lost the plot.
Like the triangular side repeaters and the rear window that drops to a point above the rear badge. Most will live out on the street at night, their days of being garaged and treated to a Sunday wax long behind them. Hunt one down with low mileage, a good history and a small number of owners for the best results. But the original Focus is easy to work on, so home maintenance isn’t out of the question.
They looked a 100 years newer than the Escort which had started off bad and got far worse by the end. Could have been worse, tried a Vectra at the same time and Clarkson was spot on with the shift on that one. I seem to recall they did that same alloy wheel design in a bigger size too, which looked even better. Loved it at first but ended up hating it and shifted it to due the cost of repairing and owning it mounted up. One of the best cars I have ever driven across a winding country road and possibly the best ride of any car in that sector ever. Appliances tested include COMCAT1 (Cookers, ranges and ovens, bain marie, hot cupboard, stoves, hot plates, boiling burners), COMCAT2 (Steamers and water boilers), COMCAT3 (deep fat fryers, griddles and grills) and COMCAT5 (forced draught turbo burners).Please note we only work in commercial kitchens, we cannot work in domestic premises, on heating systems or in mobile catering trailers.
Our computer systems may be monitored and communications carried on them recorded, to secure the effective operation of the system and for other lawful purposes.
When your vehicle air con recharge is complete, your summer motoring will be much more pleasant and comfortable while the outside temperatures sizzle. The Focus on the other hand felt special and in 1998 it looked unlike any other C-segment family hatchback. This becomes apparent on a twisty road, where you’ll find that the humble Focus delivers excitement way above its station.
I owned a Focus ST170 for a short while and can vouch for its brilliant chassis and quality. 2) The thermostatic housing is crap and fails which leaks coolant and a fairly slow rate and will need replaced eventually and this can be an expensive 200 quid-ish job. The wheel arches are also a masterstroke, so delightfully futuristic and yet somehow feeling quite retro. The fact that the Focus could run on two or three cylinders to cool the engine in the event of a loss of coolant was the kind of technology an Escort owner could only dream of. The chassis is taught, the steering is direct and communicative and the ride quality is superb. Like the ST170, the 1.6 is lacking outright pace, but it more than makes up for it in B-road tomfoolery.
The only thing I remember not agreeing with the reviews was many seemed to get ever so over excited by the shift quality which I thought was good but unremarkable.
Sadly my Mrs FC was using the Focus to commute cross hilly cross country roads more and more and the weedy 1.6 was having to be worked hard and as such was getting a ridiculous thirst on.
A brilliantly timed and brilliantly delivered vehicle which is taken for granted these days.
I would have bought a MK1 diesel Focus but heard so many horror stories online of the Ford TDCi engines being a money pit I decided against it.
I do like the Fabia but the ride can’t even touch the Focus but at least the seats hold you in place as the standard Focus has all the lumbar support of a park bench.

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