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The Vertex42® Mortgage Payment Calculator is a very simple spreadsheet that lets you compare different mortgages side-by-side. If you are looking for a mortgage payment calculator that includes taxes, insurance, and other home ownership expenses, try our Home Expense Calculator. Short descriptions describing the terms used in the mortgage payment calculator are included in a separate Help worksheet within the workbook. This simple mortgage calculator was designed for making side-by-side comparisons of different monthly mortgage payments, not including closing costs, mortgage insurance, or property taxes. Compare the monthly payment for different terms, rates, and loan amounts to figure out what you might be able to afford.
The calculator is set up to compare 5 different mortgages, but you can easily expand this by inserting more columns.
When considering the interest savings, the simple way to view making extra payments is that it is very similar to investing the money in a interest bearing account with the same interest rate as your mortgage rate (not including the effect of taxes). So, to estimate the effect of making accelerated biweekly payments, you just include an amount in the Extra Monthly Payment field equal to the Monthly Payment divided by 12. The bottom rows of the calculator are for estimating the amount of equity in your home after a number of years. Home Mortgage Calculator - Our feature-rich mortgage payment calculator that includes an amortization table, flexible prepayment options, and optional adjustable rates. Home Equity Loan Calculator - For second mortgages (hopefully you won't ever need this one). The frenzy is happening all over the United States at this very moment.Parents are poring over brochures showing pictures of students in front of lush trees. In addition, greater gender and racial acceptance over the last decades has meant colleges are more heavily recruiting diverse students.
International students come to the United States seeking undergraduate degrees more, and that means American undergrads face more competition from home and abroad. But even domestic students have more choices now than in the past, thanks to easier-to-access airline transportation and telecommunications which make parents more willing to send their kids across state lines. The increase in students and applications continue to push acceptance rates lower and lower. Met with an influx in applications, selective colleges have refined the way they look at students.
But aside from the standardized testing, rigorous coursework and grades, students must develop their personalitya€™s unique dimensions, if they want to get into the elite schools. They also need a fantastic application, which has pushed the age when a student needs to start thinking about college earlier and earlier. Where a student goes to college is a lot more important in American society than it was decades ago.
Some of the competition can likely be attributed to the growing options for college and the need to separate elite from average students now that a college degree isna€™t rare. New research has shown not only college completion but also college prestige is now important in selecting mates.
Another drive of the stress surrounding college admissions is no doubt the cost of college. In response to the rising cost of college, more students take out loans, and those taking out loans borrow more money. Less than half of students are actually benefiting from the increased stress and financial burden of the college process though. When it comes to drinking and driving, women always have been less likely than men to get behind the wheel while under the influence.
According to a study published in the May 2012 issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, female drinkers under age 21 are just as likely as underage men to get into fatal DUI crashes. The findings are based on information from a government reporting system on fatal traffic accidents nationwide. The study shows that female drivers under the legal drinking age involved in fatal DUI crashes were 7 percent more likely than underage men to have a blood-alcohol level at or below the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Furthermore, about 19 percent of women drivers under 21 who were drinking before fatal car crashes had blood-alcohol levels at or above the legal blood-alcohol limit.
According to lead researcher Robert Voas of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation, what’s most remarkable is that by 2007, underage men and women had similar fatal-crash risks at each given blood-alcohol level. Overall, male drivers of all ages still drink more than women and are far more likely to be involved in alcohol-related fatal crashes, with nearly 18 percent of fatal DUI accidents involving male drivers compared with nearly 10 percent involving females. Researchers don’t know the exact reasons why this trend has occurred, but several experts have speculated on possible causes.

According to Heather Sutton, who works for the Metropolitan Drug Commission, a nonprofit specializing in substance abuse prevention, the ever-changing role of women in society may be part of the reason more females are getting behind the wheel after drinking. Sutton says this trend among underage women could be an indicator of developing trends in women drivers 21 and older.
Dan Weedin, an insurance and risk management consultant, says that being involved in an at-fault accident while under the influence almost certainly will result in a loss of insurance coverage.
Today’s cars are bursting with technological bells and whistles designed to improve your driving experience.
The second generation BMW X1 just made its web debut today and the initial response has been overwhelmingly positive. The first BMW X1 was launched in 2009 and as of September 2013, approximately 500,000 models were sold worldwide.
The front-end is more muscular than the E84 X1, the massive kidney grille inspires confidence and sportiness, while the elongated headlights house the equally beautiful LED lights.
Despite switching from RWD to FWD, this new model shouldn’t be any less fun, so we expect the same dynamic and sporty ride that has made the previous X1 a fun car to toss around. Ever since BMW first debuted its X6 SUV (sorry, SAV), the competition has been trying to play catch up. This year, a total of 25 models receive an award for their overall appeal to consumers from J.D. Porsche is now preparing a sleek-roofed SUV to compete with the X6, GLE and a future Range Rover Sport Coupe.
Some rumors put a rear-wheel drive in the 2 Series Gran Coupe, while others said the new model is based on the BMW 1 Series Sedan. BMWBLOG goes to Dallas to test drive the new 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost Series II When is a car not a car?
It calculates your monthly payment and lets you include additional extra payment (prepayments) to see how soon you could pay off your home, or how much you could save by paying less interest. The main difference is that your money may not be as liquid because you'd need to sell your house or use your equity as collateral to make use of the extra money you've put into your house. Although percentages of college enrollment have increased for all racial groups, Hispanic and blacks have seen the highest increases. At Emory University, international first-year enrollment has increased from 1 percent in 1997 to 15 percent currently, according to Scott Allen, senior associate dean of undergraduate admissions.
Students apply to more colleges now, because of this and because of the common application, which has made applying to multiple schools as simple as a few more clicks.
In 1988, the acceptance rate for Columbia University in New York was 65 percent, according to U.S. In the 1980s and before, colleges looked primarily at scores on standardized tests and grade point averages. They need to speak French, play the sitar, volunteer to clean up their local rivers, play on the schoola€™s soccer team and hold a position in the student government, on top of high grades and test scores. At Columbus High school in Georgia, where Wingard taught, students begin projects on college in the ninth grade. Sevier says she sees more students with anxiety issues, depression and other significant mental health issues in her office.
Previously, a college degree was something to be proud of, and while that certainly is still the case, where a student got the degree is more important than ever -- to employers, strangers and potential spouses. After discounting for grants, the cost of college has increased for families at all income levels. In 2011-2012, about 68 percent of young adult undergraduate students in their fourth year of college or above received loans, up from half in 1989-1990. Parents want to know they, and their students, are getting the best education for the money and can turn to online resources to help decide between colleges. Researchers compared blood-alcohol information from nearly 6,900 deadly crashes in 2006 with information from about 6,800 U.S. A DUI stays on your driving record for three years – and it translates into disastrous consequences for auto insurance rates.
We expect that number to be significantly higher when BMW reports the final numbers this year.
The new 2016 BMW X1 has grown quite a bit over the previous model, sprouting 53 millimeters in height, with a 36 millimeter raise in the front seating position, to give the X1 a more commanding view of the road.
The hood slopes downward more, which is also attributed to the taller ride height, and has creases in it to give the X1 a more sporting appearance. BMW has not only fitted the car with the latest and greatest tech, but it has also improved the quality of the materials and trim.

Generally, for longer terms, your payment may be lower, but the total interest may be a lot more. The equity calculation includes the total principal paid (including extra payments) as well as your original down payment.
Admissions officials in the nationa€™s top colleges are beginning to court not just high school seniors to fill their next class, but also juniors, sophomores and freshmen -- even reaching out to some middle school students.This a€?right collegea€? frenzy is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for companies in college preparation and college admissions, and ita€™s shortening the childhood of our nationa€™s teenagers. Essays much be interesting enough to set the student apart and are often worked on in class through multiple revisions. This added stress and anxiety affects students and parents that arena€™t gunning for the ivy leagues. There is a lot more information on the Internet about colleges and data released on SAT, GPA and after college earnings, mean comparing schools is easier. For those with high income, the cost for one year of college increased from $20,000 to $26,000 from the 1999-2000 year to the 2011-2012 year. Back then, underage men were almost twice as likely as underage women to get into a fatal DUI crash. This increase in size, and switch to front-wheel drive architecture, has also given the X1 better interior space, to the tune of 37 millimeters more rear knee room and 85 liters more cargo space, bringing the total to 505 liters. The rear of the new X1 sits more upright and it is also more massive than its predecessor; couple that with beautiful taillights and the new X1 is a beauty from any angle.
The stitching on the right side of the center console is reminiscent of the 6 Series, which is always a good thing. You also might want to try the Home Expense Calculator to take into account some of the other expenses associated with home ownership. You'd end up making 26 payments instead of 24 within a year, resulting in prepayments on the principal equivalent to one monthly payment. The environment of college admissions has led to higher confusion, which means stress for parents and students. Our rankings and others like them have likely played a role, according to several sources interviewed. Women generally do not have the same level of tolerance and experience, which could account for the rising number of fatal crashes. The new shift knob, which made its debut in the 2 Series Active Tourer, looks very good as does the steering wheel. There are 5,000 colleges and universities in the United States; there are plenty of seats in the system overall. To get into elite schools, students now need highly personal letters, according to Wingard. The compensation received by Consumers United, Inc., its affiliates, and its employees varies by insurance company. There are just a limited number of seats at the top.a€?Because of many changing factors over the past decades, the children of the baby boomers entered a college landscape drastically different from the one their parents saw.
The cost of a college education is 12 times higher than it was a generation ago, according to Mother Jones. The group of college-going students is larger than in the past and experiences more stress and a longer timeline for college admissions. While some see the payoff in the form of increased salaries after graduation, many never finish college or, if they do finish, they dona€™t obtain the skills needed for employment, and are saddled with loans they cana€™t pay. These factors have led to a crescendo over the last decade that is about to change the landscape of college admissions -- again.More StudentsThere are more students considering college than in the past.
And that means more people to compete with and more students to choose from.From population increases seen with the children of the baby boomers, there are more college-aged students in general.
Between 2000 to 2010, the population of 18 to 24-year-olds surged from 27 million to well over 30 million, a 13 percent increase.
The greatest increase of any age group was for the aging baby boomers -- 31.5 percent for ages 45 to 65 -- who are the parents of these college-aged students.
Between 1980 and 2012, the overall college enrollment rates increased from 26 percent to 41 percent.
Some will apply and are accepted into selective colleges (those that accept less than half of applicants) but the increase has also been driven by for-profit colleges. The percentage of young women and men with at least a high school education increased from 79 to 84 percent for women and from 75 to 81 percent for men from 1980 to 2012.

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